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Amaretti Cookies

For readers who take care of their figures, Marina Pankova has found a special dessert — Amaretti, small air cookies, light and elegant.

Traditionally Amaretti It is made of only three ingredients: ground apricot kernels, beaten egg whites and sugar.

Often, instead of apricot kernels use sweet almonds.

It is believed that Amaretti They were created almost three centuries ago in the small Italian town of Saronno, on the occasion of the visit of the Cardinal of Milan, revered in Lombardy. The legend says that the recipe for an unusual bitter-sweet cookie was accidentally invented by a loving couple of pastry chefs: the young man and the girl either did not find flour in the bins of the palace kitchen, or simply forgot to add it to the dough.

The result exceeded all expectations — the cardinal was delighted with the new taste sensations and blessed the young people to live happily ever after.

Well, in my family, the first taster of Amaretti cookies was my mother, a very keen person.

She recently returned from Odessa, where she visited an appointment with a Tibetan doctor who strictly forbade her to use gluten. «Proteins are so special in cereals — wheat, rye, barley. Do not you know what?

«- commented mom.

When it was dessert time, mom, still under the influence of the Odessa-Tibetan medical charms, looked at the vase with amaretti cookies and said:
Eh, Marinka, again you have solid gluten …
And no!

— I retorted victoriously. — Read the composition.
Mom carefully examined the box and noticeably cheered up:
Great come up with a single gluten!

— she said happily. We spent the rest of the evening in absolute goodness: we drank coffee with liqueur and crunched in small rounds Amaretti.

These amaretti are very cute: each one is covered with white sparkling sugar crystals and elegantly packaged in a paper wrapper — like a little candy.

By the way, a beautiful metal cookie box turned out to be a very useful thing.

A huge amount of very important and valuable little things for my younger son fit into it — finally, it was possible to bring temporary order to his room.

Amaretti cookies, Italy, 150 g, 405 rubles.

Marina Pankova:
“My parents really wanted a boy to be born to them — Anton.

Anton Pavlovich. And I turned out, that is a girl. The name was not prepared for me.

Therefore, they called me at random Marina, which, as it turned out later, means “sea”.

Maybe that’s why I love to swim so much. Only not in the sea, but on the blue path, in the pool. Be sure to open.

If I do not swim a couple of kilometers a day, I break out like an old cupboard. Sometime in the late autumn, in the team “Walruses of the USSR” I even swam across the lake Issyk-Kul 42 km long

The “walruses” themselves floundered in the water at a temperature of 7 degrees, and I swam behind them, on a steamer, where I wrote a report about the tempering amateurs for the Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

In general, I always liked to watch how people know how to create a beautiful world around them. For a long time I talked about this in my author’s headings in a magazine about design and interiors with the funny name “Stool”.

I also love to eat tasty food, especially what someone else cooked, not me. But my favorite dish is not necessary to cook.

Oysters are good in themselves.

I can easily eat a couple dozen.

But I still had a connection with the “world of Anton Pavlovich”.

Friends often call me MaPa.

So Chekhov addressed his beloved younger sister Maria Pavlovna. ”

First sample:

Mustard with parmesan and basil

What just do not add to the mustard — and dates with coriander, and tangerines with pistachios, and wild berries, and white wine … And the other day I discovered on the shelf.

See below.

Pasta with spinach, tomatoes, beets, carrots, turmeric

Marina Pankova went shopping and found a product reminiscent of the outgoing season — “Autumn Leaves” pasta.

See below.

Mango Chips

This week Marina Pankova went shopping and found mango chips.

Unexpectedly and boldly. We try!

Actually, I’m calm about exotic fruits.

See below.

Napkins for removal of wine plaque from the teeth

Marina Pankova, the leader of the “First Test” column, found an extremely useful thing for all lovers to miss a glass or two of red wine.

See below.

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