Главная » Cooking » Autumn menu in Moscow restaurants — CUP — CAKE cafe, Saperavi cafe, Chateau de Fleurs boutique cafe, Piccolino restaurant, Barry White restaurant, Scottish cell restaurant, Prego restaurant, Stork restaurant, El Gaucho restaurant, Cheese restaurant

Autumn menu in Moscow restaurants — CUP — CAKE cafe, Saperavi cafe, Chateau de Fleurs boutique cafe, Piccolino restaurant, Barry White restaurant, Scottish cell restaurant, Prego restaurant, Stork restaurant, El Gaucho restaurant, Cheese restaurant

Autumn menu in Moscow restaurants — CUP cafe & CAKE, cafe Saperavi, cafe-boutique Chateau de Fleurs, Piccolino restaurant, Barry White restaurant, Scottish cell restaurant, Prego restaurant, Stork restaurant, El Gaucho restaurant, Cheese restaurant

With the arrival of cold weather, cooks from metropolitan restaurants included seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, and late fruits in their special menus.

Definitely, pumpkin and fig are leading — almost every cook has dishes with these products.

Also among the favorites of this season can be counted the rabbit — some chefs did figure out how to cook it.

Plus in the autumn menu, warming drinks, spiced teas and hot cocktails.

This fall, Mark Statsenko was inspired by Russian fairy tales. In his «magic» autumn menu: caviar overseas eggplant with black bread and a glass of vodka; cast-iron pot with soup with new potatoes, turkey and smoked prunes; buckwheat glade «Baba-Yaga Style» with mushrooms; and even the notorious «porridge from the ax» — pshenka with pumpkin with the scent of fresh hay.

Not without a seasonal cupcake: the “youthful” apple dessert consists of a chocolate cake with curd and apple cream and decorated with edible flowers.

It is offered to drink all this beauty with “Frog Princess” tea with thyme, honey, cranberries and kumquat.

In the new Georgian cafe a bountiful harvest is gathered: quinces, figs, chestnuts and, of course, pumpkin were included in the menu. Among the appetizers — a salad of roast beef, pickled grapes and figs; salad with tongue, feijoa, walnut and persimmon, cream pumpkin soup with chicken liver. On the hot — tolma in quince stuffed with lamb, chestnuts and tkemali, chicken with quince and grapes, slices of veal, stewed with pumpkin and hazelnuts.

And for dessert — a cake with persimmon and brandy, homemade ice cream made from yoghurt with pumpkin, corn ice cream and kissel from red homemade wine.

A French boutique cafe relies on exotic and complex dishes: pancetta is served with baked salsifaya root, yellow tomatoes, young beet leaves and garlic emulsion. Catfish steak is accompanied by caramel-milk sauce and a side dish of Moroccan couscous, dried tomatoes, sage and black onion, and the giblets of guinea fowl are prepared in a tagine with chanterelles, figs, English plum and an escalope of foie gras.

Pumpkin here also found an unusual combination: classic cream soup served with honey of wild bees and philadelphia cheese.

Chef Alessio Gini, definitely a rabbit fan.

He included parpadella in this autumn special offer with this tender meat salad with chanterelles, rabbit and goat cheese.

It also didn’t do without pumpkin: the chef made a tender soup with chicken liver out of it.

An unexpected and very bold proposal — the trip: a rich and nourishing tripe of soup, a very specific dish for the Russian stomach.

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Konstantin Ivlev, who recently took the place of chef, is already ready to please the guests of the restaurant with a new menu of organic farm products.

The appetizers are simple only at first glance: tartines with eggplants hide the pine nuts and the hardship of homemade adzhika inside, and the white mushrooms salad with dried Baku tomatoes is cooked for 20 hours!

That is exactly what time is needed for cooking dried tomatoes, which, naturally, are made in advance.

Also on the menu is a pate made from particularly well-fed farm rabbits with shallots and cognac, served with homemade bread with nuts and dried fruits, and rabbit roll with smoked meat and tarragon. Onions with nutmeg and cognac and pumpkin with ginger and milk lead among the soups.

On the hot side there are veal kidneys in a creamy mustard sauce, venison with green apple puree, baked quails and squids stuffed with shrimps in sea buckthorn sauce.

Alexander Kartoshkin prepared a special menu as part of the restaurant’s “wild” concept: venison prevails among hot dishes and red deer meat — the hunting season has begun.

As an easy start, try a bright salad of baked pumpkin and young beets with rucola, parmesan and pine nuts, or a salad with octopus and apricot sauce with figs and grapes.

The light tomato soup was replaced with a rich and chopped carrot cream soup with shrimps, ginger chips and blue mold cheese.

Nourishing hot — steak «Lowlandmit» made of deer and red deer meat with fern and porcini mushrooms, mashed potatoes with boar bacon and lingonberry sauce.

Or «Highlandmeat» — marbled beef pieces marinated in pineapple juice and fried with eggplants, pepper, zucchini and onion with spicy sauce and sour cream.

The tongue of deer with grilled vegetables, venison medallions with baked apples and lingonberry sauce, filets of currant with zucchini and tomatoes, squid stuffed with black cod, scotch salmon and spinach with aioli sauce are just as tempting.

Chef Denis Klimenkov decided to use a pumpkin in full — in its autumn special offer, a salad with pumpkin seeds, green peas and a sauce based on pumpkin oil.

And a baked pumpkin salad with Parma ham; salad of beets, goat cheese, pine nuts with pesto and pumpkin raviolli with vegetable saute.

The range of warming drinks was also replenished with novikov — hot Baileys chocolate, a cocktail with cranberry fruit juice and strawberry puree, and a warm cocktail with red wine and strawberry.

Umberto Rocca did not go in the wake of fashion and created a menu with artichokes. It is risky, since this vegetable is almost not familiar to metropolitan residents, which does not detract from its outstanding gastronomic properties. For appetizer, Rocca offers artichoke salad with cuttlefish or crab in mustard sauce, beef carpaccio with fresh artichokes and parmesan cheese.

The hot menu consists of risotto with artichokes, pasta in Sardinian style with artichokes and clams, dorada, baked with artichokes and olives, and a rack of lamb with gratin of all the same artichokes.

The Argentinean restaurant, famous for its steaks, turned its face to vegetarians this fall. Chef Sebastian Ohad prepared artichoke soup with oyster mushrooms, corn puree and pumpkin with Pecorino cheese, rhubarb pie.

But meat-eaters will surely like new items such as ravioli with baked eggplants and goat cheese in a sauce of lamb fillet, tomato and mint, as well as rabbit esqueach and beef fillet in truffle sauce with sweet potato purée.

Mirko Dzago prepared a whole fig menu for gourmets.

This wonderful fruit can be found in a green salad with crab, duck breast, stewed in red wine with chicory and spices.

He became the main ingredient in carpaccio with strawberry sorbet, harmoniously replaced the melon in a duet with San Daniele ham, and in a warm form Mirko serves figs with cheese ice cream, in batter with caramel and vanilla sauce, in cream pie and even in tartlets.

Autumn menu in Moscow restaurants: offer

Novomoskovskaya cuisine in the new season has become even more international: the chefs boldly mix overseas recipes with each other.

See below.

Illustrations: shutterstock; PR services of restaurants

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