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10 reasons to eat apples every day

We know that there is so much iron in apples that for anemic ladies this is the number one product.

But in fact, the benefits of apples are not limited to this: it’s not for nothing that they say that if you eat an apple a day, no doctor will be needed.

First, the apple diet does not like "bad" LDL cholesterol. He is sharply declining, if you make a habit of eating a couple of small apples daily.

Cholesterol plaques are the cause of such dangerous diseases as hypertension, heart attack and stroke. Scientists have proven that apples help fight these problems even more effectively than drugs.

And in apples a lot of potassium, which is very important for the walls of blood vessels.

So, eating an apple, we immediately get a lot of bonuses: we get rid of puffiness, strengthen the heart, provide prevention of varicose veins, clean the vessels and become healthier at times.

In apples, there is a lot of vitamin C. In the beginning of the cold season, apples are one of the most accessible sources of this antioxidant vitamin, which is important for our immunity.

And if you have a cold, you will not find a better food for restoring health than baked apples.

Scientists believe that the flavonoids, which are contained in the apple peel, and the same vitamin C, which has antioxidant properties, are effective prevention against cancer. Antioxidants prevent the appearance of cancer cells.

For example, studies have shown that apple lovers are 50 percent less likely to suffer from lung cancer.

Scientists have shown that regular consumption of apples (or apple juice, only freshly squeezed, and not from packages) increases the level of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the human brain.

This biologically active substance is involved in the process of remembering information, and it is his lack that causes Alzheimer’s disease.

You can brush your teeth after eating, or you can eat lunch with an apple.

The dense pulp of the fruit helps to clean the enamel, and the acids that it contains, cope with bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Apples are one of the few "non-sea" products, which contains iodine. Not so much in the pulp as in the seeds. They can and should be eaten to ikvidirovat iodine deficiency.

But no more than 6 pips per day!

Apples contain substances useful for nerve cells, such as B vitamins, glutamic acid and phosphorus.

This means that a person who regularly eats apples is not so afraid of depression, chronic fatigue and apathy.

The apples really are rejuvenating, they help to prolong the youth of our skin and maintain its tone.

For this, we also have to say thanks to the antioxidant — vitamin C. But for this purpose, apples can not only be taken inside, but also externally used.

Grate 1 tbsp. l apple pulp, mix with sour cream and (or) olive oil and hold for 15 minutes on the face.

And the skin will become like a bulk apple!

Apple fasting days are a classic, in order to quickly lose a couple of kilograms and cleanse the body, they are recommended to arrange at least a couple of times a month. The calories in apples are few, the content of valuable vitamins and microelements is high, so apples form the basis of many diets.

An important caveat: to sit on an apple diet of fresh fruit is only possible for people with a healthy stomach.

The rest is better to take them in baked form.

American scientists have proven that apples are one of the best means of preventing muscle atrophy: a disease for which no cure has yet been found.

But the peel of apples contains ursolic acid, which can affect the disease.

It helps to increase muscle mass by reprogramming the genes that are responsible for the loss of muscle mass and replace it with fat.

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