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Berry desserts in Moscow restaurants: Aldebaran Restaurant, Aist, Most, Settebello, Café Cocoa Tree and Coffeemania

Berry desserts in Moscow restaurants: Aldebaran Restaurant, Aist, Most, Settebello, Café Cocoa Tree and Coffeemania

Top grace and ingenious simplicity — the usual berry plate.

It is expensive — 900 rubles, but the effect produces a million. A bunch of sparkling red currants, carelessly scattered strawberries, large blackberries with a noble black shimmer, raspberries, blueberries — all the berries are large, of perfect shape, but with a lively, natural sheen.

Served on a white stretched dish.

For such a dessert, it is enough to take a tiny cup of espresso — and already not ashamed of the order.

The atmosphere of an old coffee house is not without arrogance: if you look unsuitably inexpensive, there is no table either on the terrace or inside — an unpleasant moment.

If you can «swallow», rest on the fact that you will be laid down in half an hour — then no one will expel you in an hour.

From the summer berry menu, you should also try the Tutti Frutti cake (260 rubles) — a puff wonder of air cream, weightless biscuits, sour confiture and “roofs” of berries frozen in transparent jelly.

There are also desserts in martini glasses — “London” (butter cream, currants and maple syrup, 170 rubles) and “Paris” (yogurt, strawberry syrup and strawberries, 180 rubles).

However, I do not advise you to take them — except for the original appearance they have nothing to boast about.

Address: Bolshoy Tolmachevsky lane., 4, p. 1, metro station Tretyakovskaya
Phone: (495) 953-6306, 953-6268
Working hours: Mon-Fri: 10.00-00.00, Sat-Sun: 11.00-00.00

The very tenderness — sabayon with berries (600 rubles): fresh strawberries, raspberries, currants and blackberries are covered with a light sweet foam (egg yolks with sugar and alcohol), a sort of eggnog in Italian. According to the structure, these two elements are combined with each other very finely: soft, tender egg foam and elastic berries.

And to taste they suit each other just perfectly: sweet and sour-sweet.

The second amusing dessert is berries in champagne jelly (600 rubles): frozen in a fragrant, somewhat even perfumed alcoholic “chilled” forest cocktail. It is very pleasant to extract the berries from the glass along with the intoxicating jelly.

To get drunk from one serving is really possible.

Address: 8, Malaya Bronnaya Street, bldg. 1, Pushkinskaya metro station
Phone: (495) 736-9131
Hours: Mon-Wed: from 09.00 the last guest, Thu-Sat: 24 hours a day, Sun: from 12.00 until the last guest

Exemplary millefeuille with strawberries, raspberries and blackberries (560 rubles), cooked according to the rules — from crispy unleavened dough with whipped cream and jam.

The impression it produces is absolutely correct: the “air cloud” from which you vigorously dig up whole berries.

But the berry strudel (700 rubles) is baked with deviations from the generally accepted Austrian recipe.

No puffiness is observed in it.

Instead of a roll cake, a crispy dough bag with a warm cherry filling (we never found other berries).

Not according to the rules, but tasty, and vanilla sauce with a scoop of vanilla ice cream goes perfectly well for dessert.

Much controversy caused soup of raspberries and strawberries with lemon sorbet (630 rubles). In the usual sense of summer berry soup can not be called.

Do not wait for sweet scented water, rather, it will be a cream soup or, as my friend noticed, five-minute jam.

To eat such a «soup-jam» turns out no more than five spoons, and 630 rubles for them, frankly, sorry.

Address: Kuznetsky Most ul., 6/3, metro station Kuznetsky Most
Phone: (495) 660-0706
Working hours: Mon-Fri: 08.00-00.00, Sat-Sun: 11.00-00.00

The berries are bathed in white and dark chocolate and sold alone. Strawberries, grapes, Physalis, prunes, raisins — from 45 to 70 rubles per piece. The most unusual taste of Physalis, and the most popular, of course, strawberries.

Dressed in a chocolate skirt, the berry looks extremely elegant, and it is very nice to eat it.

You hold a leg with a leaf and bite it off thoughtfully — it looks attractive from the outside, at least passers-by peeks, and some immediately decide to stop by.

Address: Maroseyka Str., 6/8, p. 1, m. Kitai-Gorod
Phone: (495) 789-3090
Opening hours: from 11.00 until the last guest

Raspberry-lemon mousse, 315 rubles

Pistachio sponge cake with raspberry, mango and coconut

Tartlet with fruits and berries, 315 rubles

Address: 26/5 Tverskoy Blvd., Pushkinskaya metro station
Phone: (495) 604-4280
Working hours: 11.00-23.00

«Roman Holiday»: fresh strawberries, strawberry mousse and some pistachios, 290 rubles

«Loves-dislikes»: strawberry mousse with fresh raspberries, 250 rubles

«Cento Percento»: a bouquet of mango, pineapple, blackberry, raspberry and strawberry flavors, 290 rubles

Berries, mashed with sugar: raspberries, strawberries, strawberries, 75 rubles

Fresh berries in powdered sugar (optionally with berry sauce), 1250 rubles / 200g

Millefeuille with berry layer

Address: Sadovo-Samotechnaya Str., 3
Phone: (495) 699-3039
Opening hours: from 11.00 until the last guest

Il Kuchinino / Il Cucinino — one of the best new restaurants in Moscow. No menu, six tables and.

Restaurant Uvaga is an attempt to offer a new concept of the Ukrainian restaurant. Without flirting with.

A restaurant has opened in Moscow, in the 1st Tverskoy-Yamsky Lane. Called Cafe Emporio, which translates.

In February, a gourmet restaurant opened in Moscow.

Barbarians. Treat the restaurant Barbarians as to.

Another Apartment 44 has opened in Moscow. A new restaurant living space has been registered in a 24/8 building.

February 29 on Nikolskaya Street opened Maison Baccarat — Crystal Palace, promising to be the most.

TRASH. — a stylish restaurant with an interesting, but perhaps too conceptual menu and all.

The Forbidden fruit is sweet.

This is true for restaurants.

The most fashionable — «closed». AT .

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