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British restaurants: where in the UK is tasty food?

British restaurants: where in the UK is tasty food?

Thus, such an ambiguous and even more interesting British cuisine has combined, on the one hand, the centuries-old culinary traditions of Britain, and on the other — the latest global trends in the field of high gastronomy.

So, where should you look for lunch or dinner, just to not stay hungry during the next trip to Britain?

Over the centuries pubs constituted an integral part of English culture. The main thing that should have been in each settlement is the church and pub, and it is desirable that they are located next to each other.

Traditionally, pubs were the usual pubs serving simple snacks from frozen convenience foods.

Everything changed in the early 90s, when restrictions on alcohol consumption were introduced in Britain — and pubs had to strengthen the gastronomic component of their menus to preserve their customers.

Another reason was the desire of young ambitious chefs to open their own establishments. So, back in 1991, David Eyre and Mike Belben decided to open their own restaurant.

But when it turned out that they don’t have enough money to open a restaurant, they just bought a London pub. The eagle.

Almost immediately after opening The eagle, offering visitors a magnificent restaurant menu in a typical informal atmosphere of the pub, made a real revolution in the catering industry, becoming the first in history gastropub.

Another significant British gastropub capital Cities is an The peasant, striking visitors with its unusual “circus” interior with mosaic floors.

AT Wales you should definitely look into The Felin Fach Griffin Inn in Brecon, famous for its exquisite wine list and its specialty dishes — wild venison with pumpkin and braised pork cheek with black pudding.

And in Edinburgh The best pub for the evening dinner is considered Halfway house, located near the Royal Mile.

This is the smallest pub in Edinburgh — a real treasure for gourmets, which serves national Scottish cuisine and generously treat this Scotch whiskey.

The quality of cuisine in modern gastropubs is vividly illustrated by the fact that some of them have already been awarded Michelin stars.

The first gastropubs awarded such a high award were Star at home in yorkshire and Stagg inn in Herdfordshire.

Michelin stars at affordable prices

The Michelin Guide is the most prestigious reference book in the restaurant business. Today in Britain counted 134 restaurants, awarded the Michelin Stars.

The most titled are the restaurant of Alan Ducas at the Dorchester Hotel in London, the restaurant The fat duck in Braye, Berkshire, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in london and The waterside inn in Braye.

If you want high gastronomy in an expensive setting, this is the best choice for you.

But the British would not be themselves if they had not thought up a way to acquaint anyone who wants with the world of high cuisine at an affordable price.

And today, everyone can indulge in dinner at a restaurant owned by one of the most award-winning chefs.

In particular, some of the best Michelin-owned restaurants today are:

— Gordon Ramsay Gastropubs The narrow, The devonshire and The warrington in London (the cost of the main dishes — from £ 7 to £ 19; bottles of wine from £ 13).

— restaurant chain Jamie Oliver Fifteen Restaurants, which offer refined and simple dishes made from the best products grown in Britain and Italy.

— restaurant chain Frankie’s Italian Bar & Grill from Marco pierre white, created together with jockey Frankie Dettori.

Today it is a network of great family restaurants with a varied menu, which includes dishes for every taste — from burgers and pizza, to fish and steaks.

— snack bars Stein’s fish & Chips from Rick Stein, considered the king of chefs specializing in the preparation of seafood and fish dishes.

In his diner Stein’s fish & Chips, located in the town of Padstow, in Cornwall, you can try delicious grilled fish with french fries and a great sauce from the most famous «fish» chef.

Two tea to two …

Explain what is tea for british, I think, why not — to those who are not yet in the know, you can simply tell about the 165 million cups of tea that they drink daily.

Of course, the inhabitants of foggy Albion since childhood know all the subtleties and secrets of preparing the best tea and cakes for it.

And those who have not yet mastered all the subtleties of English tea drinking, it may be advisable to visit b Ritan tea.

So, during «family week-end in london»You can look at the cafe The wolseley. Here, in the halls with high vaulted ceilings and unusual interiors, perhaps one of the best teas in all of London is served.

For tea, you must order traditional flat cakes, home-made jam and sweet pastries.

The most popular place for afternoon tea in Brighton is the tea and pastry shop. Tea Cozy, where you will be offered a royal menu with a large selection of different varieties of tea and treats.

Perhaps this is the only tea in Britain, which strictly prescribed rules of conduct for visitors.

One of the points of the rules is to prohibit dipping cookies in tea and putting elbows on the table.

Try real Welsh tea Welsh tea with famous Welsh cakes (Welshcakes) or order a grand Full Afternoon Tea with home-made cakes, sandwiches, cookies, fruit cake and sweet buns in the tea and pastry shop Langoed hall, located in the heart of wales.

And in the hotel cafe The balmoral in Edinburgh, those who want to enjoy the atmosphere of traditional English tea drinking are worth a visit — waiters in impeccable black tuxedos, quiet unobtrusive sounds of the harp in the background, many-tier dishes with cakes on your table …

The best curries in Britain

Surprisingly, but the fact — today the most popular dish in Britain is curry!

The British steadfastly endured the active spread of Indian culture and skillfully turned the dish alien to the prim British character into one of the main trends of the culinary world.

Signed placeLondon curry»Tayyabs restaurant has long been.

This restaurant has been served by members of the same family for 30 years and offers guests traditional Pakistani Punjabi dishes at great prices.

The first thing that comes to mind is a British resident when he hears a combination of words "curry" and Manchester — This is the famous Curry Mile in the Rusholme district of Manchester.

Here in indian restaurant Moon restaurant You should definitely try the Naan flat cakes and onion badges, which are ordered by all regular customers.

And the best place to enjoy the culinary traditions of northern India in the processing of modern fusion technologies is a restaurant. The dhabba in Glasgow.

As you know, the taste and color of comrades is not, but all the above clearly indicates that traveling across the expanses Misty Albion it is almost impossible to remain hungry — everyone can find their favorite dish in numerous cafes, pubs and restaurants in Britain!

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