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Beer restaurant, Restaurant Glavpivtorg — address, menu, photos, reviews of visitors

In the old building on Lubyanka, where the Ministry of Automobile Transport was located in Soviet times, now there is a beer restaurant Glavpivtorg, famous for its unique interior, which embodies all the «achievements» of the classic Soviet ministerial style.

The red carpet will lead you to the “Conference Room”, where at a solid table with imitation of green cloth you can fully feel yourself a nomenklatura worker.

On the long balcony there are separate rooms, there is also a secluded Reading Room with the collected works of the classics of Marxism.

Banquets are held in the “Office of the Chief”, from where a beautiful view of Lubyanka Square opens.

There is also a “Secretariat” decorated with pennants and cups for labor success.

The menu, or the “Book about tasty and healthy food”, fully meets the requirements of the beer establishment. Beer in a restaurant Glavpivtorg for every taste.

First of all, there is a beer brewed in its own brewery: the choice is table, amber, dark velvet or red caramel. There is draft beer imported: Czech, German, Belgian.

Beer-based cocktails are very popular: branded “Made in Glavpivtorg” (dark beer and Riga balsam) or “Healthy rest” (light beer, tomato juice, spices).

In Glavpivtorg, they also make their own liqueurs on vodka: cedar, lemon, pepper, berry and horseradish.

To try all five tinctures at once, you need to order a «Personal schedule».

Kvass and cranberry fruit drink in Glavpivtorg are also homemade.

Snacks for all sorts of beer, from dried fish, codenamed «Cutting frames» to «Stroganin of marbled beef with berries of red currant, arugula and Italian cheese.»

The hot section offers fish or meat in various forms, as well as kebabs cooked on the grill.

Prices, I must say, quite high.

From 12.00 to 16.00 there is an interesting restaurant offer — three types of dinners at a fixed, very low price. Lunch «Regional» includes any soup + any snack.

In the «Republican» includes any salad, appetizer or soup + any hot dish.

And finally, a set of «All-Union», consisting of any salad or snacks + any soup + any hot dish.

In the evenings in Glavpivtorg live music plays. Naturally, the retro 60s — 70s.

And on weekends, you can leave the children in a separate room where the clown will entertain them.

If you notice an error or inaccuracy, please let us know.

It is necessary to utter the word «lemonade» — and in memory there is a whirlwind of the carousel, clouds of balloons and.

If they tell you that the USSR is a distant past, do not believe it.

The country of the Soviets is very much alive. Too much.

To celebrate New Year can be not only at home. Of course, under the Christmas tree, on the native couch, with a plate of Russian salad.

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Disgusting restaurant in the heart of the city.

Sediment in the form of heartburn, belching and bad mood — SECURED.

We arrived with a company of friends with children and decided to have a good time on a day off. And the impression was spoiled by the workers and their boorish behavior! Chose a place in advance and booked a table.

Loved the interior. But we were happy early.

Rudeness in this place is a trademark. The animator of the institution was especially struck, referring to her pedagogical education, refused to play with our 3-year-old child, explaining that we are deceiving her and our child is not 3 years old, but 2. This is ridiculous and simply outrageous. Among other things, the institution has a special degree of spoilage of the products from which they are prepared!

Buffet salads are weathered, and uncovered, plus if you dig them deeper, you can see the remnants of the past salad. Baked ham already with a green touch.

This is disgusting! Having made an order from the general menu, we were even more surprised.

Well, like freshly squeezed carrot juice can smell like onions.

Or how is the homemade lemonade obviously sour, and the waiter explains to you that the bubbles in the lemonade are as they should be, and the lemonade is obviously fermented. It does not climb into any gate. I’m already silent about sour milk, stuffed chicken and so on.

All of the above waiters leave with orders and do not return. Serve like a favor doing.

There is no desire to come to this institution any more and never will be.

I will discourage everyone.

The restaurant was very spoiled, they loved this place, but on January 7, 2015 they came there and were unpleasantly surprised, prices were raised, the kitchen is just disgusting. portions are small. For example, ordered a salad "Caesar" brought one grass 2 not big pieces of fish, very sorry but self-respecting man navryatli will return to you again

People with dogs!

Eat at home from at least one bowl with your animal!

A dog in a restaurant is not the place!

A restaurant " Glavpivtorg", the most wonderful place in Moscow. very tasty food, waiters service is just wonderful, everyone is friendly, helpful, smiling. Thanks to the bartenders for such delicious cocktails !.

I can say to the management that the level has not decreased much since that year, BECOMING LESS TO PEOPLE, I HAVE TO CONSIDER WHY.

What can I say … was not a few years.

The interior is a delight, as before.

The quality of food and service fell — or I am getting old.

It used to be better. Now we go sooooo rare.

The kitchen has deteriorated, the service is like when, sometimes everything is up to par, and sometimes the waiter cannot say 2 words.

Previously, always ordered a table to the boss with partners. After the last visit I asked to change the restaurant

Nice place and wonderful visitors! Lyudmila, I expect a return dance from [email protected]

The weather is fine in Moscow today. My wife, and our dog Chihuahua (weight 1.5 kg) passed through the entire center, we saw new pedestrian zones, the benefit of the dog can run there. And stumbled upon Glavpivtorg.

We went in, wearing a doggie in our arms, said that there were tables with a view, we began to undress, but a waiter appeared and said that they were not served with dogs. Need a cage.

In the center of Moscow, we did not expect this, there simply is not the strength and desire to argue.

We left quietly.

Our dog was in many countries and everyone just smiled and rejoiced at her charm. This dog is a huge part of our life, it is always with us.

It is a pity to see such an attitude towards animals.

By the will of fate, they were in the center on Sunday. Over the restaurant "Glavpivtorg" hung a sign: "Family brunch 1650 rubles" and not a word more. Until yesterday I didn’t know what brunch is, but now I know (((((My husband was hungry, we decided to stop by.

Immediately make a reservation that we are not rich — have many children. We took 3 plates of salads and 3 plates of hot on me, husband and eldest daughter 12l. Little ate out of our plates.

There were also desserts — 4 slices of cake and tea. Unfortunately, they did not eat everything and asked the waitress who was left to pack home. In response, we heard that this is a brunch and you can’t take anything with you, the feeling is that you gave it in the face with your boot.

Okay, they asked for the bill, and in the bill — 5 thousand rubles.

Then my husband’s face twisted, barely scraped, the food almost back climbed.

They left with their faces fucked up, and at the entrance a man in an expensive suit ran and shouted:"I will not pay for this. " We did not make trouble, sorry for the children. It was the most expensive trip to a restaurant in my life.

Good people, do not go to this terrible place, and even more so to the family brunch. And in general, if the brunch per person needs to be warned, then where is the family?

And the positive reviews they really write themselves.

Been to this restaurant several times. From the huge practice of going to restaurants, I meet with such rudeness from the administrator for the first time.

The administrator did not want to give the two of us visitors a table by the window, supposedly big for us.

After we were still placed at the table at my request, after some time a waitress came up and said that he was ordered and that we should be transferred. It seems that the restaurant is either robbed of customers in the end, as it happens when changing power, or "filtered" customers on "good" and "bad". Usually, restaurants have quite a certain quality of food in relation to all dishes — either the restaurant is quality and expensive, or it is average.

As it turned out, this restaurant is very strange for the owners of the policy — if the dish is cheap, then it is very, very dubious quality, worse than in the dining room — apparently, such dishes are designed for a contingent of office workers during the daytime. It is worth taking only the most expensive dishes, for example, "Gentle square of a young deer" — 1500 rub. one portion, but the quality of such meat in any case will be average. With such a beautiful interior one could expect the best.

Wrote a complaint to the book reviews and suggestions March 3, 2013. The book was not properly decorated and the strangest thing — my entry in the book was the first in the 3rd month since the New Year, when, usually, books are updated.

That is, they gave a completely new clean book — neither positive nor negative reviews.

Therefore, it seems rather strange that here the site describes the number of positive reviews twice as many negative ones.

Most likely, the restaurant itself positively promotes on the Internet.

On January 25, on Tatiana’s Day (I have a wife, Tatiana), we went to a concert. We are from the USSR, wonderful impressions.

We decided in the same spirit to continue the evening.

But next and Glavpivtorg! Met well, while studying the menu (prices) were in anticipation of good service and appropriate cuisine.

I must say that the service (waitresses Marina and Anya) is friendly, fairly quick and the kitchen is worthy. The atmosphere is good! restaurant 70-80x.

We had a rest without finishing 0, 5, but now the time of reckoning came (about 4 thousand per person), they brought the bill (usually I don’t pay attention in a good mood, but because it was interesting for the first time in this place) I found 6 glasses of vodka allegedly drank worth 725 rubles. When asked, the waitress immediately admitted that there were some girls who did not pay and we were mistakenly turned on this vodka. Invited an administrator who rudely stated DO WHAT YOU WANT.

In this regard, I appeal to the owners of the restaurant, and indeed in general: when will it be in our country that there will be a GROUND!

Well, you are the one who earns on one of the basic human passions (bread), well, at least bring expensive establishments to normal human norms.

SHAME, more to you or foot and tell you all!

In this institution, I was invited by my young man, who had been there often 5 years ago, saying that they cook very tasty. We regretted going a hundred times.

Ordered borsch with duck, eggplant with cheese filling and something else there, chicken Kiev with mashed potatoes, garlic crackers, tea and kvass. Half an hour later we arrived home, and here it began. Sorry for the details, alternately ran to the toilet, then all my food went back.

This was not the case after restaurants in Moscow, although we eat out of the house several times a week. At the same time, prices in Glavpivtorg are not cheap.

It is better not to spoil your mood and do not waste time and money on this institution. I would have torn off my head to the cooks.

We decided to invite foreign guests to "Soviet" a restaurant, they booked a table for the day, having specially reserved a seat. What was our surprise when it turned out that we are not on the list at all! The girl in the hallway referred to another shift and did not understand at all what to do with us.

It was already at 20 o’clock, to find another restaurant was already unthinkable, the situation was heating up, the mood was spoiled, they tried to attach us on the second floor at the entrance, but there were sounds of wildly screaming musicians with wicked music, and everything was thoroughly smoked, there was and talk with such an atmosphere it would be completely impossible! We demanded to call the administrator, the girl left, after some time returned and ordered to follow her, we were taken to the other side of the institution and finally sat down at the table. It was also smoked there, but at least disgusting noises were heard.

We ate expensive and tasteless, we will never go there again, and we will tell everyone what this nasty place is. In one, however, the restaurant meets expectations: it is really real "scoop"!

In the worst sense of the word. Brrrr!

Were there this week 3 times, the food is very tasty, but what a dilemma, on the first day we ate meals not from a business lunch, the bill came out tidy enough, so we were served very well and politely,. But when in the 2nd and 3rd days we came to a business lunch, served disgustingly, waitresses with such faces went around, as if I came to her house for free, thundered with dishes when I picked them up, deliberately, no tips were left. I do not need to fawn, but as it is necessary to be more sincere, because this is your work, correspond to your institution!

Quote from the site of the restaurant “Glavpivtorg” — “A cozy interior and live music will plunge you into the atmosphere of the 60-80s. «. To this should be added “and the scam of management and staff will allow you to fully experience all the delights of the Soviet catering, sunk into oblivion.”

It would seem — a decent institution that should appreciate its customers. And what is the value of the customer? In the first place — to be honest with him, admit mistakes and correct them. “Glavpivtorg” — not the case!

Looking honestly into your eyes, you will first be told that the banquet menu will cost a certain amount, and then, when paying the bill, it turns out that this certain amount is exactly two times higher than the previously agreed upon amount. You need to check, you say?

Yes, it turns out — it is necessary! As in the sovok restaurant.

And then, you know, got used to the civilized European service, when relationships are built on trust, when the restaurateur doesn’t think to deceive the guests, how is it, these are the guests, they came to me, chose me from many others — it means you have to do so to make the guests happy and back, right? No, it’s not true!

Here you are not a guest, here you are a client, and this means that you should tear off the maximum possible amount of money — and here all means are good: both an understatement of the preliminary estimate, and assignment of extra items to the account, and the inclusion of a tip in the bill, and attempts several times to write off your account amount from your credit card. Welcome back to the USSR, gentlemen — “You are not in Chicago, my dear” (c)

The restaurant has gone bad. I was there 3 years ago and it was very tasty.

Now there is a kitchen at the business lunch level.

The waiters are polite service is normal, but the food is not tasty their money is not worth it.

Excellent restaurant, polite and attentive waiters, the atmosphere is SUPER. Everything is very tasty, especially the dishes on the grill. Thank you very much for a great Saturday night!

There are always a lot of people, apparently, not because everything is so bad there.

I go to Glavpivtorg regularly and every time it gets worse and worse. Today, my last visit took place — it has finished me.

Beer and their brand-name and supposedly German — carbonated fake (taklogo did not taste for a long time, didn’t master it completely), squid rings were just rotten — could not eat, prices are better than good European restaurants. Belgian beer cherry, which even in Filler pub (in 2010. Recognized as the best pub in Moscow) on Polyanka is 290r from them — 465r. The ensemble is none, and in breaks the musicians took on their chest in the hall.

It is not enough people, and earlier without record it was impossible to get. It’s sad how a decent house went down.

Do not go, spoil the mood.

After reading, I saw downstairs about the shortcomings for business lunches at five rubles!

Everything is, and it happens regularly. At first, I also thought that it was an accident, but when it happened once, twice, it became clear that this was a pattern. And even after conversations with administrators, nothing has changed.

Why did I keep going to him for business lunches? Probably because despite this "strange" The attitude to the customer is good, high-quality kitchen and the waiters are polite and friendly.

But it was over last week, when they raised the price of lunches by as much as 50 rubles. Goodbye Glavpivtorg, goodbye 🙂

How I was poisoned in Glavpivtorg! On the evening of September 6, 2011 I looked in this restaurant. Played a group " Green dolphins"- it should have alerted me since I have already spent two days in the pose of the Green Dolphin in the toilet. So, I cooked 2 cakes with fish, 1 with meat, 1 with potatoes and mushrooms. (small patties) 2 beer Dark Goat 1 beef kebab.

The invoice amounted to 1345 rubles broken on July 23, 06.09.2011 What is really expensive. I think that the cause of the poisoning was spoiled beer, as from the pies it would be a simple upset stomach.

The service was clearly worthy of the Sovko restaurant — the waiter was slow and ungracious.

People stay away from this eatery.

Yesterday I visited the restaurant for the second time. The first time was 5 years ago in 2006.

The menu of the restaurant has become much more diverse, everything is very tasty, especially the barbecue of salmon and eclairs. Served our table Dmitry — the service is excellent! Friendly, intelligent, efficient waiters. very cozy and cool atmosphere.

Live music is excellent, incendiary.

The girl who sang, well done! so funny, everybody starts her singing! Many thanks to the employees of Glavpivtorg! You are really doing a FOLK affair — well feed, water and amuse Muscovites and guests of the capital.

By the way, it is not a shame to bring to Glavpivtorg and citizens of other states — there they can most acutely feel the atmosphere of our beloved capital.

For the power will not hurt!

I dine in this restaurant quite often.

Impressions: Pros: 1. The food is really tasty, the quality of the dishes does not deteriorate with time.

Everything is very delicious. 2. Service at a height (with rare exceptions). All the waiters are great. Cons.

1. The business lunch menu is very rarely updated. As a result, even delicious dishes become boring. 2. CASHIERS of the restaurant is a horror! For some reason, they took into the habit of not raising 5 rubles from the bill.

That is, if the account is 215 rubles, I give 250 rubles, then the surrender brings only 30 rubles. And this happens CONSTANTLY!

Conclusion: until now I was silent about these shortcomings. But tomorrow, if this happens again, I will surely raise the butt on the whole hall. It’s not about 5 rubles.

A matter of principle.

Good day! The restaurant is very good.

Been there several times. The last time the birthday of the sister was celebrated (06/25/2011).

Everything went fine, although I was a little worried because advised this place for a holiday. Anastasia served our table, she was THANK YOU very much, attentive, fast, unobtrusive, our table was always clean and the dishes were brought on time. The food is tasty and the portions are large.

We listened to good songs, and danced, and sang in unison, we hadn’t enjoyed ourselves for a long time.

If you want to sit in a calmer atmosphere, book tables on the second floor.

I advise everyone to visit this place.

Today was in Glavpivtorg. As before, everything remained very good, only, unfortunately, there were no places in the library. On the first floor, Natalia served, very attentive, she clearly changed the dishes when they finished with the previous one, but there wasn’t more than one cigarette in the ashtray.

Thanks her. Very pleasant impression. It would not be bad for the waitresses to keep their spirits on their heads, but this has nothing to do with excellent service and delicious food.

Thanks again.

Yesterday we visited this restaurant! I really liked it! Kind administrators and waiters! We were served by Natalya, the good girl). I was able to advise us what to eat when we were confused about the great choice of food. Very tasty food, gave us a lot of joy)) I recommend everyone to visit this restaurant! I assure you to be satisfied.

I visit the restaurant for the second time making sure that the staff treats the guests in an inappropriate way very rudely. I came with my daughter, a girl serving us Julia would have seemed to be friendly, but then hell began. tea and compote for a daughter were carried for about 30 minutes. Not to mention hot dishes .. it was because of such waiters that one gets the impression that they are in a hurry not to feed them, but to tear off money from them. and the most interesting ice cream is already melted.

I visit the restaurant many times and I am very impressed with it, and I recommend to my friends that the dishes are always very tasty and the atmosphere is quite impressive, but as the saying goes, the waiters are a bit rude! the third time I get to the restaurant and waiter Aigul serves me. all requests were ignored; it was an impression that this self-service restaurant had to be asked for by a completely different officer because Aigul left and disappeared .. in front of friends it was very embarrassing since I recommended them to your restaurant.

Convenient territorial location of the restaurant and the proposed menu + reviews of friends and their own impressions about visiting this restaurant = the decision to hold a meeting of friends in the «Glavpivtorg.» Thank you for the pleasant atmosphere and delicious food! Smiling, attentive, helpful waiters and (this is important!) Unobtrusive appeared exactly when the need arose.

Very beautiful presentation of food, the quality and taste of food is quite worthy.

Our hot was cooked (!), And not pulled out of the microwave — for this special thanks!

Yes, from my husband — the beer was fresh! The only significant disadvantage is the lack of a hostess.

We express the wish of the restaurant management to work in this direction, because the hostess is the face of the restaurant. Special thanks to the waitress named Lyubov (she worked on April 21 in the Secretariat room). Professional and high-quality work of the girl was impressed.


Not so long ago you were at your restaurant, I liked everything very much, the food is super, especially the crab salad. who recommended us of-ka Oksana, a professional with a capital letter. The interior is very thought out to the smallest detail bravo.

We of-ka conducted a tour of all the rooms, in general, thanks for a wonderful evening.

the other day were in the restaurant glavpivtorg innrier very much liked the first time the cuisine was very tasty. but the presentation of the dishes lasted a very long time the waiter explained that they had a request to report napkins to the waiter, the waiter smiled sweetly but did not bring the napkins. As far as we know the girls of the east are very friendly, but this does not apply to the waiter Aigul. the request to approach answered rudely. I don’t want to leave such a waiter and a tip

Good day! Unfortunately, you did not indicate your name. Thank you for the comment, your opinion is very important to us.

We apologize for what happened in the restaurant. Could you leave your contact details or contact us at tel. 8-903-779-29-82 Best regards, Restaurant Manager Smirnov Dmitry

From the moment of opening, Glavpivtorg was on top. I, as well as my comrades, often visited it, of course, there were also jambs at the administration, but in order to substitute beer and cheated for 650 rubles, this began to happen regularly.

In the book of complaints and suggestions we left our comments already 4 times. In general, I do not advise you to spoil the evening there.

Celebrated girlfriend’s birthday "the library". The decor is very pleasant, the waiters are polite, the music is gorgeous.

The food is quite tasty, but the quantity tends to a minimum. A very long time trying to interrogate the water. Found out the postscripts in the bill: a dish that we did not order and 8. bottles of wine for 5 low-drinking women (men drank beer and also a little).

Apparently, it is so accepted here. We did not spoil our mood, but the conclusions were made.

Well, you’re so vain. good restaurant !! You can get to the bottom of everything. everywhere!! And the girl Xenia is very friendly, we often come, she is very sweet, always smiling, she saw how she communicates with others, also very politely. the kitchen is also good, of course not ice, well, after all)

There was the USSR Ministry of the Automotive Industry, not the Ministry of Road Transport.

A sovok canteen remade in the restaurant.

Yes. came and realized that the restaurant (if I may say so: DIED), the waiters are rude, mostly the girl Elvira, if I’m not mistaken? That was the name of the waitress, she speaks very rudely and, without listening to her, leaves. A big negative from the restaurant staff, it always seems that they are tired of everything here or something else. Dear leaders! We kindly ask you, if you hire people, then let them be of Slavic appearance, otherwise a non-Russian citizen comes to the RUSSIAN RESTAURANT and speaks illiterately, this is a big minus.

My advice to visitors: “Do you want to have a good time? Anywhere, but not in GlavPivTorg, you have already seen this for the third time, but do not believe come and see for yourself!

Was recently in this restaurant and left a negative impression.

Called a restaurant to order a place.

I rudely answered a girl named Ksenia that there is not and will not be.

After a while I arrived there were no places for us, although we observed how others saw off and waited. we did not even try to look for free tables. I will not come to this restaurant anymore and I do not advise you to serve a very large staff turnover there for a very long time. Because of this, a lot of new people who can not cope with work.

I was with friends in your establishment, everything is very wonderful, your waiter Alexander is a real ass of his business, such as he needs to be searched in all restaurants in Moscow, a great guy, apparently with a lot of experience, after reading reviews about the restaurant (they don’t scare me go to make sure) my friends and I were very, very excited about all of our time-pastime.

Thank you and Thanks to your employee Alexander, I will advise others and come back to you! GOOD LUCK.





Yesterday I visited this Moscow restaurant at the invitation of a friend who decided to celebrate his birthday in this restaurant for the second year in a row. The quality of the work of the waiters, service, music — no questions, everything was at a high enough level. However, I would like to draw your attention to completely blatant facts related to the work of the hall / restaurant manager and her accomplices — security officers.

I am absolutely sure that these actions are not authorized by top management, but are nothing more than "Lokhovskaya layout", calculated on the fact that drunken guests will not pay attention to the fact that the sum of their account is about $ 1,000 above the objectively necessary. I present only the facts: 1) Time: around 23:00 03/19/10, hall "Library", the hall manager is a girl 2) The essence of the conflict: an additional 28,000 (.) rubles were entered into the amount of our account.

For a reasonable question for what, it was answered that we, it turns out, broke two lamps at the rate of 18,000 + 10,000 rubles 3) Clarification is evidence: unconditionally given "wiring" It was designed primarily for the fact that drunken guests will not pay attention to an increase in the bill by nearly $ 1,000.

However, the guys were unlucky — in our company there were girls who drank very little and this "additive" they had reasonable questions about the bill.

Naturally, "breeding" I had to defend, i.e. try to prove the validity of the losses — the amount of the account After a reasonable demand to present property that was damaged, we were told that we had been destroyed (my term — that is, caused damage, precluding further use of the property for its intended purpose), a desk lamp and a lampshade from a wall lamp in the above-mentioned hall, only 18,000+ 10,000 rubles.

I leave out of the box how much it should cost at market prices — it is clear that it is an order of magnitude less, I only appeal to the point: the incandescent lamp burned out at the desk lamp (max price is 150 rubles) and, according to the manager, brass fittings were deformed.

To the question when the incandescent lamp began to cost 18,000 rubles, there was no answer.

After straightening reinforcement "on the knee" and replacing the lamp with a similar one from another luminaire, which in principle did not make sense, since the lamp did not differ from the others, of which there is a great multitude in the hall, they excluded 18,000 rubles from our account.

When asked to show the rest of the damage for 10,000 rubles, they brought me to a wall lamp, turned its lampshade (i.e., the damaged part was facing the wall.) And said that we did all this and that this fact was recorded by a video camera.

At this stage, to "disassembly", the guard was connected, who apparently expected that "strength of his face" will help to eliminate all further questions. So we were told that in case of our refusal to pay the bill (ie, plus 10,000 rubles), the police would be called in to draw up a protocol, etc. He (manager + security guard) was told at least 5 times that we are waiting for the police and that we will pay for the lampshade only on the basis of a court decision, i.e. after proving our guilt.

4) Decoupling: after about 30 minutes, the management stated that "no complaints to us", there will be no police and we can pay the bill "at par"i.e. without premium "on suckers". That’s all.

Then I suggest you decide for yourself whether to go to this restaurant or not, and if you decide to go, keep in mind the need to control the situation until the last minute.

I visit different restaurants in Glavpivtorg 3-4 times a month.

Paint what a good or bad restaurant will not. But there have never been any incidents, the service is not chic, but it can be worse. The kitchen is very tasty.

If you don’t like something, why go?

Going to a new institution I never read reviews because they are always subjective. About good rarely write and for the most part their

The only positive reviews can be given only about the style of the restaurant. Although, if we talk about toilets, it seems that they were delivered straight from the terry USSR — only granny is missing, with a roll around his neck, unwinding of an economy piece for 5 rubles. Well, and so. dishes — on fours with a minus, waiters are boorish, which I do not like and advise everyone of the same.

In short, nothing special.

It is better, of course, to choose some other place.

Glavpivtorg spoiled completely. Sleepy clubs at the entrance, kind of dissatisfied, then everything is in the same vein: waiters live their lives, nedozoveshsya it d. Prices rose, the quality of food and service do not absolutely match

Positive feedback on Glavpivtorg is now written exclusively by its employees. Previously — yes, it was a good place. But — alas, every year the service changed for the worse.

Six months ago, my wife was poisoned in this place. The next day I came to a restaurant, went to the management, wanted to convey information in a correct form, hoped for understanding (they used to love this place), the result was barking, getting nasty.

Read reviews in reviews "guest" about this, allegedly blamed fake vodka, a cat. brought with them. Like this!

Rudeness continues.

Having read reviews, I doubted whether to go there, but nevertheless decided. We celebrated it there on March 8th.

Loved it!

The food is delicious!

I still remember the leg of lamb — so tender, with Provencal herbs, slyly baked under some kind of crust.

Nowhere is this not eaten. Rabbit is also super. Nice atmosphere, good service.

Exactly what is needed!

Of the minuses — a little expensive.

Eh, Glavpivtorg, there used to be a wonderful restaurant, but it was earlier. I’ve been visiting him for a year already. I liked everything, and the kitchen, and beer, and most importantly the service. because in my opinion, the service is the face of the restaurant. but Glavpivtorg sharply lost it in 2010. It was at the end of November with friends. Everything was great, the girls worked so cute and smiling, even managed to joke with us. Gone in a pleasant mood, in a great mood. and now, after the New Year holidays, we decided to go with friends to this beautiful place (according to my advice). I advertised it to my friends so much that they simply could not refuse me. and here we come. I am terrified. the waitress came up to me with such a face, as if I was somehow deprived (although I know about 10 percent and always leave even more), and then everything went wrong. the dish was prepared for a long time, I forgot about bread at all, well, in general, the mood was terribly spoiled. and the most interesting thing is that I walked around the restaurant and did not see a single waiter’s friend ((((I felt very ashamed in front of my friends. I’ll never go to this restaurant again and advise my friends, even though I loved it very much before. yes , let the kitchen stay at the same level, but the service is zero, along with the cheapest roadside cafe, so that the management of the cupola think about the correctness of the staff, but rather try to keep really good waiters, otherwise you will lose all regular guests.

Hello Uv. Restaurant guests.

I want to tell you about my trip to the Moscow restaurant Glavpivtorg !! The fact is that 05,01,2010g. I celebrated my anniversary with my friends there — 25 years). The company has gathered a good, but small.

There should have been a total of 16 people, but 14 came, 6 of them left 2 hours after the start of the event (it started at 16-00). The entire banquet, on request, with food, drinks and drinks at this company (the proportions were met!) Cost 47,000 rubles.

I immediately paid (before the banquet) 50,000 tons of rubles, because I wanted a reserve, all of a sudden the guests would order something more than that! Well, we sang, we walked — in general we celebrated 25 years. By the end of the evening, when everyone had already started to disperse, I asked the waitresses: “I don’t have to do anything?” I thought so, because none of the guests had ordered anything more than a latte and cola, and I was absolutely sure that I had invested in your reserve !!

But everything turned out to be much cooler — they brought me a bill for another 17850 rubles.

I was shocked! We did not order anything. They told me that we drank a lot of vodka, wine and fruit drink!

Morse 13 liters, vodka -5 bottles (0.7 l) and 11 bottles of wine. Please note, as it was said earlier, many of the guests dispersed even before the beginning of live music, sober, because they had to fly. As a result, there were three boys and five girls.

And we drank it all. Although according to the contract we ordered 3 bottles of vodka, 4 bottles of wine and 4 liters of fruit drink, And we also did not see water on the table. The thing was that I naturally refused to pay, and they called the police.

They wrote a statement to me in the department and dispersed. I don’t know how it will end, but 13 liters of juice is too much, and five girls could not drink 11 bottles of wine, so much liquid can’t be physically drunk.

And, I was also not allowed to take food. Thanks to them for the Anniversary !! (((

The best restaurant in Moscow.

The staff is wonderful, all the girls working in the service staff are beautiful and friendly. The kitchen is very original and tasty! And those who are poisoned, you do not bring cheap vodka with you, you can avoid poisoning! The management of this establishment is very competent and competent! I will walk and walk always in glavpivtorg.

I liked to visit very much, we were always happy with the anticipation of the visit. walked, drank, were fully satisfied. but not yesterday. The place not only deteriorated, it really brought me back at that time, which the designers tried to recreate in the interior: the restaurant begins with a toilet, if not twisted sanitary facilities with current toilets (it’s impossible to get used to that extent in the era), cheap toilet paper ( not always available), dirt, untidy waiters. and menu.

It almost has not changed, some dishes are not, but it does not matter.

They brought us food that had just left the microwavings. it was noticeable and not tasty! I was very disappointed in the institution and will not go there anymore, although I went there for about 6 years

Poisoning in Glavpivtorg something new. maybe you drank your vodka?

We go periodically there. everything happened, but there was never any poisoning and rudeness on the part of the leadership. In general, the restaurant is not bad, sometimes the truth is not very waiters. and so we went and we will walk

Recently went to a restaurant Glavpivtorg and lost control. Evening was spoiled, called an ambulance!

Poisoned borshch from the general menu.

I didn’t like the taste of borscht right away, but I still managed to try it. The next day I was not lazy and came to the restaurant, I wanted to get an explanation. Previously, they loved this restaurant (my husband worked in the area), often went and repeatedly ordered decent banquets.

We remember how this place was opened in the place of boring Angleterre. Unfortunately, a tendency has been observed every year — prices are increasing, the quality is noticeably decreasing. I know other people who have poisoned themselves in Glavpivtorg!

I wanted to talk to the management, hoping for understanding. I communicated with a certain girl, (introduced myself as a director and hostess).

Attention is her answer: "Girl, we serve 700 people a day, and no one is poisoning, it is clear that our kitchen does not suit you, there are a lot of restaurants at Lubyanka — go there!" Opinion about Glavpivtorg: zazhralis, inflated prices, scored on the service and the kitchen. While they still go: a good location and a good concept of the institution, but. I would not advise you to risk it :)))

Very wonderful place!

The kitchen is great.

Hi chef!

I walked, walked and will walk.

Pal Palych!

Kicked out — you can walk!

Although nothing, he’s not a bad one!

I used to love this place very much, but last year it began to change only for the worse. The service is terrible, the staff ate to move, bring something they did not order, and what they ordered had to wait on duty.

And they began to attribute to the bill what we didn’t see on the table at all. If this continues, you will lose all the old visitors and you will not get new ones. By the way, the food became worse.

We are no longer walkers, and I do not advise you.

Good afternoon, Glavpivtorg!

Please review your policy. When ordering tables for the New Year, it was agreed that about 4,000 rubles would be spent per person. and if the amount does not reach this figure, the account is revised. However, your brazen extortion of money, simply blatant theft from customers simply shocked.

With an account of 56 thousand rubles. we were forced to get up to 80 thousand rubles, saying that if we do not choose the amount, then we will be included in the banquet room services (sorry, what services? In addition to us, there was another event in this room, so this is just an ordinary presentation with your side seats), as well as deduct money for a concert. However, in the agreement with you, we did not order any concert programs, it was solely your idea, for which we were not obliged to pay. But, as a result, the evening was spoiled and everyone’s mood was appropriate.

It is clear that every entrepreneur dreams to cash in on the client, and you try to rise to the level of an intelligent pub.

With best regards!

I was horrified by the three-digit Stolovskoy service in this eatery.

The owners of the restaurant, drive into the neck of the manager Yaroslav, can not establish the service and quality of food.

Do not expel him in the neck — it means you will be bankrupt.

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