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Bread with healthy additives, bread recipes

To give thanks, as usual, to the ancient Greeks. This Greek prisoner slaves disaccustomed the Romans to eat bread only in the form of porridge mash and gave them seventy new varieties: with mint and cumin, sesame and olive oil, eggs and pine nuts.

AT "greek bread" Poppy seeds, fennel, anise, coriander, raisins, marjoram, rosemary, capers, sage and even cabbage leaves, garlic and onions were added. The main additive is cereals.

And it was not only the Romans and the Greeks who believed this way.

Although, of course, it was the charred cakes found in the ruins of Pompeii that were prepared from a mixture of millet, wheat, and other cereals, along with unmilled grains, right down to the husk.

Such is the antique bread with bran. Next — spices, nuts and seeds.

How do you like German anise bread?

Or olive — in which finely chopped olives are combined with a mixture of spicy herbs? Walnut, such as walnut and sunflower seeds, mixed in olive oil?

Sunflower seeds are in orange bread (it is cooked on orange juice). In the same Germany, bread is baked with flax seeds. A special kind of supplement is fruits and vegetables, fresh and dried.

Fried onions, dried mushrooms and dried tomatoes, baked peppers and grated cheese can be found in bread dough. The latter, strictly speaking, does not apply to fruit or vegetables.

Just not to mention it is impossible — it is very good bread with onions and cheese, which is made from dry onion powder and cheddar cheese.

In general, different nations put in the dough that grows on their land. Indian people mix millet, sorghum, barley and corn. In the countries of Southeast Asia, soy is added to bread.

In Ukraine, the Greeks have always loved garlic.

Unusual bread is baked in Dijon and in Burgundy.

This is not Parisian long loaves! Acacia honey or heather honey is poured into wheat flour dough and flavored with anise. There is also a variety with the addition of almond and dried fruit.

Of course, it would be just blasphemy to bake such bread in the traditional rectangular shape — it is made in the form of a bottle or a snail.

No matter how many recipes of bread with additives exist, never cease to appear new. Among the recently appeared varieties is the so-called multi-colored bread, with additives that compensate for the deficiency of rare microelements: selenium, iodine and silicon.

Another trend is bread made from germinated grain. Whole wheat flour is made.

Oats, flax, barley, millet and sunflower seeds are added to it in various combinations.

Bread from sprouted grains helps cleanse the blood, there are a lot of vitamins and minerals.

And we are not surprised at all when we see quite medical terms on the labels: let’s say, bread with the addition of cereals is dietary and diabetic.

Nowadays, bread enriched with biologically active additives is becoming more and more popular.

It has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and nervous systems, enhances immunity and alleviates the adverse effects of the environment at least a little.

«Preventive» bread is especially recommended for those who live in areas with poor ecology and work in hazardous industries.

Recently, bread with milk thistle, a plant with many useful properties, including an anti-ulcer effect, appeared in Russia. Bread with this supplement is also good for the liver. He is called so — healthy.

By the way, some time ago, the producers promised to feed us with bread and seafood.

However, in the metropolitan stores nothing like we found. In some ways, squid was worse than capers and sesame …

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