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Homemade dumplings — simple photo recipe

How to cook delicious dumplings at home?

The recipe of cooking these traditional homemade ravioli certainly must be present in the arsenal of each hostess. This is a universal way to tasty and satisfying to feed the whole family. In many countries of the world there are analogues of our dumplings: for example, in Italy they are ravioli, in Central Asia and in the Caucasus — manti and khinkali, in China — wonton, and in Russia and Belarus — sorcerers.

However, it is Ukrainian dumplings with a combination of minced beef and pork, onions and spices, dressed with sour cream — are a tasty and very satisfying dish, famous throughout the world. Moreover, they can be prepared in advance and stored in the freezer until necessary. Such dumplings are loved by both adults and children. Great meal for the whole family!

First prepare the dough. To do this, mix the flour and salt, sift into a bowl in a slide and make a small depression in the middle, where pour about 300 ml of water. Knead dough and wrapping it in cling film, leave to rest at room temperature for 30-40 minutes.

Next, you need to clean the meat from the veins and excess fat, then cut into medium pieces.

Using a blender or grinder, make minced meat from prepared meat.

Now you need to wash and clean the onions, and then also chop them finely enough.

Then it is necessary to combine minced meat and onions and, adding water or broth, mix thoroughly. Salt and pepper.

After this, you need to lightly flour the surface and roll the rested dough thinly enough. Using a glass, slice the dough into circles. about 6-7 cm in diameter. Put stuffing in the middle of each circle.

Next, you need to wrap the stuffed circle in half and squeeze tightly along the edges.

Two corners of dumpling join together. Arrange the dumplings on the plate, sprinkled with a small amount of flour. After that, they can be sent to the freezer and stored until the required event, or cook in boiling salted water when they float for 4-5 minutes.

In the finished homemade dumplings, add a small piece of butter so that they do not stick together, and serve with fresh chopped greens and sour cream.

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