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Kurze with nettle — photo recipe of Dagestan dumplings

Kurze with nettles — how to cook this Dagestan dish?

Kurze with nettles — This is a popular traditional dish of Dagestan. Mostly it is prepared in the spring, because it is during this period that nettle begins to sing. For us, this recipe is not too common, however, those who try to cook real kurze will understand all the advantages of this dish.

Fresh nettle stuffing, which has a huge amount of vitamins and is incredibly healthy, makes this dish incredibly healthy, as well as savory and unusual in taste.. Each hostess, undoubtedly, will please and pleasantly surprise their guests with this amazing recipe! Moreover, kurze, like the usual dumplings or dumplings, can be prepared in advance and stored in the freezer, and then used at any convenient time. In general, do not waste time in vain, but join this photo recipe and prepare real Dagestan Kurze dumplings!

First you need to thoroughly clean and wash fresh nettles, then dry well. Thereafter it must be ground finely enough using a knife or blender.

Then you need to wash and finely chop the onion. Next, put the chopped onion in a well heated pan and fry it for a few minutes for a few minutes. Then add the prepared nettle to the onions and continue cooking on low heat for 7-10 minutes.

Now mix the nettle with onion in a separate container and, when the filling has cooled, break the egg into it. You will also need all this a little salt and pepper.

After it is necessary to prepare or in advance to buy ordinary unleavened dough, which is necessary thin enough to roll and using the cup to divide it into circles.

In the resulting circles add quite a lot of stuffing and tightly close up the edges of each Kurzee in the form of a pigtail.

Then we set to warm up the pot with salted water and, bringing the water to a boil, we throw our kurze into the pan. Immediately mix them so as not to stick together, and when they come up, cook for 7-10 minutes.

Ready-made kurze with nettles are usually served with peanut sauce (a mixture of walnuts with a little vegetable oil) or with ordinary sour cream.

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