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Blueberry pie, step by step recipe with photos

  • blueberries — 1 glass
  • brown sugar — 2-3 tbsp. l
  • semolina — 0.5 cup
  • egg — 1 pc.
  • natural yogurt — 1 tbsp. l
  • sour cream — 0.3 cups
  • brown sugar — 2 tbsp. l
  • sugar — 100 g
  • butter — 100 g + 0.5 st. l for lubrication
  • sour cream — 200 g
  • egg — 2 pcs.
  • flour — 1,5 glasses
  • baking powder — 0.5 tsp.

Cakes are baked pastries. It is the filling that distinguishes pies from other dough products and.

Cherry strudel (Kirschstrudel, Weichselstrudel) is very popular in Austria, Germany, Hungary,.

It seems that the open cake is a new, and overseas type of cake, that’s why we call it.

Berry jelly is one of the best summer desserts: it has a light, unsightly taste, jelly is fine.

A large bowl of large, sweaty, icy, yellow, pink, maroon berries — that is, perhaps.

Baking with strawberries can be very different. This and strawberry pies: open, closed and with.

Strawberry Desserts

Ice cream, granite, sorbet and strawberry mousse

I read the comments. It is very strange that people fail.

Baking this recipe for pies is not the first year.

The berries of the treasure are different: either blueberry, raspberry, or honeysuckle. It always turns out perfectly.

Great recipe.

Alexandra, this is exactly this cake made using this technology.

The photo is not true.

Maybe to make the fillings twice as large and bake the dough separately, and then again with the filling?

The cake turned out very tasty. Looks like the picture!

Fairy tale! Recommend

In the recipe of the test error: it turns out frankly liquid.

Sour cream a lot, it seems. And flour is not enough

Horrible recipes skipped products

In this cake, the dough is from the category of sand, so like any shortbread dough. him. preferably pre-bake.

Those. Put the dough in the form of a basket in the form of a basket. First put it in a hot oven (200+) for 15 minutes until lightly crusted. and only then pour the filling, and it should NOT be cold (I put it in a container with warm water while the cake is baked, so that the contrast of temperatures when pouring the filling onto the dough is smaller). By the way, as an option, try adding starch to the fill. and roll in it pre-berries and pripilit them bottom "baskets" before pouring the filling.

Then the cake will definitely be super — try it!

In general, the cake was not very successful.

The dough for some reason was badly baked.

I want it to be more sandy.

If there is a problem with the test, bake better than sand.

It is better to bake a basket a little (about 10-15 minutes), and then pour in the filling with berries and bake.

The recipe is missing something.

In the middle of the cake is not baked.

And the truth is that flour needs more than 1 cup.

I took 350 grams of flour, but the dough still turned out to be thinner than in the photo. But I decided to leave it so that the cream leaked through the dough and that the rolls were smaller.

Almost the way it happened, but apparently it was necessary to make the cream 2 times more. And so the cake is delicious 🙂

over the weekend I tried to bake blueberry pie dough a lot, but the filling cream is not enough for a given amount of dough, maybe there is an error in the recipe and there is not 0.3 cups of sour cream and yogurt, and more? and in the picture, the filling of the cake is white, milky. and I got a white and yellow but even such a cake turned out to be delicious please tell me, maybe I did something wrong

Delicious pie, but it cracked in my middle)

Good day.

Just (min. 45 ago) baked a cake.

In general, the bomb, and in appearance, and smell, and taste. The only thing "but" : — flour-350-400 gr — baking powder a little more than 1 tsp written — and let it cool min.

25-30 the whole filling-mousse freezes"try it. It’s worth it.

Enjoy all.

Yes, and I am doing it just now — the starch did not add what now happens.

baked for 50 minutes, the middle still remained liquid — despite the fact that starch was added to the berries. ug happened.

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