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All the secrets of cooking homemade meatballs

They immediately come to mind as soon as you say the cherished: homemade food.

They accompany us all my life, and I don’t know people who would refuse them — well cooked, crispy, tender and juicy. So it’s time to discover all the secrets of cooking homemade meatballs.

Yes, yes, we will talk about those «Simple human cutlets for 12 kopecks»* or, in culinary language, about chopped chops.

It would seem that this dish is banal and well-known to everyone, however, as is often the case, it does not work out for everyone. Take, for example, the classics of the genre — beef patties …

Forget about the ready stuffing from the store: no one can vouch for the quality and thoroughness of the pre-treatment of the raw materials used, and meat juices are most likely left this meat still at the grinding stage.

To make good beef cutlets, it’s better to take first-class meat, say rump or rump.

If, for reasons of economy or, for some other reasons, you take less expensive second-grade meat, the trouble is not great: this meat has a richer taste, and given that it will have to be chopped, the hard stuffing will not be.

However, cuts similar to the neck or shank, of which most often make store stuffing, it is still best to avoid.

In any case, the meat should be carefully cleaned — to remove cartilage, unwanted fat and connective tissue. After stripping the meat should be finely chopped. It is most convenient to do this with two large heavy knives, although you can get by with one thing — the main thing is that the knives are sharp, otherwise the meat fibers will not only be cut, but crushed, and this will lead to loss of juice.

By the way, for the same reason you should not use a meat grinder, but a good, powerful food processor capable of chopping meat large enough is quite acceptable.

Do not forget to add beef to meat kidney fat, at the rate of one quarter of the amount of meat — it will make the patties more tender and juicy. In this case, we note that the fat must also be carefully cleaned.

If there are difficulties with beef kidney fat, then pork is also suitable, and replacing part of the fat with raw bone marrow will turn your burgers into a masterpiece of culinary thought.

To chopped meat and fat, you must add the crumb of white bread dipped in milk or broth and then pressed.

A lot of bread, of course, is not necessary to put in cutlets, a fifth of the volume of the whole stuffing will be enough, also the bread should not be too fresh, it can give the cutlets a sour flavor.

Often there is an opinion that “they added bread to cutlets in Soviet catering from poverty and lack of meat, that it is too much there …”.

These conversations are nonsense. Bread was also added to cutlets during tsars. And they added it there not from poverty, but solely in order to keep the juice in them, since the connection of the fibers in the crushed meat is broken and most of that juice will simply flow out during frying.

The bread will absorb this juice and, thus, the cutlets will not be hard and dry.

But what should not be added to the stuffing, it is eggs.

Egg white when frying will curtail very quickly and not only cease to bind minced meat, but on the contrary, when solidified, it will divide the minced meat and, accordingly, contribute to the loss of cutlet juice.

Now is the time to add a little chopped onion to the mince.

Onions are often added raw, which undoubtedly coarsens ready-made burgers, giving them unnecessary harshness in taste and smell.

Therefore, before adding to the stuffing, onions should be browned in butter and cool slightly.

There is one good technique for giving juiciness to the patties — add some finely crushed ice to the mince or just very cold water — then it will be water that is evaporated during frying, and not meat juice.

The main thing — do not overdo it with the amount of water, otherwise the cutlets can fall apart.

And only after all these procedures, be sure to salt and pepper, you can begin to mix the stuffing. This should be done very carefully, until it becomes uniform in consistency and smooth in appearance, but without fanaticism — you should not turn the stuffing into a monolith, by mercilessly beating.

Then you need to cover the mince with cling film and send in the refrigerator for half an hour.

Next, with hands dipped in cold water, we divide the stuffing into equal parts of the required size and sculpt the cutlets: not very large, but not very small cutlets, oblong in shape, trying not to squeeze them too much. By the way, another good technique for giving jujubeta to juices is to press down the center of the cutlet with your finger, as if intending to put something into it, and, turning, to join the edges — inside there is a cavity in which the juice released during frying will accumulate.

Then grease the surface of the meatballs with loose yolk and roll in breadcrumbs.

This preparatory work is completed, and you can begin to roast. It is best to fry chops in melted butter, but pork lard will also be good. In this case, the fire should be medium, because with a strong heat, the cutlets will redden outside, but they will not be fried inside, the pink color, and the more so the blood in the cutlets is unacceptable — we don’t bake any tea like hamburgers.

It is better to turn the cutlets once and carefully, trying not to break them and not to damage the shape.

Of course, an experienced eye (and nose!) Smells a ready-made cutlet for a mile, but if you still have doubts, you can pierce them with a fork or pick a knife — the juice from ready-made cutlets should come out transparent.

And here it is very important to grasp this thin line between the roasting of the cutlet and its drying.

Here, in general, and all. Compliance with these simple recommendations will turn ordinary cutlets into a dish that is always welcome and, to some extent, festive. And what could be better than ruddy cutlets, with piping, with heat, with a glass of cold vodka and a pickled cucumber.

Unless well boiled beef. But more about that next time …

Vegetable cutlets — a great option to diversify their menu for those who do not eat meat.

If you want to please everyone at the table, make chicken or turkey patties. .

Cutlets — it would seem, the dish is banal and well-known, but, as often happens, it turns out.

For fish cutlets, lean and inexpensive fish are better suited. If the fish is large, it is more convenient to use.

I remember how in the distant Soviet childhood Mom took offense at me for the fact that I preferred her table-style Meatballs: next to our house there was a hostel of a culinary technical school, and I ran there to buy them "bread", huge as bast, but that-a-a-cue, Infection (!), F-kusnye cutlets! :-)) And I could not explain this phenomenon! I still adore for breakfast (snack) a cutlet with bread :-)))

Dmitry, thanks for the practical advice!

Egg exclude and try to add cold water!

I add garlic right away, my husband and I really like such fragrant burgers, by the way, I’ll need to sniff it, otherwise they write here that they smell bad!)) I only form it differently, I love round burgers (here it’s a matter of taste, or rather eyes) and I do not crush them with breadcrumbs, in our family they do not do that, what does it threaten with?

Kidney fat — has too specific smell and taste. Better fat or lard. Onion fresh rub and red pepper are also rich.

Some say that a good housewife will never make cutlets from good meat, others say that meat should be of excellent quality. My friends, that’s not the point.

How many people, so many opinions.

My recipe for making meatballs: pork + beef, egg yolk, bread is necessarily white and black.

White bread gives gluten for meatballs, and black bread gives flavor. Bread in minced meat should be 1/3 of the volume of minced meat. I never add milk to cutlets, it stiffens cutlets.

Only water if the stuffing is too dense. Onions in cutlets should be 1/3 of the volume of minced meat, cutlets will be juicier.

Salt, pepper to taste.

And further.

I never put garlic in minced meat.

Garlic seasoning specific and during heat treatment gives an unpleasant taste.

omelet in the morning, omelet at lunch, scrambled eggs in the evening. I want a simple, human cutlet. The words of Frunzik Mkrtchyan, it’s a classic of the Soviet cinema"Vanity" called and no cannibalism

For juiciness, onion tru and red pepper fresh.

There are people who finely chop the fat, others pass it through a meat grinder.

When I make a chop from minced meat, I make stuffing — I add a small cube of butter and some boiled chicken, the oil also gives juiciness

Yes .. and more. Even if you have something out there))) Remove the patties on a platter from the pan and cook a wonderful sauce on what came out. There are a lot of sauces on this basis!

Good luck.

And do not dilute minced meat .. so you forget the taste of meat!

About the terrible phrase "human burgers" already written to me)) I can only join. Essentially: of course, cutlets (pig-beef) with a soaked (old) loaf will be juicier — but what to do with the taste of bread. In the mince for meatballs, add eggs — also horror.

How not cool, but properly prepared meat for meatballs one: meat, onion (not fried), finely chopped onion, salt, pepper and all!

If on time "grab" a cutlet on each side in a well-heated pan, pre-boned in breadcrumbs — nothing leaks. Then you can then under the lid .. some time until readiness, depending on the size of the chops! And if you file immediately to the table, then you will lick your fingers. Well, so it is said.

In future, cutlets do not need to be cooked, — this is not a tushon for you))

But for lovers of minced chicken cutlets, I give advice: Butter should melt by itself (do not heat), then make small chops .. you can add cheese, spices, even potatoes — and freeze.

Then put the meatballs in the minced chicken and cook the chops !! Thanks to those who read it, for reading the many letters))

the name disappears. at least in " " have taken. no potatoes and semolina!



Human burgers — it sounds scary, but it looks very tasty.

I’m afraid that I would need reduksin again, but how I’m gonna pounce on them.

You are so easy to operate with your bone marrow, as if you didn’t find it in every store .. and not doubt its quality.

If only the languages ​​of mountain salmon and snail genitals are recommended to look for the quantity needed for mincemeat.

You are so easy to operate with your bone marrow, as if you didn’t find it in every store .. and not doubt its quality.

If only the languages ​​of mountain salmon and snail genitals are recommended to look for the quantity needed for mincemeat.

In cutlets, you can replace bread with finely grated raw potatoes — always the perfect result. Enjoy your meal

And yet — about the sautéing of onions.

There is an opinion (not only mine :-)) that browning onions in butter is still for sauces, and if you add a little fresh onion into chopped minced meat, this will take away the heavy flavor from the meat. Enjoy!))

Guest, you did not succeed, because no egg was added to the bond))) This recipe is not ideal for minced cutlets (IMHO), I would advise you to look for more options)))) and experiment) Bon appetit!

The cutlets made a recipe — fell apart, I will not do that again. guys, you need something for bonding to add this recipe is not an option! And in the mince mince do and change the name and then how it does not work out nicely "Human cutlets" )))))))

Made a recipe. It turned out better than ever.


Higher burgers! Children are the main indicator, but they ate two and did not blink. For the first time did not add an egg, class!

The recipe is sent to the main store, I remember it 🙂 This is an indicator.

Thanks to the author!

The first time she made chops ..

Chicken, beef and pork mince.

The Soviets followed, but my proportions) ..

Very tasty, in shock itself.

It would have been better to call good / normal / At first there were 6 kopeck meatballs — they were tastier than 12 kopecks — if I’m not mistaken, NS. Khrushchev introduced a temporary decree on meat — he remained in the USSR permanent — well, now TU-0 is something — at least next to the meat they were held for an hour — maybe something and these Kolpinsky and All others "meat products"

I wonder why from the inscription "men’s / women’s / children’s leather shoes / clothing" there is no association that the thing is made from. and the name of these cutlets such a discussion. Now about the bread in the meatballs.

There is even a joke: "A student of the culinary college passes the exam. Theme-patties. "10% of bread is added to cutlets for a restaurant-suite, 20% for a simple restaurant, 30% for home-made ones, 40% for school meals, 50% for home-made bread." Examiner: "And why in stolovskie- 50%, and not 60-70-80?" Answer: "So already the bun with meat will be!" And the burgers are really super!

My grandmother cooked such. P.S.

Do not confuse the anecdote with the recipe!

Cutlets from chelovecheny.


Fall away! I have been living for 57 years, I think that with minced meat I am a primadonna (just kidding). And there are such subtleties.

Bravo! Bis!


Thanks for the recipe, it turned out very tasty.

Although there was no fat, I added some oil and a little bit of fat, everything else is by technology.

I read it with interest, but I have my own opinion, and most importantly, a time-tested recipe. With meat you are right.

I use 50/50 beef and pork.

The subtlety of my meatballs is just the amount of rolls and the actual filling itself. For 1 kg of farce I take half the bread "sweet"I mean not salty (eg. City) and half a liter of milk.

I prepare the dressing separately with a blender. Butter, milk, onion, salt, pepper, two eggs and always Zira, pre-ground in a mortar. Sometimes I add "Italian herbs"The maximum task is to make the minced meat as much as possible. Two eggs — allow you to confidently perform the first coup.

I fry on low heat with a lid. The main thing is not to overcook. The perfect side dish is delicious cooked mashed potatoes.

Practice shows (relatives and friends) — the use of sauces is contraindicated.

At the moment, I am preparing patties according to your recipe. I will inform you about the results after the samples.

I completely disagree that the blender is not suitable for making minced meat! I have a very powerful machine, it chops meat very finely in seconds, without interrupting minced meat. I also grind onions in a blender almost to the state of mashed potatoes. And I always add an egg, but only homemade.

But about the bread, I agree, it is better to add yesterday’s, fresh can sour, especially if the beef burgers, because. she has a very sour taste.

Accidentally came across this recipe, today I will definitely try.

But, frankly, the name confuses. It is better to call them Soviet homemade, because this recipe is from those wonderful times.

Cooked, I approve.

True, the stuffing made from beef and pork 50/50 for a pound, soaked bread added a handful, the rest according to the recipe.

The absence of eggs and ice water, fried only from 2 sides: as a result, the juicy cutlets! I advise you to try. 😉

I read a long time ago in some article what they did with meat in public catering. 1. take out the carcasses of the cows on a baking sheet from the fridge compartment and cover them with bread.

All this sweat and suze is absorbed by the bread and goes to cutlets.

And so every day until the meat something stands out. 2. When the meat is no longer allocated, it is cut into chops or schnitzel. They make frying, goulash and other meat products.

3. When the meat ends, the bones are processed into a stew.

In short, the revenue is huge.


Human Fuuuuuuuu Cannibalism.

Thanks, no!

Dmitry, thank you. Very good recipe.

The main thing is time tested.

This is the recipe and principle of cooking my grandmother’s meatballs.

In her time, the meat grinders were wooden and there were wooden troughs for chopping meat. I can say to novice cooks: "Keep this recipe and everything will work out for you!" Bravo !! 1

In the recipe of meatballs "stolovskikh"there was always starch, instead of grated potatoes, because starch did not give the cutlets a specific smell. Instead of milk, water was always used for soaking bread. And another secret was always to fry the onions.

About the ice and swelling of the eggs is VERY RIGHT.


Do not attack the person: he after all has laid out the cool and correct recipe of cutlets, all precisely and without utaek.

Thank you need. Just add that you can put a few yolks, in the center of the patty — a slice of sl. oils.

Onions can be twisted along with the meat (but a little).

And the rest of the onions just tomit, and not to fry. And still it is possible to coat the patties with oil as soon as you remove them from the pan. I would also like to sometimes eat those table cutlets.


TE chefs. I beg you — lay out the recipe for those wonderful meatballs. For their sake, real sausage and generally harmless products I would like to return to those times.

Maybe Eve (from 03/16/2010) will go to another site.

Please ask your mom about these " lightened" cutlets and write.

I was also alarmed by the name of humans, well, at least for people.

Takes on thoughts about Bokassa. Wrong choice for title

but I liked the table cutlets even more than homemade ones. and I did not care what was in them. I liked them and that’s it.

Well, that is not of cowards.

But what interests me is the recipe. From what they were made and by what technology.

After all, there was no smell of meat, but I ate them with pleasure, instead of bread. And this is what you need for complete happiness.

And I will guess to put a cigarette butt for bite.

TOYAMA 03/27/2010 2:46:34 PM In the food factory (canteen) of the Kiev Polytechnic, under the leadership of Kh. Khazin, they were able to make chops, cutlets, etc. no meat at all! Having taken a long time, I cleaned it of crackers from one side, then from the other, I found a piece of nylon from women’s stockings!

100% dietary product, because there was absolutely nothing!

Honorable ladies and gentlemen! Comrades, communists and non-partisans! There is a big request.

Who has the recipe for public cuts from the time of Communism construction?

Those. 60-70 years of the last century.

For me, the meat is bad, but the cutlets of those times are perfect for me. Meat there according to my observations was zero integer, x. tenths, but the product itself, in the form of toasted bread with some additives, had a very pleasant taste. Especially hot. Fine-dispersed, homogeneous structure, the absence of lumps, roasted ruddy crust and juiciness very beneficial effect on my body. Instead of the bread fits perfectly.

At that time, I asked the cook many times to tell me the secret of the recipe — the answer was always negative and evasive.

In addition, these cutlets obviously had some kind of narcotic effect, as not only I, but also acquaintances of my age also crave to try such cutlets.

If someone gets generous, please send to [email protected] I would be very grateful. TOYAMA

By the way, a very correct recipe for meatballs. No eggs! And the bread is taken white — preferably a loaf, in Soviet times there was a so-called city bun.

And not bad, if it is dry (only of course from fresh bread).

Then it swells very quickly.

Bread lay for gluten. My mom is a top-class cook and taught me how to cook cutlets according to all the rules.

A lover can add garlic, only if you eat hot at once. When garlic cutlets cool down, they give a not very good flavor.

And in the stuffing be sure to add cold water and, at the same time, well beat the stuffing.

I make real cutlets, without any potatoes and carrots, and my husband says that he has never eaten such cutlets like mine.

Proud of my mom!

the name is terrible)))) HUMAN !!)))))))) and the recipe is good. thank

And you can add a little semolina to the minced meat and let it separate so that the semolina swollen. When cooking in the center of the meat circle put a piece of butter.

Then the cutlets will be lush, tender and very tasty. Try, you will not regret.

And for the aroma, you can add a little dry red wine to the mince.

What are you attacking the recipe? maybe your hands just curves and cutlets do not work) I prepared the cutlets following the recipe, my son ate and admired) Moreover, the whole article is not a strict concept, but recommendations on cooking.

Do what you want, just consider some tips.

Cutlets are obtained as they should be, wonderful, tasty, juicy, I make only according to this recipe.

Thank. Here I saw the discontent of some, they say, confused, vague. friends, learn to feel the food and the cooking process itself, enter into the taste and you will succeed.

Good luck.

Great article!

These burgers.

Maybe the cutlets and not necessarily just cook, but written WITH SMOOTH, it was pleasant to read!

And it seems to me, tasty written).

Do not frighten readers. «Caesar — Caesarean, locksmith — locksmith, meatballs — meatballs» — it’s hard not to agree, but with the rest … 1. To make first-class meatballs — you need to take first-class meat.

The principle “to take that is worse — still to grind,” is no good here. To some extent, it is even wasteful, because all the bones, connective tissues, etc., will have to be removed / thrown out so that the cutlets do not come out hard, and the collagen contained in such cuts as the neck or shank, enriching the taste of dishes when cooking or stewing , in cutlets will not play, as it requires a long heat treatment.

You will not believe it, but even from the tenderloin you can make excellent burgers, if you follow some rules when cooking. First, fat — in this case, not even pork will suit — it simply will not have time to prepare.

It is good to add butter to the cutlets made from tenderloin or the same bone marrow. Second, do not shrink when cutting meat and very gently knead minced meat.

Third, the speed of frying — cutlets made from tenderloin are very easy to overdry.

2. Why not use a meat grinder? Yes, you can use it, but if you want the perfect result, it is better to avoid meat grinders. Regardless of the diameter of the grid and the sharpness of the knives in the meat grinder, the meat chokes when grinding, losing some of the juice and nothing can be done about it, even though the electric drive, even though manual.

And here, a powerful kitchen processor capable in seconds — attention! — chop the meat, and not to turn it into a homogeneous mass, like any blender, is a good device for chop making. After the blender, I agree, the stuffing for meatballs is not suitable.

By the way, about the crushed meat. In China, there is such a dish, something like meatballs, the meat for which they are beaten with sticks for a long time, that is, in fact, they are repeatedly crushed, until the mass is homogeneous. So, it is quite possible to play ping-pong with these meatballs, they are so “rubber”.

3. Indeed, external beef fat in cutlets should be avoided (the text indicates that it should be removed), but why didn’t please you with lard (kidney fat)? This is an absolutely wonderful product, not at all inferior, and in this case superior pork fat, in its properties and harmony of combination with beef meat. 4. “Bread, as in ALL dishes, without exception, only fresh. «- where does this categoricalness come from, what is the reason for this?

Nobody offers to add moldy bread to cutlets, but if it is too fresh, sourness may appear.

5. «The absence of pepper and salt, dry or fresh greens» — in the text, salt and pepper are: «Be sure to salt and pepper». And greens, or even some, spices to taste, of course, you can add, the main thing is not to overdo it and not to kill them with the aroma of meat and fat. Simply, the indicated salt and pepper is the necessary minimum.

I expressed, it seems to me, reasonable arguments against the addition of raw onions and eggs to the mince — please substantiate your point of view. By the way, on the forum, the people who have spoken, who have tried the meatballs with the spiced onions, prefer this way. «And so on. I will leave the absurdities behind the brackets ”- lay out, do not hesitate to deal with them … Believe me, the cutlets prepared as described above will become a revelation for many without any raisins, like grated potatoes or, so annoying, hops-suneli …

1) Meat selection"top grade". What is it? If cutting or okovalok is not the best choice for meatballs.

Caesar-cesarean, locksmith-locksmith, cutlet-cutlet.

2) Why not use the meat grinder, and the food processor can be? Stupidity.

Drive only different hands or motor.

It all depends on the diameter of the holes in the grid, the larger one is better.

If the combine is not equipped with a screw grinder, and has only knives, like a blender, then the stuffing will be ruined. This is only for the chute. 3) Avoid beef tallow in general, and in patties in particular.

Take care of the stomachs of inexperienced readers. Then, and added pig fat, lighter fat. 4) Bread, as in ALL the dishes without exception, only fresh. No sourness and never will be.

5) Passages about compulsory passerovka onions, the lack of pepper and salt, dry or fresh herbs, a ban on adding eggs (about garlic and think scary, no glamor.) And so on. I will leave the absurdities out of the brackets.

Cutlets turned out flat, fresh, without "raisins".

However between "pork chops" and "from pork" there is no difference!)

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