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Okroshka on water is a simple step-by-step recipe

How to cook okroshka on water — a simple step-by-step recipe for cooking with a photo?

Okroshka on water is a traditional dish of Slavic cuisine. Both Belarusian and Russian, and Ukrainian hostesses prepare it. The dish is very simple and its preparation does not take much time.

The basis of okroshka is vegetables, although it is acceptable to add mushrooms, meat and fish. In this case, the classic recipe of this dish is transformed and it acquires several different flavors, which in general does not spoil it, but rather even vice versa.

Okroshka belongs to the first dishes to the category of cold soups. Although it can easily be transformed into a salad. To do this, you just need to fill it with mayonnaise and not add water, kvass or any other traditional liquids for refueling.

This dish is especially important in the summer because it is served cold.

Join the exploration of our simple recipe with step-by-step photos, and you can easily and quickly learn how to cook the classic version of okroshka on mineral water!

  • Potatoes

  • Radish

  • Green onion

  • Dill

  • Mustard
    (1 tsp)

  • Ground black pepper
    (1/4 tsp)

  • Egg
    (5 pieces.)

  • Cucumbers
    (300 g)

  • Parsley

  • Sour cream

  • Salt
    (1/2 tsp)

  • Mineral water
    (1000 ml)

At the initial stage of cooking okroshka we have to boil the potatoes (in the uniform), as well as hard-boiled eggs. After the potatoes and eggs are ready, they need to be cooled and peeled and shelled, respectively.

Next, we should do the preparation of vegetables and herbs. They need to be well washed in running water, and then give them a little time to dry.

Now it is necessary to cut cucumbers into small cubes. If cucumbers are bitter, they will first need to be peeled.

Cut radish into half rings. Do not forget that all components of okroshka should be finely chopped! Therefore, make radish slices thin. Also at this stage we will need to chop the green onions.

Boiled potatoes cut into small cubes, approximately the same as in the case of cucumbers. Further, we are engaged in chopping parsley and dill (hard stems removed).

Now we have to do chopping eggs. If possible, they should also be cut into small cubes, then add to the already chopped vegetables and greens.

We make refueling for our okroshka. For this we need mustard, sour cream, salt and ground black pepper. All this needs to be well mixed!

Dressing should be added to okroshka immediately before serving it to the table.

Add mineral water to okroshka and let it brew for thirty minutes. You can also further cool this dish.

Now our okroshka on mineral water is ready!

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