Главная » Cooking » Asparagus: properties, young asparagus, photo of asparagus, cooking asparagus, how to cook asparagus, sauces for asparagus

Asparagus: properties, young asparagus, photo of asparagus, cooking asparagus, how to cook asparagus, sauces for asparagus

Asparagus: properties, young asparagus, photo of asparagus, cooking asparagus, how to cook asparagus, sauces for asparagus

In Moscow stores asparagus there is year round, and in general, it does not matter whether it is spring or winter. Because even in April – May, in the very season, we can only timidly hope that this expensive pleasure, barely collected, was delivered by first flight from France directly to the porch of the restaurant. Rarely we have the opportunity to go with a basket to the market and buy white, green, purple asparagus — and just picked.

It’s a pity.

Cooking asparagus is easy (it is important not to digest it, as well as seafood, so as not to lose color), but, tell me how to effectively tell the guests a line from the menu: “Friends, today I cooked asparagus for you with Scottish smoked salmon with ginger sauce.”

It sounds solemn and even slightly defiant.

Guests who do not have culinary talents, acutely feel their inferiority.

A little work in the kitchen.

If you manage to get good asparagus, keep in mind: this vegetable is combined with almost all existing products: even with Parma ham, even with tuna, even with curry, even with pears and peaches.

It looks very advantageous in salads (for example, with a variety of leafy, red onions and peas under a vinaigrette dressing and freshly ground black pepper, as suggested by chef idol Gordon Ramsay, and he will not advise the bad).

But the easiest and tasty way to deal with asparagus — simply blanch her (cutting pre-thick stalks and leaving only a few centimeters delicate top) in boiling salted water for 3-4 minutes.

Asparagus will be juicy and tender, and nothing more is required.

Can bake a few minutes under grated parmesan or immediately served with the sauce. The most famous asparagus sauceDutch (some yolks, some lemon juice, some butter, salt and cayenne pepper).

Any good creamy and citric, Yes, even homemade aromatic oil with spicy herbs, lightly melting on the asparagus, makes it a luxury dish.

To go to the next level (if you collected all possible bonuses at the previous one), you can take restaurant recipes with risotto and ceps boiled in garlic sauce, and black cod with mountain ash sauce, and crab meat, marble tenderloin and seasoned. gorgonzola.

For the season young asparagus metropolitan restaurants are preparing different — who will beat anyone — themed menus in which a stew of asparagus, morels and crayfish coexist with an asparagus snack with truffles, quail breast and lobster sauce; Wash it all up with freshly squeezed asparagus juice, and the dinner ends with a dessert — like asparagus strudel with cheese or asparagus-strawberry pannacots.

Asparagus in all these expensive-sounding gastronomic delights should still remain the same — slightly poached, soft, but not too, say, “al dente.”

Otherwise, there is no point: for that, they call it the favorite vegetable of various French Louis.

In april in any case of vitamins so much that it even serves the cause heart disease prevention, and very successful.

However, most of the fans of asparagus rather like the legend of its omnipotence in another area — they say, the night of love for a plate of asparagus … You probably also heard. So still go to the market — just in case.

Nowadays you never know where you can find and how it appeared there.

Asparagus is a different color..

Green, white.

Rarely sold purple asparagus — This is if you hold it longer in the sun, but not many risk it — it is easy to overdo it.

White asparagus more than green — they are the same thing, only green asparagus grows like a normal vegetable, on a bed, and white ripens underground, devoid of sunlight, carefully tucked in and eventually more tender.

White — the main guest performer of April and May, the star of the most enchanting restaurant menus.

Green, which is simpler, is more common in stores and markets.

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