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Berry semifreddo, step by step recipe with photos

  • eggs (only proteins) — 3 pcs.
  • Instant coffee — 1 tbsp. l
  • Cream 35% fat — 600 ml
  • sugar — 175 g
  • different berries — 500 g
  • hazelnut — 50 g

The easiest dessert I know is panakota. If you add to it a certain amount.

I also turned out beautifully), but the frozen berries were a little upset.

Husband said the next time only cook with meringue. And so very tasty, if you wait, when it melts

Bottom crude or still drops of syrup? If the latter, the proteins are not beaten up enough or the sugar is not dissolved. Another option — a layer of meringue was thicker, and you just had to continue to bake.

But honestly, the expression "raw bottom" in relation to merengue I meet for the first time.

Usually, untreated, it is viscous inside.

And why I did not succeed. I did everything according to the recipe, I put it in the oven for 3 hours, temp. 90 gr.

When pulled out, the bottom remained raw.


I make semifreddo with kiwi and just with nuts, the fruits are really getting too cold, but this is easy to fix if you add melted chocolate to your taste. It turns out very tasty.

dessert very much, it turned out very good. beautiful, but the berries that were too frozen up (practically pieces of ice) were upset — I will try to make it with canned peaches; and I also added some icing sugar to the cream and didn’t regret it (although we have a sweet tooth)

Anastasia, you can. We are frozen and used

Tell me, please, can you use frozen berries (strawberries, lingonberries)?

Administrator: then the question is what to do with the berries. In earlier recipes at the school, the deli seems to have been eaten from the berries of mashed potatoes. So: berries are frozen too much — what to do?

Maybe you need to make mashed potatoes, or some special berries are suitable for this ice cream.

For example, I really like frozen cherries.

for lrache: you can dry at 100 degrees, but if you slightly open the flap near the oven! in 2 hours, I think they will get ready for you! )))

Penny, semifreddo did exactly according to the recipe. After all, it’s all about freezing.

If you keep a long time on the table, then of course it will not be like that. For some reason, no one bothers that bought ice cream melts and turns into a puddle 🙂

Also tried to do. Comments:
1. It is clear that 28 cm form does not fit, even in the form at 26 cm it is lower.

I admit that there is an error, and the prescription requires a form of 26 cm.
2. Absolutely not white.
3. When frozen — the berries are also frozen to a state of ice. It’s not tasty. I tried a little hold in the fridge, but then the cream melts.

In principle, with melted cream is good, but this is not ice cream.
In general, he left a very mixed feeling, and certainly, in the picture is not something that is in the recipe.

at 100 degrees it can also be dried, only a little less time can be (2.5 hours). With coffee, too, puzzled in what form, in bulk or dissolve 🙂 Still, she decided to add in bulk. BUT! so beautiful I did not work. (I don’t know why, I did it strictly according to the recipe, I kept everything. The cake was, firstly, not so high, and secondly, not so white definitely, because the meringue is cappuccino-colored and if the berries are sour (people, be careful!) — it spoils the taste, and if there are a lot of bones, then in such a tender dessert they interfere all the time.

It seems to me that strawberries and peaches sliced ​​into pieces (I understand that they are not berries), my currants, raspberries and blackberries — are very out of place.

They are still frozen very strongly, it turns out such ice and bones.

proline, to beat with proteins — in a loose state, of course

Yummy. very good! but a dispute arose: need coffee dissolved in water or in a loose state?

Wow. What a beauty. And I probably will not succeed meringue, because the lowest temperature in my oven is 100g.

If dried at a temperature of 100 degrees.

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