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Vegetable soup mashed potatoes — diet photo recipe for weight loss (Lenten dish)

Vegetable soup mashed potatoes — diet photo recipe for weight loss (Lenten dish)

Vegetable soup puree, prepared according to a dietary recipe, will be a real find for all those who at least once adhered to this or that diet knows how to pull on the «delicious». And sometimes it is very, very difficult to restrain yourself! But still this situation is not hopeless. There are such dishes that are not only very tasty, but also low-calorie. These are just the vegetable soup of mashed potatoes with beans, which we suggest you to try.

Its undoubted advantage is ease of preparation, and therefore even beginners in cooking can master it. In addition, the time for the preparation of this dish needs quite a bit.

However, this is not the end of a number of positive qualities of vegetable soup with beans. Indeed, in addition to all the characteristics listed above, it also has another very important one, namely, its use. The thing is that this dish consists of a variety of vegetables and herbs, which are full of vitamins and trace elements that are necessary for humans.

In general, this soup, no matter how cool you are, is very good, and therefore we suggest you to study the recipe of its preparation and take note of it! By the way, this dish also belongs to the category of lean soups.

So, let’s start cooking!

  • Canned beans

  • Onion
    (2 pcs.)

  • Carrot
    (1 PC.)

  • Green beans

  • Zucchini
    (1 PC.)

  • Spinach

  • Broccoli
    (several inflorescences)

  • Garlic
    (4 cloves)

  • Olive oil
    (4 tbsp.)

  • Soy sauce
    (3 tbsp.)

  • Water
    (1 l)

  • Food salt

  • Prunes

  • Rucola
    (for decoration)

  • Pistachios
    (for decoration)

Prepare the necessary ingredients.

Now you should thoroughly wash all the vegetables, peel them and cut into cubes (but not too large). Then it will be necessary to lower the onion, carrot, beans (green) and broccoli in boiling water and boil it all over low heat for about ten minutes.

In the pan to the vegetables need to add zucchini, spinach and beans, as well as spicy herbs. All this must be boiled over low heat for another ten minutes.

Next to the boiled vegetables add chopped garlic, olive oil and soy sauce. We bring all this into a uniform consistency using a blender.

At this stage, we have to cook a sauce of prunes. To do this, first chop the onion finely and fry it in oil until softened. Then we put the prunes in the pan and pour it with a glass of water. Stew these ingredients in this way for about fifteen minutes, until half of all the water is evaporated. Then add garlic to this mass and crush it all with a blender to a smooth consistency.

Now our dietary vegetable soup of mashed potatoes with beans for waking up is ready and can be poured into plates, seasoned with prune sauce. You can decorate this dish with arugula and crushed pistachios.

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