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Dry shampoo — a recipe how to make it your own hands at home

Dry hair shampoo — a recipe how to make it your own hands at home

Dry shampoo — A great tool for saving appearance. Modern people are very dependent on communal amenities — heating, lighting, hot water at any time. And if girls may reluctantly accept the temporary lack of heat and light, the lack of water can cause severe panic, the risk of looking untidy with unwashed hair is too high. And besides, there are situations when it is almost impossible to use hygiene products — unforeseen trips, abrupt changes of plans. Dry hair shampoo can help you in a difficult situation to tidy your hair.

The range of finished products is very diverse, manufacturers of cosmetic products can offer options for all hair types and shades. But, as a fashionable novelty, one bottle has a fairly high cost, and just enough for just a few procedures.

Dry hair shampoo is easy to prepare yourself at home, especially since you can choose the ingredients to your taste. Using such a care product can simultaneously solve several problems:

  • you can wash your hair less often without damaging the hair with synthetic aggressive ingredients;
  • the pigment in the painted curls will remain much longer;
  • The inclusion of caring components in the composition will ensure complete care.

In order to make a natural dry shampoo with your own hands, you can use quite affordable components. Some of them perform the function of an absorbent, others are able to add volume, freshen, heal, and even slightly add the necessary shade. By combining components, you can make the perfect care product.

The essence of his work is that the absorbent components absorb excess sebum when applied to the scalp. To do this, do not even need water, shampoo just combed out of the hair along with absorbed pollution. To do this, you can use regular wheat flour (for blondes), starch, talc, soda, kaolin. Each of them has its pros and cons, but, nevertheless, they all perform the assigned function.

To add shade to homemade dry shampoo, you can add cocoa, ground coffee, chicory and vegetable powders (henna, iris root, calamus, tea, mustard), and even activated charcoal and special cosmetic pigments. All of them contain a lot of substances useful to the hair and scalp, due to which such additives can also have a therapeutic effect.

To enhance the hair, the composition of dry shampoos is also introduced nutritional components — extracts of medicinal plants, amino acids, silk and keratin, proteins, mineral powders and salicylic acid. Each of them has a special function, so that your hair will become shiny, beautiful, smooth and docile.

Some recipes may not have the most fragrant aromas, you can correct the situation with the help of various fragrances. However, natural flavors will be useful for a good mood as a therapy. So, you can use ground spices (clove, cinnamon, anise), essential oils, synthetic fragrances and favorite perfumes as fragrant ingredients.

We offer you one of the proven recipes for natural shampoo, for the preparation of which you will need the following ingredients:

  • Rye flour;
  • potato starch;
  • chicory powder;
  • herbal extract at your discretion;
  • hydroxycellulose (available in specialized stores);
  • raspberry ketone solution;
  • lemon essential oil.

How to make a dry shampoo with your own hands at home?

The process of preparing a dry hair shampoo will take you just a few minutes.

First of all you need to sift all the components through a sieve to avoid the presence of large grains.

Next, mix 1 tablespoon of flour and starch, 1 teaspoon of chicory, a quarter of a teaspoon of vegetable extract and cellulose compound, add 2 drops of raspberry ketone and lemon oil. The mixture must be carefully grind to obtain a homogeneous powder.

By the way, such compositions can be used not only for hair, but also as a dry deodorant for legs and body, a mask for hair and face with the addition of any vegetable oil.

You can store dry shampoo in any container with perforations on the lid, for example, an old hodgepodge, pepper shaker, or a container for loose powder. You can simply pull a piece of gauze or nylon on the neck of the bottle. Apply the powder can be a brush for blush, powder puff or cotton sponge. If you added aromatic ingredients, then find a sealed container for storage.

Try for yourself new recipes of cosmetological means, with its help your hair will look attractive and well-groomed absolutely in any situation. We wish you a flight of fancy in drawing up recipes and getting an effective result.

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