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Thai soup Tom Yam — recipe based on coconut milk with shrimp

Thai soup Tom Yam — a recipe for how to cook it on the basis of coconut milk with shrimp

Thai soup Tom Yam — this is probably the dish that every person has tried in Thailand at least once, because it is a traditional dish for this country. Its savory taste will not leave anyone indifferent!

Unusually in this soup is also the fact that it is prepared on the basis of coconut milk. It gives it sophistication and makes it truly special!

I would like to note that there is no standard recipe for preparing Tom Yam, because for different regions the set of products from which it is prepared varies. Also, each chef has his own secrets that make this dish just unique! Therefore, do not be surprised that in different restaurants the taste of this soup can vary, and sometimes quite significantly!

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with a less traditional recipe of this dish and take note of it!

  • Basil
    (1/2 bunch)

  • Water
    (5 glasses)

  • Ginger root
    (1 tbsp.)

  • Coconut milk
    (400 ml)

  • King prawns
    (16 pcs.)

  • Sesame oil
    (3 tbsp.)

  • Lemongrass
    (2 tbsp. — leaves)

  • Lemon juice
    (1 tbsp.)

  • Ground black pepper
    (2 tsp.)

  • Ground chili pepper
    (2 tsp.)

  • Fish sauce
    (3 tbsp.)

  • Food salt
    (1 tbsp.)

  • Garlic
    (6 cloves)

Cook shrimp in water for about five to ten minutes.

We do not pour out the broth obtained when cooking shrimp, as it will come in handy later!

* Finished shrimp will need to be cleaned and rinsed thoroughly with water.

Carefully wash my chilli, basil leaves and lemongrass.

We clean the lemongrass and cut it into small circles.

Cut into thin slices of chili pepper.

* This procedure is preferably done in rubber gloves.

On a fine grater, rub the ginger and chop the garlic into small pieces.

In sesame oil, for about three minutes, fry chili, grated ginger, garlic, and lemongrass.

Fry the resulting fry into a saucepan and add fish sauce to it. Cook over low heat for about five minutes.

Next, add shrimp broth to the pan, but do not add the shrimp, as well as coconut milk. Boil it all for ten minutes.

At the final stage, we add lemon juice, shrimps, basil leaves and cook it for about five minutes to our Thai Tom Yam soup in coconut milk. Then the soup should be allowed to infuse.

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