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Chacha — a recipe for preparing a drink; how to drink and what to eat

Chacha — the benefits and harm of a drink made from grapes; how to drink and what to eat; homemade chacha recipe; making cocktails at home

Caloric content: 225 kcal.

The energy value of the product Chacha:
Protein: 0.1 g
Fat: 0.1 g
Carbohydrates: 0.5 g.

Chacha — strong alcoholic drink, belongs to the class of grape brandy. Chacha is made by fermentation from grapes and grape marc. For its production, as a rule, use grapes of such varieties: Rkatsiteli, Isabella, Kacic.

Even the name of the drink comes from the Georgian word «chacha», which translates as «grape marc». Traditionally, it is made from grapes, although it is often possible to meet chacha, in the preparation of which cherry plums, tangerines, and figs are added.

Alcoholic strength of Chacha is 50% -70%, which makes it possible to classify a drink as a strong brandy.

The history of this drink is closely related to the distillation method. So, they first learned how to get wine from grapes, then began to make extensive use of marc for getting stronger drinks.

An analogue of chacha is called Italian grappa, as well as raki and pisco.

Chachu is considered to be one of the oldest alcoholic beverages produced by distillation. It is produced by the method of double and even triple distillation. In Western Georgia, for example, the grape harvest is considered small, so chacha is made by double distillation. In Kakheti, on the contrary, the harvest is very good, so double distillation is not used here.

Very often mistakenly called chacha moonshine. But it is not, because of her made from fermented pomace without adding yeast and sugar. Today chacha is so popular in Georgia and Abkhazia that it is produced both on an industrial scale and at home. Chacha is painted with oak tincture and walnut husks. A feature of the manufacture of homemade chacha is that it is not diluted with water, even if it turned out too strong.

The quality of the drink in Georgia is checked in a special way: a finger is dipped in a cup and set on fire. In that case? if the alcohol burned out, but did not burn the finger, chacha is considered to be of high quality.

In the Caucasus, chacha is more than just an alcoholic drink. Practically all wine-making enterprises of Georgia produce it. The best samples of national alcohol include «Chachu Okro», «Chacha Platinum» manufacturer «Askaneli Dzembi». The Teliani Veli company also produces high-quality beverage. The Binekhi company produces Chachu Gold, also well-known manufacturers are Kindzamaraulis Marani and Mildiani.

In 2011, the name “chacha” was patented. In the world market, chacha is called an alcoholic beverage made only in Georgia. According to the agreement between Georgia and the European Union, the name “chacha” is protected in the territory of the European Union countries.

Today, in some Georgian villages, the tradition of celebrating a holiday called “Zodoba” has been preserved. It is traditionally celebrated after making the first batch of wine. At this festival, every resident of the village presents his chacha. The drink is bottled still hot from a special apparatus. Then the Georgians choose the best chacha.

Each Georgian family has its own recipe for making this drink, therefore it is extremely difficult to find two absolutely identical chacha.

In Georgia, they love chacha so much that they even decided to put a “living monument” to it. The so-called Chacha-Tower in Batumi is built in such a way that the guests, as well as the residents of Georgia, can take this special alcoholic drink from the special installation once a week for 15 minutes.

There are certain rules for the use of chacha, which are known to every Georgian. So, drink this drink in small quantities, pour it in ordinary vodka glasses. It is customary to drink a glass of chacha in Georgia in the morning, especially when it is cold outside.

Chacha is usually drunk undiluted, although there are also cocktails based on this beverage, for example, it is mixed with ice and fresh fruit. In Abkhazia, it is customary to drink chacha with dry wines, but traditionally it is consumed as an independent beverage.

Chacha has a mild flavor, despite the high strength, it is easy to drink, and leave a pleasant aftertaste.

It is not recommended to drink chacha with water, including carbonated drinks, as this can result in severe intoxication and even poisoning.

Aged drink is served at room temperature, it is better to serve chaku without exposure chilled.

Chacha is a bite, as it is a strong alcoholic drink. It goes well with traditional Georgian dishes, as well as pickles. In Western Georgia, chacha is taken to have sweets. Not bad drink is combined with hard cheeses, fruit.

In order to make a real Georgian chacha at home, you need to get acquainted with the technology of its production.

In Georgia, the drink is prepared as follows. Grape marc is transferred to the vessel for the winter, and in the spring the contents of the vessel are distilled. Braga, which turned out over the winter, is poured into a copper cauldron, which is covered with a lid with a spout. Under the cauldron put firewood, set on fire. This is how a real Georgian chacha turns out.

At home, the drink can be prepared according to the following recipe. For home brew they take 10 kg of husks, 30 liters of water, 5 kg of sugar, 100 g of wine yeast. It is recommended to take the husks, the juice content in which not less than 20% -30%. Grape marc is transferred to a fermentation tank, sugar is added to it along with dry yeast. The whole mixture is poured cold water. The marc is left to ferment for several weeks until complete fermentation. Next, the mash is filtered and poured into the moonshine. The liquid is distilled completely, and then the alcohol, which has turned out, is distilled again. The resulting product is diluted to a certain strength and bottled.

The beneficial properties of chacha are due to the use of grape marc contained in it.

Georgians themselves call chacha «longevity drink». It is rich in vitamins B2, PP, as well as minerals: potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium.

The drink helps to reduce cholesterol, prevents the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Due to the presence of antioxidants in the composition, it contributes to the destruction of cancer cells.

Chacha normalizes metabolic processes, has a beneficial effect on digestion.

In cooking, chacha is used to make famous Georgian cocktails.

For example, «Tbilisi fix»Made from chacha, cherry liqueur, lemon juice and sugar. Fill the glass with ice, add 5 g of sugar, add 50 ml of chacha, 45 ml of cherry liqueur and 30 ml of lemon juice. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

CocktailGeorgian Peach»Made from chacha and peach liqueur. In a shaker mix 60 ml of chacha, 20 ml of peach liqueur and 10 ml of lemon juice. Served a cocktail with ice.

You can also make a cocktailSakartvelli«. In a shaker, mix 40 ml of chacha, 20 ml of red vermouth, 20 ml of lemon vodka. They serve the drink in glasses with ice, which are decorated with lemon zest.

The benefits of chacha have long been known to Georgian medicine.

Like other alcoholic beverages, it has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. With colds, a few drops of drink is added to tea.

In moderate quantities, chacha reduces swelling, improves blood circulation, and has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

Harm to the body can cause a drink with individual intolerance, as well as excessive consumption. It is not recommended to use chacha for pregnant women, children, people with chronic diseases.

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