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Breast Diet

Our grandmothers, in response to the complaints of granddaughters that the breast does not grow well, usually categorically asserted: "Eat little cabbage!" It is the cabbage diet and they are adopting all those young ladies who, like the heroine of the video clip "Leningrad", dreams of pleasant roundness of size not less than C. But eating heads alone — with all the absolute benefits of cabbage — means to deprive oneself of a full-fledged diet and many substances indispensable for women’s health.

Doctors do not recommend this.

There are, however, in such "cabbage" rational grain approach: it is in cabbage that contains a lot folic acid.

And it is not by chance called "vitamin of female happiness". Vitamin B9 (actually, folic acid is a more familiar name for it) is actively involved in the synthesis of nucleic acids containing hereditary information, for the creation and support of new body cells.

This is especially important in fast periods of growth and development — not only, for example, during pregnancy, when "construction" A new man, but also during puberty, when the body of the future woman grows and rebuilt, and these changes occur in leaps and bounds. Another important task for folic acid is to repair and replace trillions of cells in our body (and in some age critical moments this is also particularly important. Finally, it is this vitamin that is responsible for our appetite and our mood.

So his presence in the female diet should be permanent.

In the end, if the mood is good, then the frustrations about the modest size will be much less.

Where to find?

Folic acid is found not only in cabbage, but also in legumes, spinach, cereals, and from fruits — in bananas, much of it in fish of red varieties, liver (especially pork and lamb).

The second very important element of women’s health — estrogen hormone. This is a female sex hormone, which we should thank, in particular, for the pomp and femininity of forms. It is produced by the female body, though not always in sufficient quantity.

Peak accounts, again, during puberty or pregnancy, and at these moments many women notice that their bra becomes too small.

When the activity of the hormone subsides, and the chest "blown away" or stop growing.

But there is good news: the analogues of this magical hormone — the so-called phytoestrogens — are contained in a number of foods.

Where to find?

Especially a lot of phytoestrogens in soybeans (and all its derivatives, for example, soybean cheese tofu), other legumes, flax seeds.

We must immediately make a reservation: everything is good in moderation.

Overabundance of folic acid, as recently proved by scientists from the University of Toronto, may increase the chances of getting cancer.

And an excessive amount of estrogen is just as harmful as its deficiency: it overloads the liver, provokes migraines and increases the likelihood of various problems "by female".

Therefore, first of all, one should never take hormone preparations without first consulting with a doctor and not having passed a series of tests (the same is true of vitamin complexes). And, secondly, in pursuit of size, you should not make yourself a mono-diet from cabbage, legumes, livers and other unconditionally useful products that will become harmful if there are only them in unlimited quantities.

Enough to include in your diet these products regularly.

The size and shape of the breast is influenced not only by the presence of estrogen and folic acid in the diet.

Hard weight loss diets — one of the factors that the chest does not paint at all. After all, the breast loses weight first and literally sags, so the female body is arranged.

therefore it is better to refuse hungry diets do choose other ways to combat obesity.

For example, exercises that are locally aimed at reducing the volume of certain zones (for example, waist) and supporting the tone of others (for example, breasts and priests).

To improve the condition and shape of the breast will help special exercises on pectoral muscles.

Push-ups and pull-ups are one of them.

Cold and hot shower — the alternation of cold and warm water aimed at this delicate area will help keep skin in tone and prevent stretch marks on the chest.

Delicate, non-traumatic self-massage It will help not only to keep tender muscles around the mammary gland in good shape, but also help to identify the problem (unusual attachment, nodules, etc.) at the earliest stages.

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