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Beaujolais in Moscow restaurants

Beaujolais in Moscow restaurants. Restaurants Geraldine, Alpenglück, To Hunting, Carre Blanc, Moscow, Attic, Real Food Restaurant, Remy, Beef Steakhouse & Reef, Café The Mos, LeninGrad Club, Discovery Club, Knefi Cafe, city café On the Stairs, Presnya Cafe

Recently, in the metropolitan restaurants began to celebrate the new November holiday.

Celebrating fun, in a big way, and most importantly — in French.

Speech, as you probably guessed, is about the holiday Beaujolais nouveauabout.

This is a feast of young wine Beaujolais.

Wine beaujolais produced in the eponymous region of Burgundy from grape varieties game.

Moreover, the term «Beaujolais» refers to the «serious» wines with a complex taste (the so-called Cru de Beaujolais), and simple, but fantastically popular Beaujolais nouveau.

Feast of young Beaujolais — the day when this wine appears in the menu of restaurants and on store shelves, — is celebrated around the world on the third Thursday of November. And in the homeland of the famous drink, in the town of Bozho, the first bottle is opened exactly at midnight — after the twelfth strike of the bell of the church of St. Nicholas.

A week before the holiday, bright posters with the inscription are hung out in cafes and restaurants. “Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!” (“Beaujolais Nouveau has arrived!”).

Note that Beaujolais Nouveau can not stand. Exposure not only does not improve the Beaujolais nouveau, on the contrary, with age it becomes worse, so it is better to drink it before Christmas and certainly not later than Easter next year.

Serve Beaujolais Nouveau should be cooled to 12-14ºC.

A variety of dishes are suitable for it, but the French prefer meat, snacks and cheeses most of all — it’s better than local production, for example, goat cabrion or non-sharp seshon.

In which Moscow restaurants you can take a sample from the wine of the new crop, read our review.

November 19th at Café The Most will pass Feast of young wine.

One of the traditions Café The Most — to celebrate with a holiday a new harvest of grapes, by which one can determine what to expect from other wines of this year.

This year in the Café The Most during the festival will perform a group of copyright and French songs.

The name of the Kreda quartet (accordion, violin, kahon, bass) is translated from Polish as “Mel”. “We draw our music ourselves,” say the musicians.

Sommelier of the evening will solemnly open the bottle Beaujolais Nouveau and announce Feast of young wine. At the request of the guests, the sommelier will come to the table and accompany the tasting with stories about wine.

The main drink of the evening will be Beaujolais «Primeur» Louis Jadot.

If classic Beaujolais Nouveau need to drink in the first 6-9 months after the release, then Beaujolais «Primeur» You can enjoy in a year and two — it does not lose its qualities.

Restaurant Chef Regis Trigel Will offer a special menu «French Charm», which will include dishes that are traditional for the holiday Beaujolais Nouveau in France.

Start holiday at 21:00.

November 18 restaurant Alpengluk invites guests to celebrate their birthday and the new wine year in the French style.

The program includes live music in the French style, a raffle from the restaurant, surprises and gifts.

The chef will present a special menu of French cuisine.

A sparkling young wine Beaujolais and friendly friendly staff will give a good mood.

Steak house Biff & Reef waiting for guests on holiday of young wine, which this year begins on November 18th.

The steakhouse chef invites you to try Beaujolais Nouveau with duck breast carpaccio.

Holiday Beaujolais Nouveau at Discovery will begin on November 18 at 19.00.

The whole evening in the club will create a good mood Moscow jazz trio SALOON JAZZ BAND.

Delicious compliments from the chef and a special French menu await guests.

In the restaurant To hunt Feast of Beaujolais will take place, as it should be, on November 18th.

In the program of the evening: a tasting of young wine of the new harvest, real French music, live sound.

Beginning at 20.00.

Free admission.

In the club Leningrad November 20 will be held Disco night Beaujolais nouveau — festival of young wine.
Guests waiting enchanting performance of the dance group.

The holiday atmosphere will be supported by incendiary Disco rhythms.

And the DJs of the club will not let you sit on the spot under your favorite disco hits of the 80s and 90s!

Collection of guests at 21.00.

The club operates FC and DC.

A restaurant Remy invites you to the feast of young wine Bozhele Nouveau, which this year begins on November 18th.

Especially on the occasion of the celebration in the menu are presented dishes that are most combined with young wine.

This is a salad Landez — roasted duck breast and foie gras on frises and arugula on lettuce leaves; fillet of beef, stuffed with foie gras and mushroom puree, baked in a leaf of savoy cabbage; cheese treifl — a delicate Roquefort cheese mousse with pear puree.

Beaujolais Nouveau will arrive at Real Food Restaurant November 18th!

Beaujolais Nouveau (Beaujolais Nouveau) 750 ml — 750 rubles
Beaujolais Nouveau (Beaujolais Nouveau) 150 ml — 150 rubles

This year, hotel guests Crowne Plaza Moscow World Trade Center will be among the first to enjoy the charming aromas of strawberries, bananas and cherries, as well as appreciate the fresh, fruity taste of the new wine of the new harvest in the restaurant RFR.

According to the chef Real Food Restaurant, best of all young wine is combined with such specialties of the restaurant RFR like barbeque duck breast with fruit konkose and Porto Rubi sauce, as well as rib-ai steak made from Australian marbled beef.

Since November 18, the restaurant is a cafe-bar-club. Attic invites to celebrate celebration young wine Beaujolais Nouveau.

For a whole week it will turn into a corner of France, where all the guests will be able to taste the young Beaujolais.

Like any holiday, Beaujolais Nouveau not without gifts.

November 18th at The attic will perform JAZZ DANCE ORCHESTRA. This is a jazz band that unites lovers of swing, boogie-woogie, jive and funk in a single enchanting interactive dance show.

In the musical collection Jazz Dance Orchestra there is the cream of the American big band era of the 30s-40s — the hits of Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller and his own author compositions.

The musicians have added a bit of jazz to the music of Modern Talking, Ace of Base, and even very distant from jazz by Mika and Alex Gaudino.

Welcome to themed Saturday brunches of the Moscow restaurant.

In November it is a brunch Beaujolais nouveau, where will be exquisite French cuisine, as well as a variety of wines.

Guests are offered a rich selection of buffet dishes, as well as drinks without restriction.

For children — a special menu and a game room.

For adults, as usual, a music program and a lottery.

Brunches Beaujolais Nouveau will take place on November 20 and 27, from 13.00 to 20.00.

Cost: 2200 rubles per person, 1100 rubles for children of 6-12 years old, free of charge for children up to 6 years.

Since November 18, 2010 cafe Knefi invites everyone to join the World Beaujolais Nouveau holiday.

Come with friends to a cafe for a tasting of Beaujolais.

Beaujolais Nouveau holiday here will be held November 18, 2010.

Beginning — at 18.00.

The holiday of Beaujolais is an occasion for everyone to meet in the restaurant Karre Blanc for dinner with delicious food and great wine.

November 18 City Café On the Staircase invites all their friends to take part in honoring the young French wine.

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