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Transparent veal meat broth — delicious cooking recipe with photo

Delicious photo recipe, how to cook a strong and transparent meat broth from veal

Meat broth, and in particular, veal broth — This is one of the necessary components in the preparation of many first courses. It is the basis for soups, and therefore it is very important to cook it correctly!

So, meat broths can be different, since they can be cooked from any kind of meat. It may be beef, veal, pork, chicken etc. In general, the main difference is the fat content of the broth or its strength. The smaller it is, the more useful this component is. For example, chicken broth has the lowest fat content. It is considered dietary.

As a rule, in meat broth add a variety of vegetables and herbs. This makes it more fragrant and nourishing.

In this particular recipe, we offer you to explore all the subtleties and peculiarities of cooking transparent veal meat broth!

First of all, you need to understand that the broth will turn out to be more nourishing and strong if you cook it not only on meat, but also on the brain bone.

The choice of meat, in this case, veal, must be taken very responsible, because the taste of the future first course depends on how good the meat will be.

Remember that before you begin any manipulations with meat you need to wash it well!

Now it’s the turn of the vegetables. They must also be present in the meat broth. Thanks to him, it will turn out more nourishing and fragrant.

At this stage we will proceed directly to cooking the broth. Veal lay in a deep pan. There we also send our vegetables and herbs, which need to be washed in advance. Then we fill all this with water and set it on a strong fire. We are waiting for boiling. After this point, the fire should be reduced and cover the pan with a lid.

The broth should be on the stove until the meat is well cooked.

* Remove the foam that is formed during the preparation of meat broth, and then it will turn out more transparent.

After the meat broth is ready, it is necessary to remove all the vegetables from it and mercilessly throw them out, since they have already given up all their taste and flavor. Veal also remove. It is useful for the preparation of another independent dish, or it can be further used for cooking soup.

In general, it is desirable to strain the broth so that nothing extra is left in it!

Meat broth can be cooked for future use! It is permissible to freeze it, and as cooking with the use of this component, it will just need to be defrosted.

* Please note that the broth salt should not, so salt is added already during the preparation of the main dish!

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