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At the festival “Golden Autumn” they will learn to understand meat, fish and cheeses.

At the festival “Golden Autumn” they will learn to understand meat, fish and cheeses.

Gastronomic festival started in Moscow «Golden autumn», organized by the Government of Moscow together with the Ministry of Agriculture.

It will last until October 9.

There is a special gastronomic program at the 14 central venues of the festival. “Both fish and meat”, thanks to which guests can get acquainted with the widest assortment of domestic meat, fish and dairy products.

And it will be possible to learn about interesting gastronomic novelties and learn the basics of professions related to food production.

Within “Meat Week”, that will be held from September 23 to September 29, two dozen manufacturers from 15 regions.

Here you can buy the very Voronezh beef Primetime, dried pork from the Kaliningrad region, duck meat from the Chelyabinsk duck farms, goose from Bashkortostan, and also lamb, veal, pork, rabbit and other meat delicacies: Yamal reindeer, bear meat, wild boar, roe deer, and pickles, various fish and canned fish, and other species and canned fish. processing: ham and sausage.

In an open butcher shop operating in the format of show-trade (located on the festival market on Revolution Square), guests can watch the work of professional butchers and see how they make steaks, as well as get advice on the types of meat and methods of their preparation.

From September 30 to October 2, the festival range will complement the program. “Cheese Days”. Guests will find a huge selection of domestic hard and soft cheeses, goat and sheep milk cheeses.

All at the festival will be presented more than 100 varieties of cheese, including brie, camembert, gorgonzola, mozzarella, burrat, and many others.

And all this from Russian manufacturers!

More than fifty farmers from all over Russia, from the Moscow region, Leningrad, Tula, Tver, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, Ivanovo, Voronezh regions, Omsk, Krasnodar Krai, the North Caucasus and other regions, will present their works of cheese-making art.

Cheese products of the largest goat farm in Russia will be widely represented. “Lukoz Saba”, located in Tatarstan, and ecological farm «Cosa Nostra», also specialized in breeding goats. The line of soft aged cheeses according to the old French technology from the Lipetsk village of Maslovka promises to create a real sensation among gourmets.

True connoisseurs will surely be pleased with a great selection of exclusive cheeses, for example, “Comrade Kopiski” from John Kopiski, Gorgonzola from Moscow cheese makers, cooked according to traditional Italian recipes, near Moscow semi-solid “Governor’s cheese” and hard “Bergkese” with Oleg Istra cheese factory and many others.

Will also be presented New Moscow variety of cheese, which is brewed right on Manezh Square.

Moreover, at the “Cheese Days”, the festival will have the opportunity to learn from successful cheese makers: lectures will be organized, where cheese-makers, many of whom began their journey after the introduction of the food embargo, will talk about their development and the way to the tops of cheese Olympus.

For those who want to touch the beautiful and literally, will work exciting workshops on cooking some types of cheeses and other subtleties of this complex profession.

Special gastronomic program will end “Fish Week”, that will be held from October 3 to October 9. These days on the stalls of the central festival venues will be presented about 200 species of fish: chilled, frozen, dried, slightly salted, canned.

Among the products will be such species as the Caspian Hall, or the royal herring, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, mackerel, carp, a huge variety of sea and river fish and seafood.

Producers from all over Russia — from Vladivostok, Sakhalin, Kamchatka, Murmansk, major port and river cities — will present their products at the festival.

In the last week of the festival “City Market” on Revolution Square and the culinary school at Kuznetsky Most are also “retrained” to work with fish and seafood.

As part of the “Golden Autumn”, you can attend cooking classes and lectures on healthy eating, as well as get tips on how to choose the best products at the venues “Bird Harbor” on Manezhnaya Square (a specialty, as the name implies, poultry dishes); «Autumn marathon» in Kamergersky Lane, where they will prepare hearty dishes of seasonal vegetables; “Hunting and game” in the square near the monument to K. Marx (master classes in cooking vegetable dishes and various desserts), “Farmer’s eco-market” on Tverskaya Square (lectures on farm products).

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