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Beef tenderloin: how to choose and prepare meat

Tell me, what is the most «problem-free» piece of beef? Surely your answer is — tenderloin.

This is so and not so.

Let’s try to figure it out.

Cutting — This is a long muscle from the inside of the back. She goes along the spine and is positioned so that she practically does not need to do anything.

That is, this muscle is completely untrained, which ensures its softness and tenderness when cooked.

But only if you cook it correctly. Unfortunately, you can spoil any piece of beef, even the finest.

The tenderloin goes on sale in a fully or partially “cleaned-up” form, as the butchers and cooks say. This means that all tendons and all or almost all films have been removed from the meat.

On the one hand, it is convenient — no need to spend time preparing the piece.

On the other hand, the meat devoid of all the protective layers loses moisture much faster, which means it is very easy to dry it when cooking.

Remember: any piece of meat before cooking must be brought to room temperature.

The piece that you just took out of the refrigerator will not be evenly prepared: it will overheat on the surface, inside it will remain completely cold and damp — and this will not be the degree of roasting bleu, which presupposes a moist but completely heated middle and a delicate crispy crust.

How to distinguish a fake from the real cutting?

Because tenderloin considered the most valuable part, resourceful and not very honest sellers sell to the so-called inexperienced buyer false cutter.

The flesh from the inside of the leg or from the scapula looks very similar to a tenderloin.

But in reality it is tough meat.

At present clippings there must be a so-called «head» — cone-shaped pieces of flesh at the base from two sides. You can sell the tenderloin already without a head, which, on the one hand, is more economical, since the meat in the head is tougher, but at the same time it will be more difficult for you to make sure that it is just a tenderloin. In this case, the price can still be wound with this cut-off part.

On the tenderloin must be film.

On the false film will never be.

Note that the meat is cut loose, with large fibers, unlike meat with feet or scapula.

How to cut home beef tenderloin?

Put the meat on the worktop or board with the film up.

Cut the pulp of the head in different directions, exposing the film.

Insert the edge of the knife under the film from the edge.

Hold the knife flat and cut the film along the entire length, pressing the knife against the meat.

Try to remove the film in one continuous motion.

Repeat with the remaining pieces of film, if necessary.

Separate the thin end of the tenderloin with a knife — the so-called «tail» about 4–5 cm long. The “tail” is usually cut across the fibers into small thin langues (thickness 1–1.5 cm), which roast literally instantly.

Cut off «Head». It can be used for steaks, finely chopped for beef stroganova or Stirfry, Can i
cook from it Tartarus.

What is left is called a steak cut.

You can cut it on steaks (2.5–3 cm thick) or medallions (thickness 1.5–2 cm).

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