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Okroshka on Tan with chicken — delicious photo recipe, how to cook

Recipe with a photo of how to cook delicious okroshka on the dance with chicken

Okroshka on tanne with chicken — This is a wonderful tasty summer dish and if you do not know how to cook it, then it does not matter, we will help you! We know a lot of great recipes and will be happy to share them! So, for example, in this photo recipe we will tell you how to cook some unusual okroshka, because instead of sausage we will use chicken meat, and as a gas station — an exotic Tan drink for us.

Tan is a fermented milk drink made on the basis of goat or cow milk with the addition of special starters.

In general, this okroshka is prepared with a standard list of ingredients. As the meat component serves chicken fillet, as we mentioned earlier. Unusually, this dish is due to the drink with which it is charged. It gives okroshka pleasant acidity and perfectly emphasizes the taste of all its components.

In general, without further ado, let’s start studying the recipe!

  • Potatoes

  • Chicken fillet

  • Cucumbers

  • Green onion

  • Salt
    (1/2 tsp)

  • Egg
    (4 things.)

  • Mustard
    (2 tsp.)

  • Radish

  • Dill

  • Drink tang
    (900 ml)

First of all, boil the potatoes in their uniforms. After it is ready (readiness is checked by how easily the knife enters directly into the potato), it should be immediately filled with cold water. This is necessary in order to further be easy to peel.

Next, clean the potatoes accordingly and cut them into cubes.

Now it’s the turn of eggs. They need to boil hard and also pour cold water (so you can more easily separate the shell from the egg).

After we clean the eggs and separate the white from the yolk. Protein finely chopped.

We sprinkle the yolk with mustard until it becomes homogeneous.

Chicken fillet must be boiled, and this should be done in advance. Then it needs to be cooled and cut into small pieces.

Now let’s get some cucumbers. First of all, you need to wash well. Then try what the cucumber tastes like, if the peel is bitter, then it needs to be cleaned. Then cut the cucumber into small cubes.

Take a radish. It also needs to be well washed and cut off the tails. After that, the radish should be finely chopped.

Finely nishinkuem greens. At this stage it can be salted.

In the last step, we mix all the ingredients that have been harvested before. If necessary, add some okroshka.

Serve okroshka with chicken on the table should be pre-fill her drink Tan. You can also fill this dish with sour cream at will and decorate it with a sprig of greens.

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