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Adjar Khachapuri, step by step recipe with photos

  • grated cheese (better — suluguni)
  • butter — 20-30 g
  • eggs — 6 pcs. + 1 egg for lubrication
  • dry yeast — 1 bag (7 g)
  • sugar — 1 tsp.
  • eggs — 1 pc.
  • warm milk — 1 cup
  • vegetable oil — 2 tbsp. l
  • flour — 500 g
  • salt — 0.25 tsp.

The best Ajarian khachapuri are cooked in Batumi — and the native Batuman is always ready to voice.

Who does not love khachapuri? They must be eaten hot, piping hot — trying not.


And how much cheese should I put?

Everything is good, except for the 5th step.

For 30 minutes, crackers are produced from the sides! Therefore, you need to bake less time.

And the cheese in the sides would be the way.

Sorry for the lost time and the translated products: (The dough turned out hard as a cracker, in general, do not break off: (Do not cook with this recipe

The cheese turned into a crust after 10 minutes at this temperature

You do not have the right recipe, what do you teach people if you don’t know the right recipe?

In this recipe, the cheese is wrapped in the edges of the boat, and not only in the middle.

Of course, you will get dry edges, if you do not put the cheese inside .. In addition, Suluguni should be watery and not too salty. For softness, butter is also placed directly in the cheese if the cheese is rather dry ..

TRY to wrap the CHEESE IN THE LAND OF THE BOAT and feel the HUGE difference.

You do not have the right recipe, what do you teach people if you don’t know the right recipe? In this recipe, the cheese is wrapped in the edges of the boat, and not only in the middle.

Of course, you will get dry edges, if you do not put the cheese inside .. In addition, Suluguni should be watery and not too salty.

For softness, butter is also placed directly in the cheese if the cheese is rather dry ..

TRY to wrap the CHEESE IN THE LAND OF THE BOAT and feel the HUGE difference.

The best boats are only in Sukhumy and in all cafes of Abkhazia. I have traveled from Krasnodar Krai to many places in the former Soviet Union both abroad and in Tbilisi and Batumi more than once, but the most delicious boats were in the cafe Nartaa on the Sukhum embankment.

I don’t know, their cooks are probably wizards, not one diet, I cannot stand up to refuse to eat, even two khachapuri, then I myself am surprised at how it bears me, but this is fantastic, and also hominy with smoked cheese and smoked meat on a fire and much more if you go to Abkhazia, you will understand me!

Marianna Orlikova, hello, I read your comment, and I had a question for you: You can tell how the Imeretin cheese differs from the Adyghe, except for the name, of course.

Here I would be interested to know.


Hello to all fans to experiment. Today they prepared khachapuri.

All right. Only after baking the dough on the sides turned out very tough. Like bread.

Tell me what to do to make it soft.

Dear Sergey, as well as the author of the recipe. Let me make your life much easier.

In khachapuri (be they of any origin: Mingrelian, Imeretian or Ajarian) it is not Suluguni that is put, and certainly not Adygei cheese. buy imeretinsky cheese on the market from Georgians — this is what you need. Then nothing will be dry, and the cheese can be put in an empty way right in the boat)

Dear Ladies!

Allow a few comments. Long hooked on Khachapuri (Adzhar, Imeretinsky, Megrelian) and Khinkali. Since then, improve their cooking skills.

As for khachapuri in Adzhar: the first three times he made a boat, and then he put the cheese. And every time I was puzzled: why is the dry dough and what is the secret of preparing the dough. The otgadka was simple: you only need to make a boat after putting cheese on the dough.

Then get a soaked and settled side. And on cheese: I mix Suluguni with Adyghe.

If only Adygei, then it will turn out dry, how much do not moisten with eggs and milk.

I hope you will be useful! You can throw your opinion on the mail

Good morning!

Thank you for the wonderful recipe, everything worked out for me))) my husband said that to taste as well as in Batumi in a cafe 🙂 the dough is very soft and tasty 🙂 Suluguni cheese is a binding condition.

Good day to all.

I stayed with my wife in Sukhumi, I did not eat the best boats than theirs on the embankment (I don’t remember the name of the cafe — 2 floors, opposite the ruined hotel, etc), although I live in the Krasnodar Territory and we have a sufficient number of nationalities who cook great.

Preparing yesterday for this recipe. I was worried about the flour, I thought it would not work, but no, everything was remarkably elevated. From the specified number of products came out 4 average khachapuri.

I agree about the fact that the cheese should be put later, and in my case, probably smaller, a lot of cheese spilled on the baking sheet.

But nevertheless, Khachapuri was a success, a friend of her husband, a Georgian, was delighted with both the Ojakhuri and them, the recipe was taken from the same site. Thank)

Last year I was in Batumi and I had to not only try khachapuri, but also see how it was cooked.

What yummy. Adjarian khachapuri is just a class.

Most likely, just pereushyli little.

The recipe is good, but the dough turned out hard after baking, like a cracker: (

Good and clear recipe.

But pay attention to the comments. From them I emphasized that you should put the cheese 15 minutes before readiness.

So he is softer.

The dough is tasty, soft.


Khachapuri is more delicious than in Batumi simply no!

A good recipe, only had to reduce portions.

Khachapuri is delicious hot.


Products taken as indicated here, but in the amount of a little different, at its discretion.

It turns out delicious!

And who writes that the recipe is bad, he simply does not know how to cook pastries, I think so.

The best khachapuri in Tyumen!

Cafe Urartu. I ate 5 with my girlfriend Masha per night.

We glut oneself.

Just baked, given the amendments with the amount of flour. The dough turned out beautiful, tasty, tender, but. I was let down by cheese! Where are the real, natural products?

I bought Suluguni, after baking it turned into plastic. just spoiled the whole mood, the dough with egg and butter was eaten in 5 minutes))) cheese. Alas, I had to spit it out, sorry for the details.

And the recipe is good!

Such khachapuri ate in Batumi Everything else tastes everyone But the ray of Batumi is not

I work as a cook in a restaurant.

Adjara is our hit.

The dough is much simpler than the recipe.

In the filling is 3 types of cheese.

Guests just love it.

the most delicious Khachapuri in Tbilisi and there’s nothing to argue about here)))

All the cafes listed are self-advertisement, there were at least two of the listed ones, incl. in loo, complete nonsense.

Only in Sukhumi on the embankment is true!

The recipe is wrong. Khachapuri will be tough here. and cheese is delicious when it is mixed in the already risen dough.

This is Adjar

Not the correct test recipe is specified, not such should be khachapuri.

I tried and realized that it was not, I would look for another recipe.

the most delicious khachapuri loo in heavenly delight, 5 years we eat only there

Thank you for a wonderful recipe. I have already done 5 times. Boats are smaller than 7-8 pieces for one portion of dough. What is not immediately eaten in the freezer.

Then only in the microwave, more cheese and an egg. My daughter loves smoked sausage or tacos under the egg. And there is always a reserve, came to wash the tired hungry 10 minutes and the food is ready.

I used to eat them in Saturn in Kiev, but this recipe is much tastier.

My husband — the Turks in general delighted. And he is not so easy to please.

Thank you very much! . And Hi from snowy Norway.

I tried. Tasty, but the dough turned dry.

I think you need less flour and pinch the dough on its sides, so that the cheese is inside.

Good recipe!


But I didn’t have 6 and 3.5 khachapuri! (2 regular and one made a large, 2 eggs from the remnants of the dough). Next time I will put more yeast, a bag of 11g. many will not.

And another important point: put the cheese not at the beginning of cooking, but 10-15 minutes after the test.

That is, they put the dough in the oven, it rose, then you take out and sleep with melted cheese, again in the oven for 5-7 minutes, you take out and break the egg.

If you put the cheese right away, it will bake with a crust and you will not be able to stir it inside the boat with the egg.

Great recipe, flour put about 350g and turned out amazing.

The whole family was delighted.

Ate everything in 5 minutes.

Thank you for such a wonderful recipe!

I do not know how anyone, but I liked the recipe: the dough turned out airy and soft. flour and the truth should be less, 350-400 grams, but it is easy to find out empirically (no one immediately all the flour thumps in the yeast dough). And who failed, apparently preparing for the first time ..)

I tried the first time in the restaurant the same boat, then I cooked it myself at home. The recipe is good, it turned out delicious. but the flour should not be placed 500g, but how much will take the dough, that is, less.

I did not like the recipe. Sorry for the time and products. the dough was hard as a sole. someone said 500 grams of flour a lot, I think so too. not at all what I wanted. seems to have done everything according to the recipe, right. I would not recommend this recipe to friends.

Very tasty! Khachapuri has never seen such a form!

khachapuri ate in the smoke kitchen of Tbilisi this taste has not yet met the form is not a boat but around

khachapuri ate in the smoke kitchen of Tbilisi this taste has not yet met the form is not a boat but around

and we like the way they cook in hot pizza in Krasnodar

500g. flour is a lot.

Enough 350g.

The most delicious Khachapuri in Adzhar were on the Sukhumi embankment!

I tried it in Adler, I did not like it at all!

Beautiful khachapuri were in Sukhumi in a cafe "North".

And recently ordered in the Georgian restaurant on Karavannaya.


me "plagued by vague doubts" — and you yourself made the dough for this recipe.

500 g of flour per 1 glass of milk turns out a very cool lump, now I am waiting, will it work!

I make à la ryus pies with khachapurnogo dough with potatoes, cheese (with potatoes better). It is necessary to fry them in butter, put on paper, so that the extra butter is gone, if you raise the dough for a long time, they immediately become pies, without any oven.

Tried to do "national khachapuri" and I realized that it is necessary to take from all national varieties simply the most optimal and stupid to make pies "a la ryus".

She ate this snack in a cafe in Sochi, and a cafe in the market in Adler and in a cafe on the embankment in Sukhum. but tastes best at visiting Karina — in Gudauta. what a dough! and what she makes cheese!

Batumi is really the most delicious khachapuri!

Ela Khachapuri in Verkhnearmyansky Loo in a cafe "Paradisaic delight".

It is really heavenly.

very tasty cooked in Lazarevskaya in the Gorka cafe we ​​recommend it to everyone if you’ll stay there to rest

In Batumi, the most delicious "Adjara khachapuri"

ate in Sochi, cafe old bazaar. very tasty

Ela in Sochi village Lazarevsii, cafe "The hill" delicious.

ate in Sochi in a cafe "Natasha". Sumptuously!

I really liked it. Now I want to bake for my family!

Also ate in Sochi.

Sooooo delicious.

Ate abjold khachapuri Adzhar-style in Sochi, in a restaurant "Waters Lagidze".

I advise everyone !!

written with great knowledge, thank you very much

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