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Blueberry marble cake, step by step recipe with photos

  • gelatin granules — 4 tsp.
  • natural yogurt — 600 g
  • butter — 150 g
  • sugar — 400 g
  • waffles — 250 g
  • 22% fat cream — 1 cup
  • cottage cheese — 600 g
  • blueberries — 300 g

In cookbooks, magazines, blogs and on sites of varying degrees of reliability, there are many.

the first time in my opinion did not like the deli recipe. some kind of raw cheesecake. and, yes, a complete setup with gelatin. had to hand out pomarekoy.

Beauty and taste!

Dear Guest Yes, frozen. blueberries can also be used, there is no difference.

Can I use frozen blueberries?

In the sense of 6g. gelatin? 6 grams what? But this amount of gelatin and a glass of liquid is not enough, not to mention the 600 grams. cottage cheese + 600 gr. yogurt

Comrades, professional pastry chefs, write pliz in the recipe for the calculation of popular products!

For example, I never even saw sheet gelatin!

I really do not want to ruin such a nice cake!

Fox: everything is fine with gelatin, if, other things being equal, taking not 600 grams of yogurt and 600 grams of cottage cheese, but 400 grams of each ingredient, then 4 grams of regular gelatin is suitable — and everything will be fine.

Accordingly, for this recipe you need to take about 6 grams of regular gelatin.

Indeed, with gelatin quite a disaster!

Throughout the kitchen, the uncured mass was collected) Who tried to increase the number of gelatin, how much is needed?

Thank you very much for the clarification, we also try such gelatin, apparently it is stronger than usual.

Inconvertibility: most often our cooks use imported in plates.

For the future, we take into account — to be consistent. Sorry

I did the same with biscuit cake — everyone liked it even more. The cake was very tender. Thank you for the recipe.

So I also wanted to comment on the gelatin. Cooking cheesecakes according to your recipes very often, tried many different ones, in particular this one.

But everywhere the same thing — you need at least 2 times more gelatin.

You usually have all the recipes verified, hence the question, can you take some special gelatin.

The cake is just awesome. I treated everyone I could — and I was proud of myself)) I will do it again, but this time I will try with a biscuit cake, because this one seemed a little bold

The cake is really wonderful)) in the absence of blueberries I had to make it with strawberries! Dad said he didn’t eat more than the cake in life. I thought she was joking, no — she still remembers me))

I made this raspberry cake and instead of waffles I took tea biscuits. All my guests really liked this cake.

Thanks for the recipe.

And it is possible in more detail, who did, how to do with gelatin and how should it look?

On a bag of gelatin it is written that you need to warm it up in a water bath, and then directly pour the cream right away? Mix liquid should work?

And then I have not frozen from the first time.

And what does it mean "natural yogurt"? Sour chtol?

Something in the store did not find such.

Can yogurt be used instead?

For De This is not a layer, this is a shadow.

It is interesting, but how can you achieve that interlayer of a soft beige color, which is in the photo with cut pieces of cake? Divide the curd mass into 2 parts, and add cocoa to one of them?

But the shade will not be the same .. It is a pity that the recipe does not indicate = (

I cook this for a long time! very tasty always turns out! for me, the truth, with blueberries is pretty sweet, I make pink — with sour cranberries)

For me, the recipe is the most!

I’m a nursing mom. Sugar added less-350 gr. because cottage cheese homemade, not sour. I also added a bit of vanilla sugar (I really like vanilla aramat).

And I had a blueberry canned in its own juice (home).

Gelatin added 7 spoons, froze!

Thank you very much for the recipe !!

and how much gelatin to put?

According to the recipe, there is little gelatin, it is badly frozen. But in general I liked it very much, a light dessert. I will definitely make it soon, with the addition of gelatin.

waffles without filling — plates or plates)

Interestingly, what waffles are needed, ready cream or wafer layers?

Already very sweet, even for me, as for a sweet tooth!

Using a pack of instant gelatin-25g-not stiffened!

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