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Gadazelili — Georgian milk cream cheese soup — recipe with photo

Gadazelili (Georgian milk cream cheese soup) — a recipe for making delicious soup with a photo

Gadazelili — Georgian milk cheese cream soup, which has excellent taste characteristics. Although, by the way, Georgian cuisine is generally famous for its delicious dishes! That’s why we offer you to master the recipe of one of them with us. As mentioned earlier, it is called Gadazelili. This dish is nothing like a milk-cream cheese soup. It is quite simple to prepare, and by the same time it will take quite a bit, not more than twenty minutes. Regarding the taste of this first dish, it exceeds all expectations, and, for sure, will appeal even to the strongest in terms of cooking.

As for the name of this soup, it is the same name as the cheese from which it is prepared, but this is in the case of the classic recipe. Since Gadazelili is a rare visitor on the stores, we will replace him with mozzarella or cheese. At the same time, please note that if you use mozzarella, the soup will need to be salted in addition.

In general, we proceed to cooking in accordance with the recommendations of this step-by-step recipe with a photo!

  • Milk
    (500 ml)

  • White cheese
    (300 g — you can use mozzarella)

  • Mint
    (2-3 tsp)

  • Food salt
    (to taste, if using mozzarella)

  • Origanum (oregano)

Prepare the necessary ingredients in advance.

We cut cheese into fairly large pieces (either gadazelili, or brynza, or mozzarella). In addition, grind mint (do not forget to rinse it from dust and other contaminants).

Pour milk into a saucepan, bring it to a boil, and then put the previously sliced ​​cheese into it. For about three minutes all this is boiling, not forgetting to stir!

Remove the pan from the heat. Then take out the cheese and shift it to a deep bowl. This is necessary to knead it (just like dough). In the process of «kneading» to the cheese you need to add hot milk, but after a while pour back. This procedure must be repeated at least four times until our mozzarella or cheese is elastic. Also in the process of kneading cheese you need to add to it finely chopped mint.

Finely chop the cheese, lay it in plates, and then pour it with milk (it must be very hot).

Now Georgian milk cream cream soup Gadazelili is ready! You can decorate it with several leaves of mint.

* If desired, you can add oregano to this soup.

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