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Beer for women

Women drink beer is not as active as men.

But they drink.

And with the invention of special varieties for the weaker sex, the share of fans of a foamy drink is rapidly increasing.

  • Beers that are produced specifically for women, as a rule, are less caloric than men, — almost always with a pathos on the bottle label. True, we should not forget that lovers of foamy drink are becoming stout in the first place not from him, but from numerous snacks (forcing, in addition, to order all new beers). Nuremberg sausages-rosterbrotherwürst with stewed cabbage and svichkova on sour cream with dumplings — for the sake of this yummy and the figure does not mind!
  • Female beer is usually sweeter than male beer — often by adding sugar to the ready-made drink.
  • The most important criterion of «femininity» of beer is its mild taste. A drink for the beautiful half of humanity should not be too strong: the German «double side» (Double bock) or the British «imperial stout» (Imperial stout) many ladies are likely to get round. The optimal strength of women’s beer is 3-4 °, not more. There are special women’s options with a strength of 1 °, but this beer is not too different from non-alcoholic.
  • And one more “female” rule: the less bitterness the beer, the better. Therefore, there is little hops in it — it is he who is responsible for the bitterness of traditional male varieties.
  • Most of the female beers contain flavors: apple, lime, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, a variety of spicy mixtures classified in the laboratories of breweries. Such a «spicy» alcohol is not at all newfangled: it has been brewed with spices in Europe for a long time.
  • Interestingly, in the production of some female types of beer using champagne technology. Speaking of «champagne», we, of course, mean champagne in the «Soviet» style, and not the old French method of «champenoise». The result is not very similar to beer, but there are plenty of fun bubbles!
  • In the ladies’ world, grace and glamor reign the ball, so it is of paramount importance. bottle decoration. As a rule, a bottle of women’s beer is decorated with a characteristic embossed pattern on the glass. In other cases, there is a label in pink. Grumpy? Well, apparently, manufacturers are referring to potential customers with a slightly different taste than yours.
  • The volume of the bottle also matters. Very often this is a modest 0.33 l, rather than half a pound of brutal. However, we know from experience: the last rule does not apply to Bavaria. There to drink less than 0.5 liters is considered indecent — that men, that women. With tradition, as you know, you can not argue!
  • Many ladies prefer to drink beer from elegant transparent glasses and glasses, rather than from rough mugs (you see, any woman looks not very feminine with a liter mug of thick glass). And this is very good: thanks to the height and transparency of the glasses, you can observe the movement of the bubbles — experts and thus judge the quality of the drink.

If you are interested in traditional styles, try Belgian wheat ale, German white Weissbier or british sweet Sweet stout.

If you want something original, order apple beer — this drink is a kind of hybrid of beer and cider.

Or in the Mexican style: beer with lime, as well as with other citrus. A great option — Kriek: delicate cherry lambic, a traditional drink originally from Belgium.

By the way, it is intended not only for women — Kriek perfect for a romantic dinner.

Belgium also produces other fruit lambics, such as raspberry Frambozen.

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