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Beaujolais — product description on

The Burgundian subregion of Beaujolais is a real kingdom of grapes.

Vineyards here cover with greenery the entire surface of the hills, protected from the wet and cold westerly winds by the Beaujolais mountains.

The main grape variety in Beaujolais is black game with white juice (game noir a jus blanc, gamay noir à jus blanc), from which all red wines of Beaujolais are produced here. In this region, a special vinification method is used — from whole grapes, which allows to produce exquisite wines that preserve the taste of fresh grapes (with notes of flowers and red fruits). Harvested only by hand: whole grapes are folded into a vat without separating the ridges and squeezing.

Rare white wines (only 1% of the total number of Beaujolais wines) are made from Chardonnay grapes.

Of all the beaujolais wines most known Beaujolais Nouveau (Beaujolais Nouveau) — young, light, gentle.

A cheerful feast of the young Beaujolais is celebrated every year on the third Thursday of November.

There are 12 appellations in Beaujolais — Beaujolais, Beaujolais Village and ten communal ones.

Vineyards of appellation Beaujolais (AOC Beaujolais) located in the south, on clay-lime soils.

It produces red wines with a fresh, fruity aroma that are drunk young, without aging.

Vineyards of appellation Beaujolais village (AOC Beaujolais-Villages) sprawled slightly north on granite soils.

The wines here are more tart and less light than in the appellation of Beaujolais.

They are stored in a bottle for one or two years.

On the granite and slate soils of Upper Beaujolais, ten vineyards of ten communal appellations with cru status are spread. On these soils, Gamet grapes reveal all the richness of their potential.

The local red wines are endowed with a rich, refined and delicate aroma, can be stored for three to five years (depending on the cru).

Different location, properties of soil and microclimate give each of the ten crews of Beaujolais their own unique character.

Saint-Amour (AOC Saint-Amour) — the northernmost of all ten cru Beaujolais. The soil here is extremely stony and clayey. the wine of this zone is exquisite and beautiful, with a powerful aroma of raspberries, wild garlic and red cherries.

It tastes full, soft and harmonious.

Julien (AOC Juliénas) — a vineyard located on the northern top of Upper Beaujolais, where granite gives up its rights to deeper, more clayey soils.

Julien’s wine is a deep ruby ​​color. Its noble bouquet combines floral (peony) and fruit (strawberry, currant) flavors.

This is a rich noble wine.

Shena (AOC Chénas) — the smallest vineyard of Beaujolais, owes its name to the numerous oaks that grow around the vineyards (Chênas — oak).

The wine from Shena has a fruity, spicy aroma.

In the mouth it is soft and balanced.

Fleury (AOC Fleurie) — vineyard with granite soils. This wine smells like iris, violet and rose.

Floral aroma, subtle velvety tannins and a beautiful purple color make it one of the best Beaujolis wines with a pronounced "female" character.

Shirubl (AOC Chiroubles) — vineyards nestling in a kind of granite circus arena, which is located at an altitude of 400 meters.

Shirubl — a beautiful pomegranate-colored wine with a floral aroma (violet, peony) and a subtle, extremely refined taste.

Morgon (AOC Morgon) — vineyard located on shale soils — gives a noble wine, the aroma of which resembles cherry, plum, peach. It gradually takes shape after four to five years of aging, acquiring a powerful aroma of raspberry and cherry liqueur.

Reaching fully, this wine, as expressed by the locals, "blinks".

Rainier (AOC Régnié) It is considered the tenth Beaujolais appellation since 1988.

Rainier wine has a delicate taste, aroma of currant and raspberry, a beautiful ruby ​​color.

In power, it approaches Morgon.

Bruyi (AOC Brouilly) — the southernmost and longest of the Bozholese appellations of the status of cru.

Wine Bruyi recalls the taste of fresh bunches of grapes, plums, blueberries.

Cote de Bruyi (AOC Сôtes de Brouilly) — vineyards located on the sloping slopes of Mount Bruji, on solid granite and slate soils of green.

Wine from Côtes de Bruilly — rich, with the smell of red fruits, more concentrated than Bruilly (due to the good visibility of the slopes).

We add that a little south of Beaujolais, almost on the outskirts of the city of Lyon, is a small independent wine-making region Coto du lionne (AOC Côteaux du Lyonnais), where from grapes game produce red wines with fruit taste.

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