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All you need to know to bake the perfect pancakes

All you need to know to bake the perfect pancakes

What is Pancake Day without pancakes?

But how to prepare them so that there are no lumps and lumps?

Here are 5 simple steps to the title of a noble pancake.

Having passed this way, you will learn to listen to pancakes, not to tear them during somersaults in a hot frying pan and learn the secret formula: six one by one.

The first thing that is necessary for the passage of pancake practice — the right pan. Best of all, cast iron with a thick bottom, so that the hand feels — you hold the Thing.

Yes, Grandma. Yes, not brilliant and not color.

Yes, it heats up slowly. But when the heat builds up, you will not be able to stop it, and it seems that the pan itself is already arranged in the hand. How ruddy pancakes look appetizing on its black background!

Plus, such a frying pan and no need to wash.

It is enough to cool and wipe with a soft cloth or paper towel.

Nuance: over time, the habit of baking pancakes on a cast iron skillet will develop into the ability to “listen” to pancakes: a sharp and loud hiss — the griddle is very hot, barely audible — there is still room for heat.

If the dough sticks to the cast-iron pan, it must be calcined with salt and cleaned with a soft cloth (do not wash it!). And if you still succumbed to fashionable trends and used Teflon, try “brewing” the finished dough, adding some boiling water or milk to it, this helps.


And, by the way, if it’s not cast iron, pay attention to the frying pans without sides — now there are such ones on sale.

On them, pancakes are easier to hook and easier to turn.

Pancakes on a cast iron pan

«Pancakes» — that’s what we call thin pancakes made from yeast-free dough. The simplest scheme of their preparation: «6 to 1».

One cup of wheat flour, one big pinch of potato starch, one big pinch of baking powder, one egg, one glass of milk, one tablespoon of granulated sugar and one small pinch of fine salt.

In a large bowl whisk the egg with salt, add milk and sugar. Sifted into the mixture of flour with starch and baking powder.

Beat the whisk dough until smooth. Left on the table for 15 minutes and fry yourself in pleasure, stirring the dough from time to time. Six ingredients — six medium sized pancakes.

Serve warm with sour cream and / or honey.

This is a basic recipe, and, like any base, it can grow to infinity, for example, turn into a recipe from Vladimir Mukhina (White Rabbit restaurant), one of the most famous chefs of Russia:

“For 1 liter of milk, you need to take 5 large eggs, sugar and salt — to taste, add flour to the desired consistency. Stir with a whisk. Usually for fluffiness kefir or mineral water is added to such pancakes.

They can be cooked with whey, or with milk. When there is sugar and flour, fermentation will still be. This dough is also kneaded to the consistency of liquid sour cream.

Let stand for 20 minutes and can bake. « Feel the difference ?! For a special subtlety pancakes chef recommends adding more eggs: for 1 liter of milk, 6 pieces.

And do not need a lot of flour, the dough should be liquid, then the pancakes will turn out thin.

  • For the best turning pancakes (and with this, many beginning pancakeers have the most problems) in the dough (for 1 l of liquid) you can add 2 tbsp. l vegetable oil plus a little oil added to the pan when frying.
  • If the pancakes are torn, then it is necessary to thicken the dough a little — in small portions, without fanaticism — with sifted flour or warm up the pan more. If the pancake in the pan breaks, does not hold the shape and flirts blatantly, then there is little sugar and eggs. 1-2 eggs well whisk with a whisk with 1 tbsp. l sugar, add to the dough and everything will be fine.

Nuance : the most popular are pancakes with milk. You can develop a dairy theme using a mixture of condensed milk and water (2-3 tablespoons of condensed milk diluted with water to the required amount of liquid), milk and cream (milk up to 6% fat and cream 10% in a 1: 1 ratio), milk and water (in the ratio of 1: 1).

Milk can be taken sour or baked.

Pancakes with milk

Let’s talk about yeast dough pancakes.

As we strive for the ideal, our choice is pancakes.

Yeast take fresh pressed, at the rate of 15-20 g per 1 liter of liquid.

If you want, replace fresh ones with dry ones (1 g dry = 3 g fresh), but you don’t need to do this on Shrovetide — still a pancake feast.

To brew milk with minimum fat content, heat to a temperature slightly above room temperature. Pour into a bowl and dissolve the yeast, mix with a whisk. For yeast activity, add a little sugar and flour and leave to rise for 30-45 minutes, covering the dishes with a towel.

Eggs do not add, they interfere with the rise.

When the sponge rises, add the remaining ingredients.

For 1 liter of milk — 3 eggs, sugar and salt to taste, and add sifted flour to the consistency of liquid sour cream.

Eggs are divided into whites and yolks.

Whisk the yolks with sugar. Beat the whites separately with a pinch of salt to make the pancakes lush.

Add flour and mix gently, let the dough stand for 1-1.5 hours in a warm place.

To speed up the lift, place the pot in a large container and fill it with hot water.

The dough rose almost 2 times?

Bake pancakes without stirring.

Nuance: make a brew, let it go for 40 minutes, and then immediately put it in the fridge, preserving the rise of the dough. Then you can get the dough and add milk, whipped yolks and whites, and the remaining flour.

This opara can be used many times.

Suffices it for 2-3 days.

To make lush pancakes easier to roll over:

1. Do not make them too big.

2. Heat the pan well, and then slightly reduce the heat — there should be no smoke for the whole kitchen.

How to check the readiness of the pan: a teaspoon of vegetable oil poured into the pan instantly heats up, spreads easily, but still does not smoke.

3. Lubricate the bottom of the pan with a half of raw potato or onion, dipping it into vegetable oil.

So there will definitely not be excess oil.

Nuance: Experienced comrades scoop the right amount of dough into a ladle before baking out of habit — by eye.

For beginners it is difficult.

If the ladle is a classic — the size of a large apple, fill it by about two thirds of the volume.

This amount of dough will be sufficient for baking pancakes in a pan with a diameter of about 22 cm.

Leave the pancakes and pancakes on the preheated pan, alone for a while.

Roast them from the bottom until the top dries.

Well, here is the fifth step.

And the finish is near.

Put the finished pancakes in a pile and coat with melted butter, dipping a brush into it.

This important operation can be entrusted to one of the family members — it is especially good for children.

Nuance: if you want to bring the cooking process to the absolute, heat the plate on which you will spread the pancakes.

Stuffing for pancakes at Shrovetide is more reasonable to use seasonal: honey, jam, sugar, sour cream, caviar, salted trout, herring, baked apples or pears. Carrots, turnips, pumpkin — better to take for pripek.

For him, pour the dough into a frying pan, pour it over it, turn the pancake over and fry a little on the other side.

Some craftsmen do not turn the pancake over, but seek its readiness by frying only one side.

Classic pripeka — green onions and boiled eggs or mushrooms, fried with onions.

Fruit and berry sauces and almost sauces are good for pancakes, for example, freshly frozen berries quickly cooked with a small amount of sugar or honey: lingonberries and cranberries, rubbed through a sieve with powdered sugar.

Smearing pancakes with melted butter

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