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Black currant pie, step by step recipe with photos

Sweet crumbly dough and lightly sour filling from ripe currant berries successfully complement each other.

If you plan to invite guests, we advise you to immediately bake a double portion of the pie (for a whole baking tray) — for some reason it disappears very quickly.

  • 200 g flour
  • 100 g butter room temperature
  • 125 g sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • a pinch of salt
  • butter for lubrication
  • 2 tbsp. l crackers (semolina) for the form
  • 1 cup black currant
  • 2 tbsp. l Sahara
  • 1 tbsp. l potato starch

For the filling, you can use fresh-frozen currants — in this case, add 2 tbsp. l starch.

Berries do not need to thaw.

Snacks, salads and blackcurrant main dishes do not often appear on our daily menu. .

Black currant desserts turn out just great, welcome at any time of the year! In the summer, in season.

Berry pies are a real summer treat that is prepared with any seasonal berries. .

Cool recipe!

Delicious, sweet cake with a sour berry.

Even considering that most of the flour had to be replaced by semolina, and half the butter by sour cream.

It was excellent, the dough is so fluffy.

I even liked the recipe for a Viennese cherry pie recipe.

And most importantly, preparing is so simple.

Great recipe!

Thank you very much, it turned out amazingly.

I did with frozen currants.

Victoria, see step 1!

With how many degrees bake? Not written

Great recipe!

Instead of the usual flour, I took wholegrain, the taste is wonderful!

Loved it!

Thank you so much for the recipe.

Simple and tasty!

Cooked a few days ago, I share my impressions. 1. I liked the dough — dry, sweet and crumbly, it really represented an excellent contrast for a moist and sour berry, as indicated in the description. 2. Filling — I had frozen currant, a mixture of red and black — 1 cup was obviously not enough, the dough, laid out in a rectangular shape (18×25), did not completely fill the filling, so I added another half of the cup.

Starch added 2 spoons, as indicated in the recipe (although in fact it was possible to have one), and there was more sugar per spoon (due to the fact that I also had more sour red currants in the filling) and came out just right. 3. Overall impression.

When I started cooking, I doubted, I decided that it would be too simple to taste, but it turned out very worthy. Although I would like more sourish aromatic berry filling and less dough, but my husband and brother said that they like it (sweet tooth!).

4. In general, an excellent basic recipe, easy, fast, all products are inexpensive and usually eat in the refrigerator. I will be a little refined to my own taste, but in general, and so good.

I think to try with sour cottage plum.

5. By the way, thanks for the idea of ​​using the decoy for dusting.

Now nothing sticks to the form.

Made a cake with strawberries, instead of currants, it’s just super!

Very easy and incredibly tasty!

Great recipe!

Cooking and baking the cake takes little time. The cake itself is very tasty, nourishing and tender.&# 128515;

I can not leave a comment, the cake turned out excellent. Thanks for the recipe

Oksana Matveeva, you can publish your version of this recipe through a profile and upload the final photo.

We are happy to see a variation of our recipe.

Great recipe! Simple, fast, affordable and very tasty! In the absence of butter, I replaced butter with margarine for baking, I used a glass mold with a diameter of 28 cm for baking, I did not sprinkle it on anything but smeared it with vegetable oil, I needed a double portion of the filling for the amount of dough obtained and the size of the cake.

The stuffing was prepared not just by mixing currants with sugar and starch (as it is not clear what happened), but kneaded this mixture with a wooden tolkushka.

It turned out very tasty, it is a pity there is no possibility to attach a photo with the result.

thank "Deli"!

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