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Cold watermelon gazpacho — a recipe with a photo of an unusual variation of this Spanish soup

Cold watermelon gazpacho — a recipe with a photo of an unusual variation of this Spanish soup

Cold soup of watermelon gazpacho — one of the most famous dishes of Spanish cuisine. It represents itself soup of mashed vegetables. The basis, as a rule, are tomatoes. Although the list of ingredients for this dish is not strictly regulated. It can be used any seasonal vegetables, as well as fruits and berries. Thus, Gazpacho can be a traditional first course as well as an unusual variation of dessert.

The peculiarity of this soup is that its preparation does not require heat treatment. This means that Gazpacho retains a maximum of vitamins and beneficial elements.

And, of course, it is impossible not to ignore the incredibly delicate and delicate taste of this dish!

In general, do not hesitate and join us in learning a photo of a recipe for making gazpacho based on watermelon.

  • Watermelon
    (2 kg)

  • Water
    (1/2 l)

  • Lemon
    (1/4 pcs.)

  • Red onion
    (3-4 pieces)

  • Olive oil
    (1 tbsp.)

  • Cucumbers
    (1 PC.)

  • Bulgarian sweet pepper
    (2 pcs.)

  • Orange peel
    (1 pinch)

  • Edible flowers

  • Garlic
    (1 clove)

  • Chilli
    (1/2 pcs.)

  • Food salt

  • White ground pepper

Before we start cooking gazpacho in an unusual variation, we will proceed to the creation of the decor, since the process will be quite long.

So, our task is to make an ice plate. For this we need two containers of the same shape, but of different size. In the case of less kine flowers, fill them with water and send it all into the freezer until the water turns into ice.

In this way we will form the bottom of the future ice plate.

After the bottom is ready, we will form the walls. For this we will get a large capacity. In it we will shift the ice bottom, and on top of it we will put a smaller capacity. In the resulting space, fill the flowers and fill it all with water. After we send our decor item in the freezer.

Now our task is to remove the smaller container from the ice plate. To do this, pour some warm water into it (just not hot, because from too high a temperature, an ice plate will simply crack). After this, the container should separate well.

Now you need to separate the large capacity from the ice plate. To do this, repeat the same manipulation as in the previous step, only now we will not pour water inside, but put the container in a slightly larger basin than it, with lukewarm water.

After removing the plate from the containers, it will need to be sent back to the freezer so that it does not melt while we are preparing our Spanish gazpacho.

So, now proceed to the preparation of the gazpacho soup itself. To do this, first of all, make sure that all the necessary products are available.

The third part of the onion, cucumber and pepper, we cut into small cubes and put it all aside.

Then cut the remaining vegetables into larger pieces and put them into a saucepan, and add to them coarsely chopped bitter pepper, lemon juice, and orange peel.

Part of the watermelon flesh cut into small cubes and add them to the container with also finely chopped onions, cucumbers and peppers.

Cut the remaining watermelon flesh coarsely and send it to a bowl with the same coarsely chopped vegetables.

For coarsely chopped vegetables and watermelon, add a little olive oil.

Using a blender, chop the watermelon and vegetables until smooth.

The resulting mashed potatoes should be seasoned and salt.

And now, to get the perfect consistency of our gazpacho, blender once again walk through the mashed potatoes.

Now combine the mashed potatoes with finely chopped pieces of watermelon and vegetables.

We take out an ice plate from the freezer. It is necessary to put it on any dish in order not to dissolve the «swamp» on the table.

Pour our spicy cold Gazpacho dish in an unusual variation into an ice plate, decorate it and serve it to the table.

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