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Dried bananas — the benefits and harm to the body; recipe how to make at home

Calorie content: 96 kcal.

The energy value of the product Dried bananas:
Protein: 1.5 g.
Fat: 0.5 g
Carbohydrates: 21 g.

Dried bananas — it is still the same tasty fruit, but with the decided issue of transporting it over long distances. There is also another name — banana figs. How they look you can see in the photo that follow.

Drying the fruit is carried out without the use of any chemicals and harmful processing. The process of making dried bananas is very simple: first, the fruits are cleaned, cut and placed on pallets. Then they are sent to special drying chambers in which the temperature does not exceed 40 degrees. At this time, the fruits are reduced in size and lose moisture.

Dried bananas recommended store in a clean container or in a carton in the refrigerator for a period of not more than one year.

The benefits (useful properties) of dried bananas are in the content of a large number of useful substances, as well as in their nutritional value. The composition of the product includes vitamin B6, which is necessary for the normal course of metabolic processes in the body. Dried fruits are an excellent source of potassium, which favorably affects the activity of the cardiovascular system, and it also removes excess fluid from the body.

Dried bananas are recommended for people with liver, heart and brain problems.

The product contains seratonin — the hormone of happiness, which helps to improve mood and get rid of stress and depression.

Bananas cooked in this way are quickly absorbed in the body. Sugar from the fruit is absorbed into the blood and gives the body energy and strength. This property causes the widespread use of such dried fruits in the diet, and in particular those people who are hard at work physically.

Eating dried bananas is good for stomach and cardiovascular problems. This product can be a great snack or as a complement to the dessert. It is recommended to bring in your diet dried bananas during the treatment of constipation, anemia, as well as for various problems with the stomach. Due to its fibrous structure, dried fruit helps to clean the intestines from decomposition products and excess fluid.

Such products are hypoallergenic. They contain a lot of ascorbic acid, which will help strengthen the immune system.

Dried bananas are popular in cooking and are used to prepare various dishes. They can be put in cereals, various desserts, in pastries, milkshakes, etc. Dried bananas can be a wonderful decoration for cakes, pastries, etc. It is possible to use such dried fruits for preparation of various compotes and other drinks.

If you do not trust the quality of dried bananas sold, simply cook them at home with your own hands. The main thing — to have a special dryer. To do this, take the fruit, remove the peel and cut them into circles, the thickness of which should not be more than 5 cm.

In a separate container, combine lemon juice with water, the proportion should be 1: 2. In the resulting liquid to put slices for 25 seconds. This procedure is necessary so that the fruit does not darken during drying. If this is not important to you, you can skip the procedure.

Place the circles on pallets and place in the dryer, from time to time it is recommended to swap them. The drying process takes about 18 hours.

You can also wither the fruit in the oven at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees for 5 hours. In addition, you can spread the fruit on a baking sheet and put it in the sun, just do not forget to cover it with gauze.

The product will be considered ready when a sugar crust forms on the surface.

Harm dried bananas can bring people with individual intolerance to the product. To abandon the use of dried fruit is recommended for diabetes, as well as for obesity and during weight loss.

Due to the high caloric content, it is not recommended to introduce dried bananas into the diet of pregnant women, so as not to provoke weight gain. Although the consumption of this product is not prohibited. But during breastfeeding it is better to consume fresh fruits and not earlier than the child turns two months old (at the same time, you need to introduce such fruit into the diet gradually).

It is contraindicated to eat dried bananas for thrombophlebitis, dyspepsia, increased blood clotting, and after a stroke or heart attack.

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