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Mutton Kharcho — a simple, step-by-step photo recipe for making Georgian soup

A simple step by step photo recipe of how to cook Georgian lamb kharcho soup

Lamb kharcho — This is the most characteristic dish representative of Georgian cuisine. It is a kind of business card of the country.

It is a lamb kharcho spicy soup. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is prepared on the basis of a very unusual filling, which consists of a drain of a certain type (Tkemali and Tklapi). In the absence of such a dressing, you can use pomegranate juice. Although our hostesses successfully cooked kharcho on the basis of tomatoes.

The process of cooking this Georgian dish is not so complicated, but it still has its own characteristics and some secrets. Only knowing them you can cook really real soup Kharcho!

In general, join this simple step-by-step photo recipe and then you will not have any problems with the preparation of delicious Georgian soup Kharcho!

  • Mutton

  • Butter
    (3 tbsp.)

  • Onion
    (2 pcs.)

  • Wheat flour
    (1 tbsp.)

  • Tomato Paste
    (3 tbsp.)

  • Canned Tomatoes
    (455 g)

  • Groats rice
    (1/4 cup)

  • Garlic
    (3 cloves)

  • Walnut
    (1/4 cup)

  • Food salt
    (1/2 tsp)

  • Dried basil
    (1/4 tsp)

  • Ground chili pepper
    (1/3 tsp)

  • Dried paprika
    (3/4 tsp)

  • Dried mint
    (1/4 tsp)

  • Ground coriander
    (3/4 tsp)

  • Ground black pepper
    (1/4 tsp)

  • Lemon juice
    (3/4 tsp)

  • Hay Fenugreek (Fenugreek)

  • Parsley
    (3 tbsp.)

  • Dill
    (1/4 tsp)

First of all, let’s cook lamb. Before cooking, the meat must be washed in water. Then it must be cut into about five identical pieces and send them to roast in a deep frying pan. Roast lamb should be on high heat until a brown crust. After that, the meat should be poured with water (approximately eight cups) and simmer it for at least an hour and a half.

While the meat is being cooked on the stove, you can start cooking the other components of the kharcho soup. So, cut the onions into cubes and let us pass it in a frying pan until a golden crust is formed. Then add a little broth to the onions and stew for a while.

To pasted onions, you should add tomato paste and the tomatoes themselves, as well as all the necessary spices. All this should be a little more stew, and then send in a saucepan with the prepared broth. After this, the harvesting for the kharcho will need to be brought to a boil.

Now let’s do some rice. It must first be rinsed well, and only then sent to a pot of boiling kharcho. Boil it is necessary for ten minutes.

At this stage, you should do the processing of meat. It, as you understand, must be pulled out of the broth, taken from the bones and cut into small pieces. After the lamb must be sent to the pan with kharcho.

We crack walnuts with garlic and a little salt, turning it all into a less homogeneous mass. Then also add to the pot.

Now our lamb kharcho can only be salted and seasoned, add lemon juice and leave on the stove for another fifteen minutes, so that the rice boils well.

Sprinkle the soup with greens and leave it to infuse (about ten minutes in time). Now our Georgian lamb kharcho soup is ready!

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