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Beer restaurants in Moscow on

Moscow beer network

So, the law prohibiting drinking beer in public places, passed.

Honestly, it is good. After all, there is an incredible number of just fine restaurants that relate to beer with all the attention and great respect.

Czech, German, Russian, what you want — anyone will find a beer to taste.

Czech style

Belief that Czech Beer is the best in the world, rooted in the Russian public consciousness since Soviet times.

Apparently, this is precisely the reason why among all the import beer concepts in Moscow, the Czech is the leader.

Moscow beer restaurants with Czech cuisine: Prazhechka, Budvar, Budweiser Budvar, Pilzner, Barrandov, Kozlovice, Gambrinus, Česky Dvorik, Kolkovna.

German style

What German beer in Of Russia not very well known. Because licensed bottled beer brewed on site RF from concentrate, has to Germany pretty weak attitude.

So if you want to understand, because of what so many years the German land is considered sacred for every beer lover (well, except perhaps the English), go to the German beer restaurant: Bavarius, Postmaster, Pivnushka, Burgomaster, Old Muller, Hans and Martha , Black Forest.


A pub — This is a very special cultural phenomenon. Going into a pub, for relatively little money, you can feel like a little Englishman, Irish or Scots (or even Welsh, if you find Welsh a pub outside Wales).

Well, nowhere is there such a variety, not even varieties, but beer styles. In short, if you treat beer as an independent gastronomic value, a pub — this is for you.

Punch&Judy, Plotnikov, Dr. Scotch, Belfast, Molly Malone’s Irish Pub, Boondock Pub, John Bull Pub, Molly Gwynes, Silver’s Irish Pub, Doolin House Pub, John Donn.

Russian style

Have russian beer in Of Russia about the same fate as the Russian cuisine: aesthetes neglect it, but the common people love it. And by the way, the people are not mistaken. Because Russian beer has its own style and traditions.

The question, as always, is in the quality of production and service, the values ​​are frighteningly unstable. It makes it all the more pleasant to meet a Russian beer restaurant, where it’s tasty and beautiful, and good in all other respects.

We recommend to visit: Beer Hall Zhiguli, Ruff, Glavpivtorg, Kolbasoff, Durdin, Golden Vobla, SPB.

Belgian style

Belgian beer — too exotic for Moscow.

Therefore, the Belgian Brasserie quite a bit.

This is Jan Primus, Manx Beer Cell&Nance.

Other concepts

Sometimes the choice of beer in a restaurant is so great that the institution does not fit into any formal framework. It’s just that the people who made it really love beer — and they want the rest to have such an opportunity.

Moscow beer restaurants, sticking to this concept: Pantry of the Sun, Pilgrim, Beermarket.

Brewery restaurants

Stand apart Moscow beer restaurants, in which they brew beer.

To count them, enough fingers of one hand: Maximilians Brauerei, Fifth Ocean, Tinkoff, 16 tons, Inter beer house.

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