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Basiron cheese

This week, Julia Andreyanova felt herself as the heroine of the popular Krylov’s fable: she was sent cheese!

More precisely, just two cheeses — green and red Baziron.

The very first to paint cheese with the help of sauces invented in Italian Genoa. A plate of multicolored cheeses was one of the traditional dishes recommended by restaurant guides.

And in 2006, the Dutch cheese-makers produced the first industrial batch of cheese painted with herbs and tomatoes. Green has the most expressive taste, with bright notes of pesto sauce.

Red is more tender, although its tomato flavor surrenders under the onslaught of oregano.

Baziron It is made from pasteurized cow’s milk using the same technology as Gouda cheese.

Cow’s milk is mixed with leaven and rennet, and then green is added (basil with garlic) or red (oregano with garlic and tomatoes) sauce.

This mass is swirled, it is heated and thick fragments are collected.

Then they are washed, molded and put under the press to squeeze the whole serum.

Hardened cheese heads are put in a pickle for a few days.

After parting with the brine and drying the cheese for almost a whole year is placed in the storage, where 90% humidity and temperature is maintained around 12 degrees.

It turns out cheese with small round «eyes«, To taste and texture is very similar to solid goat, with a fat content of about 50%.

Baziron very fragrant. An ordinary sandwich with a small piece of green cheese turns into a delicious snack.

With children, you can play cheese traffic lights, cutting circles from ordinary yellow cheese and from cheer-colored color cheeses.

And if you rub the basiron on the macaroni, then you get an elegant bright green pasta al-pesto.

Baziron Pesto cheese, 1640 rubles / kg; Baziron Pesto Rosso cheese (red), 1730 rub./kg

“I was born on June 21, the longest day of the year, on the same day as Prince William. I have two red diplomas. I speak five languages ​​- Russian, English, Italian, French and Ukrainian, like my grandmother.

I managed to work in various companies, and as a result I chose what I get great pleasure from: throwing words, catching them and putting them into sentences. I am lucky and I have a great intuition.

I can cook, embroider, drive a car. I love Chekhov’s stories more than anything else; I am lazy and tasty to eat.

I almost always manage to combine these three pleasures. ”

First sample:


The search for tasty bread brought Yulia Andreyanova to a Moscow bakery where they make bird cherry bread.

Breadcake — title reveals secrets..

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Seven year old rice

In search of rice for the correct risotto, Yulia Andreyanova traveled all over Moscow. Not found. Helped out by friends: Yulia was given a gift of her dreams!

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Linen porridge

Those who have tried flaxseed oil at least once know that it smells very unpleasant.

But persistent nutritionists suggest adding it to a salad for anyone who wants to live long and vigorously..

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Mexican cucumber

Yulya Andreyanova penetrated the Vietnamese market in Moscow and found there a lot of delicious things.

For example, Mexican cucumbers, similar to.

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Apricot butter

What is apricot oil and what is it eaten with?

And do they eat?

It is known that it can be bought in a pharmacy in 25 ml bottles for skin care.

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