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Homemade chicken and cheese pizza — a simple recipe

Pizza is one of the most beloved and popular dishes of our time. They cook it in almost all cafes, and in almost every house this dish often appears on the table. Everything from the fact that cooking pizza is very simple and fast, and at the same time it is very tasty! Perhaps the combination of these factors makes it so popular.

Hailing pizza from the sunny country of Italy. In the classic version she is a baked round tortilla with tomatoes and cheese. However, the traditional recipe was transformed more than once, and to this dish was added a mass of various components.

For example, in this case, we suggest you cook a pizza with chicken and cheese. Such a dish will surely please your family and they will ask to cook it more than once!

  • Basil
    (1 bunch)

  • Chicken fillet
    (2 pcs.)

  • Onion
    (2 pcs.)

  • Olive oil
    (2 tablespoons)

  • Unleavened dough
    (of necessity)

  • Hard cheese

  • Garlic
    (5 cloves)

  • Spinach
    (small bunch)

  • Food iodized salt

  • Ground black pepper

First of all, we will need to do chicken fillet. It must be washed in running water, and then cut into small pieces.

Now clean the onion and garlic from the husk. Shred the onion and chop the garlic as small as possible.

Then we put the pan to warm up and add a little oil, olive or sunflower oil. Fry the onion and garlic in it until golden brown. After we send there our fillet, cut into pieces. It is necessary to fry the chicken until its full readiness.

Now came the turn of the test. In this case, you can use either home (prepared in advance) or store. It is also permissible to use ready-made cakes, which in general will significantly reduce the time for preparing pizza.

So, roll out the dough and pour olive oil on top of it.

* We will not dwell on the nuances of making homemade pizza dough, since they can be found in the appropriate section of our website.

Now on the dough, you can spread roasted chicken fillet. We sprinkle it with basil on top, which we washed beforehand and finely chopped.

Next, let’s do spinach leaves. Wash them first, and then finely chop them. Now add this ingredient to our chicken pizza.

* By the way, it is quite possible to use frozen spinach in winter.

At the final stage, we sprinkle the pizza with finely grated cheese.

* When cooking this dish you can use the cheese that you like best.

** Do not forget salt and pepper pizza!

We send pizza with chicken in a preheated oven. Bake will be 15 minutes at a temperature of 220 degrees. If you use ready-made cakes, then the baking time can be reduced to 10 minutes and the temperature can be reduced to approximately 150 — 180 degrees.

We take out our incredibly tasty dish from the oven, let it cool a bit and cut it into pieces. Now homemade pizza with chicken and cheese can be served.

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