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Poltava borsch — simple step-by-step recipe of cooking with photos

Poltava borsch — This is one of the varieties of classic Ukrainian borscht. Its feature is to use a special dressing, which is prepared on the basis of lard, garlic and greens.. All these ingredients in a mortar fray in a homogeneous mass. The result is a rather peculiar dressing, giving the borsch some kind of savory note.

Most often, Poltava borscht is cooked on poultry meat — duck or goose. Although it is acceptable to use and any other meat. It all depends on the personal taste preferences of the person who cooks such a dish.

In general, the set of ingredients for Poltava borscht is not particularly different from the set of ingredients of the classic Ukrainian borscht. It also uses beetroot, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes and onions.

So, let’s start cooking the borscht in Poltava!

  • Pork flesh
    (1 kg)

  • Beet
    (1 PC.)

  • Carrot
    (1 PC.)

  • White cabbage
    (1 PC.)

  • Bulgarian sweet pepper
    (1 PC.)

  • Potatoes
    (4 things.)

  • A tomato
    (3 pcs.)

  • Tomato Puree

  • Garlic
    (3 cloves)

  • Onion
    (1 PC.)

  • Salted lard

  • Food salt

  • Ground black pepper

First of all, when cooking Poltava borscht, we will make sure that all the necessary ingredients are present, and also prepare them.

In this case, we will use pork. Please note that before cooking you must wash the meat well!

Cook the broth! To do this, place the meat in a deep pan and fill it with two liters of water. We will boil over high heat, and after boiling we turn it down. In this case, the resulting foam must be constantly removed.

To make the broth aromatic and have a richer taste in the cooking process, it is necessary to add bay leaf and peppercorns to it.

In general, the time required for cooking broth is determined by the readiness of the meat.

While broth is boiling, it is necessary to peel carrots and beets, and then cut them into strips.

Then send the vegetables to the pan with the meat.

Chop peppers, tomatoes and potatoes (medium-sized pieces), as well as chop cabbage.

Now we are preparing the refueling. To do this, peel the onion, cut it finely and fry in a pan until it becomes transparent.

When the onion reaches the desired state, add tomatoes to it and put it all together.

Now add some tomato paste and a couple of tablespoons of sour cream to the zazharochka. Put it together a couple of minutes later.

This is how a properly cooked zazharka for Poltava borscht should look like.

At this stage, we get the meat out of the broth and let it cool a little.

Now separate the pork from the bone (if there is one, of course) and cut into small cubes, and then return it back to the broth.

We add to our Poltava borschik pre-peeled and chopped potatoes.

Ten minutes later we send finely chopped cabbage into a pan with borscht.

We cut the sweet Bulgarian pepper into small strips and then send it to the borsch.

Now let’s do the preparation of a special refueling. For this we need lard, garlic and dill. All three ingredients need to be cut as small as possible.

We draw your attention to the fact that fat should be as small as possible meat layers. It is also permissible to use old bacon, it will give our dish a special and incomparable taste!

To prepare the dressing, we need only a teaspoon of finely chopped bacon.

So, all three ingredients (lard, garlic and dill) are placed in a mortar and mash them into a homogeneous mass.

Salt our borschik and add sugar and all the necessary spices to it.

It was the turn zazharki. Finally, and it can be safely sent to the pot with borscht!

And at the very end, it was the turn of our refueling of fat and garlic. Add it to the soup and give him some time to make it real.

Serve soup in Poltava should be added to it a little sour cream or mayonnaise.

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