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Meat with mushrooms in pots — baked in the oven (photo recipe)

How to cook meat with mushrooms baked in pots?

Meat with mushrooms in pots — incredibly tasty and easy to prepare dish. Many hostesses like to treat their guests with such a work of culinary art. The dish turns out very nourishing and tasty. The recipe can easily be changed. In this way, in the pot you can send any meat, any mushrooms, as well as any vegetables that are available in the refrigerator.

Although cooking meat with mushrooms in pots takes an hour and a half, most of the time it takes to bake it. Obviously, you need to make a minimum effort, but the result will exceed all your expectations, and the delicious smells from the oven will not leave anyone indifferent!

In this photo recipe, we suggest you to cook one of the interpretations of the “pots” with pork, dried mushrooms and champignons.

  • Pork neck

  • Potatoes
    (400 g)

  • Onion

  • Carrot

  • Dried white mushroom

  • Champignon

  • Sour cream
    (6 tbsp.)

  • Water
    (12 tablespoons)

  • Food salt

  • Ground black pepper

The first thing you need to get the pots (in this case there will be six) and thoroughly wash them from dust, and then wipe dry with a clean kitchen towel.

Now you can proceed directly to the preparation of the ingredients of this dish. We start with potatoes. It needs to be peeled, and then thoroughly washed under a tap. After that, we cut the potatoes into small plates of medium size.

Putting the potatoes in pots, evenly distributing the amount of this vegetable in each of them.

* Please note that potatoes and other vegetables must be under the meat so that the fat released from it during baking, soaks them.

Now it was the turn of the carrot. She, like the potatoes, is first peeled and then washed. After cutting the carrots into rings, which are subsequently divided into four parts.

* Carrots can of course be grated, but large pieces will give a more saturated taste.

At this stage, sliced ​​carrots should also be evenly distributed in pots.

Now let’s take a bow: clean it from the husk and cut it into large half rings.

* In order to avoid watering the eyes during onion cutting, pre-cool it in the refrigerator (15-20 minutes) or hold it under cold water for a couple of minutes.

Now it was the turn to put the onions in the pots. As in the previous cases, this vegetable should be distributed evenly.

Let’s do pork. First of all, we wash it with tap water and then cut it into cubes of medium or large size.

* The dish will be tastier if you use fresh meat, and not thawed. If, nevertheless, you decided to defrost pork, then do not rush to cut frozen meat, but wait until it is completely defrosted. Otherwise it will turn out dry.

Putting the pieces of pork in the pots.

Finally, it was the turn of mushrooms! The first in the pots, we will send dried white mushrooms. Thoroughly wash them, and only then add to our dish. White mushrooms will give the «pots» an incredible flavor!

At this stage, you should distribute the white dried mushrooms in pots.

Now let’s do some mushrooms. They need to be thoroughly washed and cut into slices. These mushrooms can not be cleaned!

Spread the champignons in equal portions.

So, we are approaching the final! In each pot, add one tablespoon of sour cream (you can choose the fat content of this product at your discretion) and two tablespoons of water. At the same stage, the dish should be salt and pepper. If you wish, you can add any other spices.

Now close the pots with lids and send them for an hour in the oven, preheated to two hundred degrees.

* We advise you to warm the oven in advance — 15 minutes before you send pots to it.

After an hour, we take out the pots from the oven and put the tasty dish on the plate so that it will quickly cool down and enjoy it soon!

* Do not leave the pots in the oven after they are ready, because you risk to overdry meat.

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