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Blanks for winter

Nowhere is culinary skill closer to alchemy as much as in preparations for the winter!

Not just to keep foods edible, but also to change their taste for the better is real art, requiring skill, thoroughness, accuracy and impeccable adherence to technology.
People have long learned to harvest products for future use, using different techniques and methods. After all, harvesting for the winter is the best way to save summer, but it is not only fruit and berry jam and pickled vegetables!

Salted and marinated mushrooms, dried fruits, berries and fruits, deep-frozen foods — all this is also “canned food”!
However, common for all types of billets for the winter is the need to create such conditions under which harmful bacteria and microorganisms stop their livelihoods: freeze, dry, pickle, pickle, alcohol or sugar.

Whatever products and no matter how you plan to prepare, be extremely vigilant: follow the rules of canning and strictly follow the recipes obtained only from reliable sources!

Delicate golden apricots are equally beautiful in a variety of blanks. Moreover, since.

Gooseberry — the perfect berry for blanks. Gooseberry brought special glory to jam. .

Compotes for the winter — a special kind of blanks of fruits and berries, beloved in our country. For compotes.

In the preparation of dried tomatoes, fruit and vegetable chips laid one principle: dehydration,.

Pickles, urinating and fermentation are considered traditionally Russian ways of harvesting vegetables for the future,.

The idea of ​​cooking chutney — spicy seasoning of fruits and / or vegetables — the British have spied on.

Pear blanks are not only jam! Depending on the variety, pears are also suitable for.

Preparations of beet or beetroot — fast, healthy, tasty, and in many cases.

We consider sauerkraut to be a traditional Russian dish. But some historians.

When the mushroom season comes, the main thing is not to be distracted. It is necessary to uncover a seasoned zakatochnaya.

Sweet and hot peppers are great for preparing for the winter. Pickled pepper is good and by itself.

Jam is considered a traditional Russian delicacy. This is a great way to preserve berries and fruits, the season.

Plums can be prepared for the winter in different ways: from the plums they make jam, jam, compote, them.

Eggplant produces excellent harvesting for the winter. Eggplants are salted, stuffed and added.

A variety of preparations are made from tomatoes for the winter: they are salted, pickled, preserved -.

Blanks with honey — this is exactly what the doctor ordered. And in a literal sense,.

Preparations from apples: apple juice, jam, pickled apples, mashed potatoes, jam, compote, vinegar.

You can make various preparations for the winter from the melon — jam, povilo, jelly, candied fruits and jams. .

The most common peach blanks are compotes and jams. It is familiar and understandable. .

A good crop of zucchini manages to grow in their dachas many gardeners. However, young zucchini,.

When there are already so many fruits that their prices fall to a reasonable level, it’s time to think about preparations.

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