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Apple pie — Tatin, step by step recipe with photos

Traditionally, shortbread dough is used for it, but puff pastry, especially yeast, also works well.

Tatin can be baked not only with apples, but also with hard pears, and with mango, and with rhubarb.

  • butter (softened) — 150 g
  • 5–6 green sweet and sour apples
  • 250 g ready puff pastry
  • 150 g cane sugar
  • pinch of ground cinnamon

Some sisters Tatin once accidentally knocked over a form with apple pie, and it turned out that it was both tastier and more interesting.

From here, and took the cake of their name, speaking French — tart Tatin.

Cakes are baked pastries. It is the filling that distinguishes pies from other dough products and.

It seems that the open cake is a new, and overseas type of cake, that’s why we call it.

Charlotte — the simplest version of apple pie, a real “magic wand” c.

The traditional flavor combination, like nothing, but a huge amount of butter and sugar.

In this ratio, I will no longer cook for sure.

She made a prescription, the only thing that reduced the amount of butter and sugar to 100g.

Everything turned out, but, next time I would have reduced the oil.

It turned out the first time! och-hh-ry vkuchno eaten in five minutes, even forgot about the ice cream. truth instead of cane sugar took the usual (well, not for our salaries).

Did everything according to the recipe. It turned out incredibly tasty. And very, very easy to do! my little son was directly involved in the preparation) thanks to the deli team for a great recipe!

You never stop meeting my expectations! always choose your recipes and everything works!

Cooked exactly the recipe — terrible!

It turned out a compote of apples, and on top of the dough.

Do not turn it over, do not take it out! But the smell of magic was-)))

Cooked the cake for this recipe. It turned out just super.

The only thing that took 100 grams. butter and sugar, but in my opinion the cake was not affected by this. Now this is my favorite delicacy. I advise everyone to try.

You will not regret.

Made a prescription, only apples, I think it is worth taking no more than 4x.

The guests were delighted!

And very easy and fast!

It is most convenient to prepare a pie-shifter of taten in a silicone form, and it is necessary to turn it hot. Otherwise, the caramel will thicken, become sticky, and the entire filling will stick to the bottom of the cake.

Ingredients: 1 leaf puff pastry, 3-4 green apples, 1 cup of cane brown sugar and a little butter. Preparation: 1. Cut the apples into 4 pieces, peel the cores and peel.

2. Put the pieces of butter into the silicone mold (there should not be too many of them, otherwise when you turn the cake over at the end, all this can spill on your hands). 3. Pour sugar on top, beautifully put apples in a circle. 4. Roll out puff pastry and cut a circle with a diameter of 1-1.5 cm greater than the diameter of the mold.

Make a navel in the center with your index finger, and you can also pierce it with a fork.

5. Cover the apples with dough, “plug” the edges of the dough with your finger inside the mold, making peculiar ribs. Bake in an oven preheated to 180-185 degrees for about 25 minutes.

6. While the cake is still hot, cover it with a plate and quickly turn over using tacks. For reliability, you can knock on the bottom, so that the apples probably “peel off”. Carefully remove the form.

If desired, sprinkle icing sugar over the cake.

In the morning I decided to make an apple pie, but I did not know a recipe.

I found this wonderful cake recipe "Taten". I took eight medium sweet and sour green apples.

White sugar, one hundred grams, butter, one hundred grams, cinnamon, vanilla sugar, twenty grams.

Apples peeled and seeds, put in a greased form, sprinkled fifty grams of sugar and a pinch of cinnamon. Apples were folded into three layers, sprinkled with the remaining simple sugar sand and vanilla sugar, and added another pinch of cinnamon. The dough was ready puff yeast. Roll out and put a layer of dough on top of apples, pressed.

Smeared dough with egg yolk. Ready cake got, waited, when cooled and turned over on a large dish. The kind of cake was wonderful, the taste of wonderful apples soaked in butter, sugar, cinnamon, very tasty.

The house was filled with a delicate aroma, talking about love and joy in the family.

Baked in a preheated oven for one hour at a temperature of one hundred and sixty degrees.

tell me what kind of apples it is better to take (from the seven and anise, it turns out a little differently than in the picture — very thin and spreading) and how to cut it large?

It is better not to scrape the skin off the apples, otherwise it will be porridge.

Put slices of sandpaper down sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and put pieces of butter on the apples, and then the dough. Delicious to the point of madness and very beautiful.

of course, in the form. need the usual one-piece, which use for charlotte

I did everything as written in the recipe. I have a detachable form-missed oil, sprinkled with sugar, laid out apples, covered with dough, put in the oven. And when the cake was half ready, the juice began to flow out of a detachable form.

I had to get the cake and turn it over on a baking sheet. So I baked it to readiness.

It turned out delicious, but I would like to try the original recipe.

Tell me, maybe something wrong did? or is it all a matter of form?

I did everything as written in the recipe. I have a detachable form-missed oil, sprinkled with sugar, laid out apples, covered with dough, put in the oven.

And when the cake was half ready, the juice began to flow out of a detachable form.

I had to get the cake and turn it over on a baking sheet. So I baked it to readiness. It turned out delicious, but I would like to try the original recipe.

Tell me, maybe something wrong did? or is it all a matter of form?

Made on a yeast-free and yeast-free puff pastry. The recipe is very light. The pie is obtained as from the picture and sooo tasty, sweet! The guests have eaten all at once) took all the ingredients in the required amount, everything went right)

It turned out unreal tasty.

Super. Daughter fingers licked!

Made on yeast puff pastry. It turned out incredibly tasty.

Thanks for the recipe!

I melt the butter, then pour a thin layer of sugar and caramelize it, without interfering, otherwise you will not get a uniform caramel. Only after sugar has melted and has acquired a pleasant brown color, I spread the slices of apples and cover with dough. And in the oven!


great cake. and you can put less oil, I put it in less than 2 times and everything turned out great. the cake is very gentle and very quickly eaten)))

Cooked. I think a lot of oil, even very.

Maybe doing something wrong?

apples took 50×50 half of green, half red sour-sweet, puff pastry, it turned out great, nothing fell apart, and the amount of sugar and butter did not change, it is delicious EXTREMELY

Made the cake several times.

Tried with apples and pears. I did not like apples. They stubbornly turn into mashed potatoes and fall apart.

But hard pears — the most it!

It turns out both tasty and beautiful.

Good recipe.


I tried this cake with all kinds of dough — puff, sandy, yeast. All very tasty. Of course, you can experiment with the amount of sugar, butter and apples.

Here, as they say, the taste and color of comrades is not.

I suggest another version of the test for Tatin — 400 flour sift in a bowl, add 1 tsp. baking powder, vanilla on the tip of a knife, 200g of sugar and 180-200 g of chilled margarine or grated butter, mix everything. The test does not work, it turns out baby. Here this baby should fall asleep apples evenly.

Bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes.

After baking, turn the cake into a dish.
If you are afraid that the dough will crumble when turning over, then before baking, fill the crumb with beaten eggs — 2 pcs.

Smooth over the entire surface.

Great recipe!

Autumn, a lot of apples, charlotte and apple pancakes a bit tired. Very easy and quick to cook, made with ready-made puff pastry.

We liked!

Very good recipe, extraordinary and simple.

The amount of sugar and butter can vary depending on the degree of juiciness of apples.

Thanks for the recipe! Very easy to prepare, but the taste does not suffer at all!

I cooked with sand dough, and with puff, mango and apple.

Personally, I liked the apple more, and thanks to the ready puff pastry, the cooking time is reduced)) Honestly, both butter and sugar were added "approximately" — it turned out smaller than the recipe, but this is, so to speak, an amateur. In our family, for example, they prefer not a super-sweet cake, with a little apple sour))) Thank you for replenishing my culinary knowledge with such a tasty and simple recipe!)

The recipe is chic — simple, tasty and non-trivial, especially when a lot of apples and charlotte are fed up =) I added less oil than indicated, and I used regular sugar — everything turned out very tasty.

Thank you so much!

Basically, "lubrication" sounds not strong enough. In fact, these 150 grams must be spread over the entire form, that is, not just lubricate, but rather distribute in shape.

YES, this is the classic recipe for Tatin, sweet and rather fatty — 150 g butter for 5-6 apples (a kilogram, in fact).

If you want less fat and sweet — experiment with the amounts of butter and sugar.

Butter 150 grams?

Do you really need so much oil to lubricate the form?

I decided to try.

Everything swims in fat. Refine the amount of oil.

Helena. September 11, 2009

Just awesome recipe, especially in the fall.

My home now does not want any apple charlottes, no desserts with apples — only Tatin require!

And simple and tasty. Friends also appreciated — they praise our guests, they cook at home themselves. )))

Explain why 150 grams of oil? Where sugar.

Not a very clear recipe at all!

I really hope for an answer!

And butter 150 gr. where is it? for greasing the form)))

I just do not quite understand, 150 gr. butter to lubricate the form?

It turned out very tasty, only I made shortbread dough! and sugar is just in moderation, if the apples are sour.

Very appetizing.

I wonder if yeast puff pastry matters or yeast-free?

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