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Apple charlotte, step by step recipe with photos

  • cinnamon — to taste
  • flour — 1 glass
  • vanilla sugar
  • apples — 2-3 pieces
  • eggs — 3 pcs.
  • sugar (icing sugar) — 1 cup

Apple pies (or, as they are called in English-speaking countries, an apple pie) will be eaten.

Charlotte with apples is a dessert, with the preparation of which for many begins an acquaintance with.

Charlotte — the simplest version of apple pie, a real “magic wand” c.

One of the few successful recipes charlotte. The dough has risen. I used to cook it according to the classic recipe, so as not to make dough.

Normal dough did not work.

I do not understand how everyone managed to beat 3 yolks with a glass of sugar to the state of sour cream.

The flour in the biscuits must be mixed manually. Method 1. Sift a third of the flour onto the surface of the beaten egg mixture, stir in the spatula on a long handle, sift the next third of the flour and stir in again, then stir in the remaining flour and immediately pour the dough into the mold.

Method 2. Add the flour so many eggs to make the dough density, like a pancake, and gently mix this dough with the remaining egg mixture.

The first method is safer.

Dear experts, tell me, please, mix the flour manually, or can it be a mixer?

Yesterday I tried a mixer, adding gradually, beating for about 2 minutes, and the squirrels fell anyway!


can be checked with a match if there are no torches

When whipping proteins add a little salt, then the charlotte turns out to be more magnificent.

Constantly cooking this recipe.

Very tasty.

The recipe is just great! I cook the charlotte all the time. As it’s already mentioned here, the main thing is to do everything quickly with the dough at the final stage: mix yolks with proteins and very quickly mix with flour. Thanks to the author!

If someone else didn’t have a charlotte, they just don’t know how to cook.

The recipe is just super, the taste is excellent. Thank.

Many thanks to the author of the recipe!

I am not good at making biscuits, but here everything worked out the first time and perfectly. I recommended everything to my friends. gently, airy, magically delicious.


in the dough too much flour, did not rise, you may need to fill your hand so that next time it rises

Thanks a lot to the author!) The recipe is wonderful! and special thanks to AngelHardcore for the comment that helped make everything perfect the first time!)

Cooked twice for this recipe.

The first time was not very good, the charlotte looked more like a wet, thick and sweet pancake with apples. The second time was a magnificent charlotte, which, after being removed from the oven, instantly filled the entire apartment with the smell of fresh pastries.

It turned out lush, ruddy, everyone who tried to ask for supplements. The second time, beat the eggs with flour a little longer and at maximum mixer power. Flour sifted through a sieve.

I spread it in the form like this: first a small layer of dough, then apples, then again a small layer of dough, again apples, and poured the rest on top (I had a little less than half the dough).

It all depends on the diameter of the form — how much is enough.

Thank you very much for the recipe, now I will cook at least once a week, experimenting with stuffing (various fruits, additives), if you get something very tasty — I will definitely write, I will share.

Very tasty recipe, thanks a lot to the author, the only way now I cook.

The main thing is to mix gently in one direction so that the dough does not settle.

In fact, the dough in Charlotte is a biscuit, it is very rarely who gets it, it has a special cooking technique.

The whipped eggs should leave the pattern from the whisk, knead with flour for 10 seconds for it to settle, bake without opening the oven for it to settle. I’m not talking about the different size of eggs, glasses and spoons 🙂

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