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Apple pie Charlotte, step by step recipe with photos

  • apples — 3-4 pieces
  • wheat flour — 1 cup
  • egg — 3 pcs.
  • cinnamon
  • sugar — 1 cup

Cakes are baked pastries. It is the filling that distinguishes pies from other dough products and.

Apple pies (or, as they are called in English-speaking countries, an apple pie) will be eaten.

Charlotte with apples is a dessert, with the preparation of which for many begins an acquaintance with.

Charlotte — the simplest version of apple pie, a real “magic wand” c.

I didn’t come to the delight of the result; Although the dough was lush

An omelet is obtained if the eggs are not beaten well or "strangled" air in them when flour interfered.

Natural OMELET with apples.

The cake was very tasty !! I anointed the top with lingonberry jam and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

I baked it at a temperature of 120-140 degrees, not hurrying so that the top did not burn down — I covered the mold with foil for baking, I did everything else according to the recipe and without soda and baking powder as described below. everyone liked my home very much, an ordinary biscuit, but how delicious)) !!

I did everything according to the recipe, but for some reason it didn’t work out!

Cooked for 20 minutes))) Thanks zareceptt!


Today I tried to do it. Super.

Airy and delicious! With the child ate the floor cake.

Thanks for the recipe!

Thanks for the easy recipe for a tasty cake.

Bake at what temperature?

I did it all. Vkusnooooo.

Thanks for the recipe!

it is possible and add a little FOOD alcohol by tasting)))

Yes, there is a bit of sugar for my taste, if you whip proteins with a mixer for five minutes, the dough turns out to be airy is just lovely!

The cake is really tasty and hastily. But, sorry, to interfere with the dough at a party is somehow not accepted.

Let the sudden guests themselves come with a cake or a cake. And I always add something else sour cream, fruit to the cake, sometimes a curd, a drop.


Yummy, but less sugar

In the recipe of anything not zmіnil.

Pirіg duzhe smachnii (could zanadto solodky), shvidky u prigotovuvannі, now crisp top!

If it turned out like an omelet with apples!

Thanks for the recipe.

Indeed, simply and sooo delicious. Instead of cinnamon she put vanilla. Yum-yum))))

a vanillin is not needed?

Bystro i vkustno ja ego uze sjela)))

Quick and tasty and simple, thank you!)))

I fully agree with the previous authors, it is not necessary to whisk the eggs separately. And only add soda with vinegar.

Checked over the years.

The cake is very tasty! thanks for the recipe!

I advise everyone to try.

And if you add cinnamon, so in general you will lick your fingers !!

very tasty thank you!

Soda is not needed in the biscuit dough!

First, beat the eggs until white, then pour out the sugar and continue to beat until the volume is doubled. Then add flour and, quickly mixed, poured into the form.

Baking will turn out magnificent, unlike, sorry, from the height of this cake.

And I poured lemon jelly over the cooked cake and into the fridge.

Jelly absorbed and turned out even tastier.

Try it! Delicious!)))

The cake is very tasty, I did not have apples, I put pears and cherries.

Well, very private.

yolks can not be separated. To this portion you can add 100 g of melted butter. If you add soda, then quench it with vinegar or lemon to-one. And I also added black currant to apples.

Yes, in fact, the recipe is very interesting and takes a minimum of time. When I am busy, I have time to bake a couple of pies for one night, depending on the number of eaters. I like everything !!

When I bake pies with apples, add lingonberries. It turns out very tasty.

Pie [cut by censorship]. I am [censored] not full! I need at least 7 times more, and then for the Drischevods suck on [cut out by censorship] whether the recipe. but about the boars did not think.

Well, [cut by censorship].

Pie enough for 8 people. Will depend on the appetite and the diameter of the form. Have a nice tea party;))


Tell me, please, and how many portions of this recipe is designed?

Thank you Very tasty, simple and not expensive! 🙂

It is better to sprinkle the form not with flour, but with a thin layer of semolina, then a very tasty crust is obtained and the cake will not burn!

And you can not separate the whites from the yolks, it still turns out tasty, but for pomp add 0.5 tsp of soda, quenched with vinegar!

The recipe is very convenient, especially when guests suddenly come. And not expensive.


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