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Basturma — a description of the benefits and harm, the recipe of cooking at home

Calorie content: 240 kcal.

The energy value of the product Basturma:
Proteins: 14.8
Fat: 20.1 g.
Carbohydrates: 0 g.

Basturma is a beef jerky (see photo). For its production, as a rule, use a tenderloin. There are many different versions of exactly how this product appeared and who invented it, but the fact that it was a long time ago is a fact. Most likely, this happened quite by accident, when taking with them a piece of meat, over time, people found that it changed and acquired a completely different taste and flavor. Basturma can be cooked at home or bought at the store. Many love her for the original taste and unique, spicy aroma.

To cook basturma, the meat is first soaked in a solution of salt, and then sent under a press to get rid of excess moisture. After that, it is coated with spices (red and black pepper, garlic, fenugreek and cumin). After that, the meat is sent to a cool place, where it is dried to readiness.

Since a large number of manufacturers are trying to save using low-quality ingredients, it is important to know the rules for choosing basturma:

  1. Buy the product only in vacuum packaging, just make sure that there is no damage on it.
  2. Look at the composition, there should not be any ingredients other than beef, salt and spices. If you see flavors, flavor enhancers, etc., then the purchase should be abandoned.
  3. Look at the color of basturma (see photo), it should not be bright red, as nitrates are definitely present in this product.
  4. A quality product should have an elastic consistency and spring when pressed. If after pressing a fossa has formed and the surface has not recovered, it is better to refuse the purchase.
  5. Quality basturma should have a dense shell of spices, if it falls off — it is a sign of poor quality.

In the fridge, the basturma will remain fresh for six months.

It is not recommended to store basturma in plastic containers or in ordinary bags. For this, a bag made of cloth is best suited, which must be hung in a cool place with good ventilation. Under all conditions of storage of the product, the shelf life of basturma is exactly six months.

If you still had to put the product in the fridge, you need to wrap it in plastic wrap (otherwise it will quickly absorb extraneous odors) and consume it within a few days.

The benefit of basturma lies in its composition, since due to the production at low temperatures, a large number of useful substances are preserved in it. It contains vitamin A, PP, C and group B, as well as important minerals, for example, potassium, calcium, sodium, etc. It helps basturma to saturate the body with proteins and cope with fatigue and anemia. Due to the presence of spices, basturma has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It can be used as a stimulant and antitumor agent.

Basturma in cooking is an excellent independent product that is best combined with greens. It can also be used to make salads and snacks.

Basturma is great as a snack for beer. It can be eaten with boiled potatoes or cooked with it very tasty and nourishing scrambled eggs for breakfast.

In addition, basturma can act as a filling for pork medallions. The product is suitable for cutting on the festive table. If you cut it, it will perfectly replace the sausage.

Also, many cooks fry kebab-basturma, which turns out very fragrant and tasty.

Cooking homemade bastrum is not easy, but the final result is worth it. To do this, you need to take 5 kg of beef tenderloin. 50 g chili peppers, 350 g garlic, 0.5 tbsp. tablespoons of salt, 50 g of ground pepper, 100 g of paprika and 175 g of chaman. First, the meat must be salted for 2 days, and then the same time to keep it under pressure. In a well-ventilated area, meat should be dried for a week. Then the meat must be sent to the marinade for several days, which is prepared from all the listed spices and a small amount of water. Then the pieces must be coated with a thicket of spices from all sides and leave in a suspended state for another week.

The composition of the coating for basturma includes such ingredients:

  • boiled water;
  • zira (only one teaspoon is needed);
  • crushed bay leaf (only half a teaspoon is needed);
  • ground hot red pepper (approximately three hundred and fifty grams are needed);
  • allspice and black pepper (one teaspoon each);
  • chaman (about two hundred and fifty grams are needed);
  • garlic (will need about two hundred grams).

To make a plastering, it is necessary to initially grind the chaman (another name is fenugreek) to a powder and pour it into an enamel-covered pan. Then gradually pour in boiled water there, constantly stirring so that no lumps form. The mass of the consistency should resemble liquid sour cream. Put the mixture aside for approximately thirty minutes. After this time, the mass should be squeezed using a gauze pocket. Next, you need to pour there the remaining ingredients and stir well. After this, the basturm coat is put into the container and the meat is rolled in it.

Basturma can be made not only from beef tenderloin. There are alternative options for its preparation.

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