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Chicken Kiev cutlets — a step-by-step recipe of cooking with photos

Recipe for chicken chicken Kiev recipes with photos

Chicken Kiev cutlets are a very, very famous dish. It is prepared in all catering establishments, which in general is not surprising! The dish is quite appetizing, with a delicate taste and at the same time quite simple to prepare!

If you want to learn how to cook chicken Kiev, then we invite you to join this culinary recipe with detailed descriptions of the cooking steps and step by step photos. Follow all the instructions given here, and then you will certainly succeed!

Perhaps it is impossible to find a person in the post-Soviet countries who would not know what a chicken Kiev is. This dish is extremely famous and loved by millions of people!

It is also a Kiev chicken cutlet rolled chicken chop, inside of which is a piece of butter. Thanks to the last ingredient, this dish acquires a very delicate creamy taste during the heat treatment process.

The history of the Kiev cutlets is ambiguous! In one version it is stated that for the first time it was cooked in France by a chef named Nicolas Appert. There, this dish is called “De-hail”. The French themselves sincerely believe that the recipe for making this cutlet was brought to Russia during the war of 1812.

In accordance with another version, a Kiev-style cutlet was cooked in the post-war period (approximately 1947) by an unknown Kiev cook who worked in one of the institutions of the Soviet catering. This dish turned out to be so tasty that its recipe quickly spread throughout the city, and then throughout the country, and it became an integral part of the diet of the Soviet people.

Now Kiev chicken cutlets have not lost their popularity at all. Until now, they are cooked in canteens, cafes, restaurants, and people enjoy ordering them with great pleasure!

So, we invite you to learn how to cook such chops at home! Study this detailed step by step photo recipe and you will certainly succeed!

  • Chicken fillet
    (4 things.)

  • Egg
    (2 pcs.)

  • Butter

  • Sunflower oil
    (400 g)

  • Breadcrumbs

  • Fresh greens

  • Salt

  • Ground black pepper

Let’s start the process of cooking chicken Kiev with the preparation of greens. We take a bunch of parsley and thoroughly wash it with running water. Then the greens should be chopped.

After that, mix in a bowl of butter and herbs. To do this, you need to get the oil out of the refrigerator in advance so that it is soft and pliable.

Next, the resulting mass should be laid out on cling film, then wrap it and send to cool in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Now you can proceed directly to the preparation of chicken fillet. It must be opened with a sharp knife, so that it takes the form of a rectangle. Then it should be repelled, but not much!

We take out butter from the freezer and cut it into small pieces. We spread them on the edge of the chicken fillet.

Then you should wrap the chicken fillet in such a way that the butter is inside it.

Now it was the turn of cooking breading. To do this, we knock out eggs into a deep bowl, add salt to them and whisk them with a whisk. Then it will be necessary to dip the already formed patties into the mixture of beaten eggs.

After that, the burgers are well rolled with breadcrumbs.

Put the stewpan or deep frying pan on the fire and pour plenty of oil into it. We are waiting when the pan or stew-pan are heated and put the cutlets there. Oil should cover them at least half! It is necessary to fry patties from all sides, until a golden brown crust is formed

Serve chicken Kiev to serve!

* The best side dish for them will be mashed potatoes.

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