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Banana cheesecakes, step by step recipe with photos

  • bananas — 2 pcs.
  • egg — 1 pc.
  • flour — 100 g
  • sugar — 100 g
  • vegetable oil — 50 ml
  • baking powder — 1 tsp.
  • cottage cheese — 500 g
  • breading flour

Children like vanilla cheesecakes. And if you add a little orange peel, taste them.

What primarily comes to mind at the word "cottage cheese"?

Of course, cheesecakes! Cooking them easier.

When buying a pack of cottage cheese at the store, we fully rely on integrity.

Cottage cheese cheesecakes are easy to cook, there are no tricks: mix a pound of cottage cheese, one thing.

Fresh cottage cheese goes well with many products: sugar, cocoa, tomatoes, salt, raisins,.

Bananas are good not only by themselves, they make excellent dishes and desserts. Fruit Salads,.

I got it, tried it, very tasty straight fingers you will lick, hot, watery inside, a little cool, perfect. I changed my mind with my husband to share)

Just fry&# 128523; Very tasty, though with sugar per 400 g of cottage cheese there was a bust&# 127849;



It is not enough — sprinkle, but it is better to squeeze the cottage cheese, flour coarsens the dough.

Flour is not enough, it seems

Cheese cakes are very simple and fast. Fabulously tasty turn out!

Thanks for the recipe!

Thanks for the recipe, it’s delicious.

Thanks for the recipe, it’s delicious.

Is that raw and raw, or just wet with cottage cheese and banana? The next time you do this: put all the fried cheesecakes in the pan, where they were prepared, pour a little boiling water from the kettle and immediately close the lid. Be careful not to burn yourself with steam!

Then cook at minimum heat for 7-10 minutes, cheesecakes will be steamed inside.

I do this with any cheesecakes.


For some reason, my cheesecakes with bananas did not work out, the crust is beautiful, and the dough is raw inside. If you can tell me where my mistake is (prepared everything following the recipe).

Thank you in advance.

Thanks so much for the recipe. Really elementary, fast and very tasty!

Sprinkled with powdered sugar. Husband and son were eating for both cheeks :)))))

Thank you, well, very tasty! My boys really liked it, especially if you pour chocolate syrup and sour cream.

Thanks for the recipe, the cheesecakes turned out great! I added half a teaspoon of cinnamon) my sister, who could not stand cheesecakes, was delighted!)

Hello, for the canadian guest.

I’m using cottage cheese with no problem. good luck.

I wonder what happens.

With bananas have not tried.

Cottage cheese can be made at home from milk and kefir. Boil 3 liters of milk in a saucepan, pour in a liter of kefir and turn off the stove. Next, fold the cottage cheese on 3 layers of cheesecloth and hang over the pan to the glass liquid.

It usually takes 5-8 hours, but it depends on what consistency you want to get cottage cheese. The higher the fat content of milk, the more it turns out curd.

Ideally, you need to take homemade village milk, but you can also at the store, the main thing is that the milk be natural without adding dry milk.

Good luck!

Vmesto tvoroga mozhno ispol’zovat ‘ricotta, t.e. ital’janskij tvorog, kot., ja dumaju, prodajetsja vo vsem mire.

In milk, add calcium chloride from the pharmacy.

Cottage cheese itself is formed when heated.

Delicious. Many thanks for the recipe.

I live in Canada and it is difficult for me to find our cottage cheese.

Tell me, what can replace our cottage cheese?

good recipe! with bananas have not tried cooking cheesecakes. thank

I cook cheesecakes often, but I found this recipe by chance.

So wanted to cook something with bananas. Cheesecakes turned out tender and nourishing.

Baking powder is not added. I do not like chemistry. Homemade very satisfied.

Thanks for the recipe.

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