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Berlin cookies, step by step recipe with photos

  • baking powder — 3 tsp.
  • wheat flour — 250 g
  • butter — 250 g
  • sugar — 200 g
  • cottage cheese — 250 g

Cherry strudel (Kirschstrudel, Weichselstrudel) is very popular in Austria, Germany, Hungary,.

Muffins are often confused with small cupcakes. Indeed, American muffins often bake.

Apple strudel (Apfelstrudel) — thin dough roll with apple filling -.

What could be easier cookies? Ask any of us to name known types and recipes of cookies, and we.

Their appearance was due to the famous French chef and pastry chef La Varenna. Up to .

Cooked in the same proportions as in the recipe, but slightly changed the cooking scheme itself.

So, my cottage cheese was fat and smooth, such as it is rustic. In a large plate mixed it with softened butter.

She took a pack of butter, 200 grams, a little more cottage cheese — 300 grams. In portions, she injected sifted flour, kneading thoroughly each time. When the dough became rather dense, she laid it on the table, generously dusted with flour and interfered there until the dough became elastic.

Wrapped in a film and — for an hour in the refrigerator. In general, the principle of cooking dough — follow, and add flour, how much it will take. Otherwise, it can really turn out too fragile dough, which will be hard to roll. pulled out of the refrigerator, rolled and sprinkled with sugar.

She folded, sprinkled again and rolled into a layer 1.5 cm thick. Once again generously sprinkled with sugar, rolled it and rolled the roll. Carefully wrapped in cling film and for 20 minutes sent to the freezer. After such a procedure, the roll becomes quite hard, it will be easy to cut, without deforming at the same time. Sliced ​​on "ears", each sprinkled with sugar and sent to the oven.

It turned out very well, but I did not have enough sugar. Cookies are barely sweet, so I can advise those who want sweet cookies — do not skimp and use all 200 grams of sugar.

Or even add a little saal immediately when posting the dough. It will also be great to give the liver a lamination, sprinkling with sugar and rolling not 2-3 times, but more.

Sugar can be mixed with chopped nuts, cinnamon or poppy seeds. I hope my experience will help someone 🙂

if you follow the recipe exactly, you get one big cheesecake — this is not a Berlin biscuit, but just cottage cheese casserole! it’s just some ingredients in some quantities — unless the recipe should not be tested, somehow worked out — in the end, after 7 years, it was possible — if you can’t make corrections in proportion — just remove it! it’s a shame!

It turned out one big cookies ..

The cookies are very tasty, only there were problems with the rolling of sugar, the dough turned out to be interbedded with sugar and therefore it was very sprinkling, and it rolled badly to the middle, and on the garter spread out, but the frosting hid everything. Tell me how to make everything homogeneous.

Cookies are amazingly tasty, crispy on the edge, closer to the middle — soft.

Today cooked, covered with chocolate icing. The dough is known to me for a long time, can not imagine how it may not work? I had fat cottage cheese, I took 200 grams, butter also 200 grams, flour took 2 cups.

Cookies spread out a bit in the oven, so they need to be placed at a distance from each other.

Out of 16 pieces.

the recipe is clearly not worked out and not tested, it turned out that something was spreading out:) there were suspicions that it was nonsense, I did not read the comments in vain

Good evening everyone, in my opinion, the flour of flour must of course be filled in but in the process of rolling and very carefully so that the dough does not turn out to be clogged and tough.

My grandmother made such cookies all the time, only it was called. " Goose sticky"! :)) I folded it like this — I cut out circles with a glass, folded it in half, then again in half and made cuts. After baking, it looked like paws. On a pack of cottage cheese and a pack of butter — 2.5 cups of flour, here in the recipe, really, is not enough.

And the cottage cheese should be at least 9% fat, better rustic.

Nothing works with dry art. just get some lumps. if you add a little water to the curd and flour, then somehow the dough will turn out. let alone about this amount of oil, I generally keep quiet. I had to pour another 100 grams of flour. in the end it turned out fine. where so much lemon juice, I also was not clear. used quite a bit.

such a fool, did not read the comments! in general, of course, I took everything according to the recipe, gram per gram .. and the cottage cheese I had was not greasy. and the dough turned out, or rather did not work .. it is absolutely impossible to roll something out of it, even if it lies in the refrigerator for more than four hours. no pleasure! if you write these recipes, then people in general can easily fall off the desire to cook! how can you hang unverified recipes! nothing at all with pictures !! I am outraged!

And I didn’t get anything like a Berlin cookie, which I like very much ..

In fact, everything will turn out great if you take dry cheese, for example, 9%!

Did exactly the prescription, grams per gram.

I do not know how much oil is written, I had so much flour and 100 oils. In general, with the oil carefully, but nothing happened)

But I didn’t work out at all — the dough came out crumbly, similar to shortbread, and I couldn’t roll a roll out of it. As a result, I made ordinary cookies — there was something between a curd and a simple shortbread cookie: ((

I met a lot of recipes from different ingredients in which there is only one similar detail, the method of folding and slicing. The common name for these recipes is "Berlin ears".

I believe that this name occurs only mark the folding test.

Generally it is not "Berlin cookies". And it is not quite in the shape of hearts. The true name of it is "pig ears".

Sold in all supermarkets under this name.

It is not covered with lemon icing, but it happens either in plain sugar glaze or in it, but with further sprinkling with sugar.

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