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Strawberry Almond Soup — Recipe for a Light Summer Dish

Recipe for a light summer dish, namely strawberry soup with almonds

Strawberry Almond Soup — This is a great dish that you can enjoy in the summer. They serve it chilled, and therefore, in the summer heat, such a dessert can become a full-fledged replacement for the first courses we are used to.

Besides the fact that strawberry soup is incredibly tasty, it is also quite useful, because during its preparation does not require heat treatment. This means that all the healthy ingredients found in strawberries and almonds are fully preserved.

Also to the undoubted advantages of this dish is also the simplicity of its preparation, which will allow even its beginners to learn to master it. And the time for cooking will take quite a bit.

We invite everyone to join the photo study on the preparation of a delicious strawberry soup with almonds!

Well rinse strawberries from dirt and sand. Then remove the stem from each berry.

Peel the almonds. In order to facilitate this procedure, Fill the nuts with boiling water and leave them for ten minutes. Then we wash the almonds with cold water (it can be tap water). Now again pour nuts with boiling water and wait another ten minutes. Then you need to take a nut, just put pressure on him and he will jump out of the rind. So without much suffering and you can clear the almonds!

Now all the ingredients, namely, strawberries, almond milk, almond butter, almonds and maple syrup (can be replaced with sugar), send to a blender and grind them well.

We decompose the resulting strawberry soup with mashed potatoes and almonds in a plate and send it to cool in the fridge for at least two hours!

* Do not store strawberry soup with almonds more than one day!

** Serving the dish to the table, decorate it with strawberry pieces and whole almonds.

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