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Absinthe — the composition of the drink; how to drink; recipe how to make at home

Absinthe — the composition, types and properties of alcoholic beverages; how to drink it properly; how to make absinthe at home; cocktail recipes

Calories: 83.1 kcal.

Energy value of the Absinthe product:
Protein: 0g.
Fat: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 8.8 g.

Absinthe — alcoholic beverage based on bitter wormwood extract. It is also known as the «green fairy» or «green snake», which is due to the fact that the drink has an emerald green color due to the presence of chlorophyll.

It got its name due to its high alcohol content, from the Greek language the word «absinthe» is translated as «unfit for drinking.»

Absinthe is the strongest drink, if you do not take into account pure alcohol.

The first mentions of absinthe relate to ancient Egypt, around 1500 BC. At that time it was a drink made from leaves and flowers of wormwood infused with alcohol or wine. It was used exclusively for medicinal purposes. Absinthe has always been more than an alcoholic beverage or drug. So, there was a tradition according to which the winner had to drink a glass of wormwood drink as a sign that even fame has a bitter aftertaste.

The history of this drink in its present form begins in Switzerland in 1792 in the city of Kuva. The sisters Ernier, who were engaged in the preparation of drugs, worked on the creation of wormwood-anise tincture, which they called “Bon Extrait d’Absinthe”. Then she began to sell as a medicinal elixir. According to other sources, the prescription for absinthe was coined by doctor Pierre Ordiner. He recommended that his patient take this elixir from almost all diseases.

Then he bought the recipe for the drink from Henri Dubier, who set up the production process with his friend. Since the elixir sold very well, it was decided to expand its production. Soon a friend of Dubier, Henri-Liu Pernod, opened the Pernot factory. The drink has gained popularity both in France and around the world. Absinthe was even used by French warriors as a preventive measure for malaria and dysentery.

Absinthe was becoming increasingly popular not only among the soldiers, but also among civilians. At the beginning of his story he belonged to the class of expensive drinks and was considered elite alcohol. It was the so-called «golden era» of absinthe. Due to the special taste of the drink quickly won the French. Unfortunately, women drank it undiluted, which negatively affected their health. The taste of absinthe is quite pleasant, experts often compare it with the taste of cigarettes with menthol.

Admirers of absinthe claim that even white wine seems to be “unclean” after it.

In the 60s of the XIX century due to cheaper production and deterioration of quality, absinthe turned into a drink for the working class. Reducing the cost of its production was a necessity rather than a whim of the producers themselves. At this time, winemakers noted the infection of the famous French vineyards with diseases, which led to a rapid rise in price for wine. Since absinthe was produced from wine spirit, due to the poor grape harvest, it was decided to produce it from industrial alcohol. Such a replacement made it possible to further reduce the cost of production of the drink by 7-10 times. So absinthe turned into “alcohol for the poor”, it was served in taverns, where, as a rule, the workers ate.

Fortunately, the drink soon regained its former glory. He began to be considered the most extravagant and dangerous alcohol. Around the absinthe formed a whole culture of spectacular use of alcohol. This drink in a short time has become a necessary component of youth parties. The hallucinogenic properties of absinthe began to bring great profit to its producers.

At one time they tried to ban this drink, because it had a very strong effect on human health. Passion for absinthe was compared with drug use.

It is proved that the thujone which is a part of absinthe is a very hallucinogenic substance, and the drink itself has narcotic properties similar to the effects of marijuana.

In connection with this absinthe health organizations are interested in many countries. So, in the United States, it was decided to put on sale exclusively purified drink. It was proved that if absinthe is cleared of thujone, it will lose its hallucinogenic properties.

Absinthe refers to the group of anise drinks. It contains wormwood, anise, fennel, mint, chamomile, hyssop and other herbs.

Thujone, which is considered the main component of absinthe, is a substance derived from bitter wormwood. It has hallucinogenic properties.

Absentin, which is also part of absinthe, gives the drink a noticeable bitterness.

Absinthe is usually classified by color. So, there is yellow, emerald green, and also brown or black absinthe.

  1. Emerald absinthe — classic absinthe, which is distinguished by its green color and bitter taste.
  2. Absinthe yellow is an amber-colored drink, this shade is achieved by using different dyes.
  3. Brown absinthe — different from all other species in its composition. It is produced not from leaves or inflorescences of wormwood, but from its roots. Also, the drink consists of black acacia tincture, which is responsible for its dark color.

There is also strong (70% -85% alcohol) and weak (about 55% alcohol) absinthe.

Absinthe can be made at home.

For this we need 1.75 liters of alcohol, 3 tsp. bitter wormwood and angelica root, as well as seeds of anise, coriander, 16 cardamom pods. Wormwood insist on alcohol for 48 hours. You can insist in a cold or hot way. To speed up the infusion, the mixture can be heated in a water bath. Then, the specified spices and herbs are added to the wormwood tincture and infused for 7 days. Next, you need to overtake the resulting tincture and filter. The result is approximately 1.25 liters of absinthe with a strength of 65%. Distilled absinthe has a transparent color, which is not entirely correct. He needs to give an emerald green color by adding a bit of crushed mint, wormwood, lemon balm, anise, and fennel to the drink.

Home absinthe is not subjected to special cleaning, so it keeps thujone.

The drink made at home will be exactly as it was thought at the beginning of its story. But it is very important to adhere carefully to the recipe for absinthe preparation and in no case change the proportions. It is not recommended to replace alcohol with vodka or moonshine, as it will ruin the taste of the drink.

All ingredients are absolutely available, herbs can be bought at any pharmacy. Preparation of absinthe does not require much time.

Absinthe — very tasty drink, if you drink it correctly. All the rules of its use are reduced to reduce the bitterness, as well as to ensure the process itself maximum entertainment. There are several methods of consumption that allow you to fully enjoy its taste.

Absinthe is often consumed undiluted, although it is not easy, because not everyone will like its specific taste. Before use, absinthe is cooled to 0 degrees Celsius, and then drank in one gulp. Absinthe, as a rule, does not bite, but if you wish, you can combine it with bitter chocolate, citrus and even seafood.

What are the glasses made to serve absinthe? Drink refers to aperitifs, its should be drunk from small narrow glasses.

French method involves the use of a spoon with holes. A piece of refined sugar is placed in a spoon, and then placed on top of a glass, ice water is poured onto the sugar. The taste of the drink becomes softer, it is also believed that water with sugar can enhance the effect of thujone, but scientists doubt this statement.

Czech method Absinthe is considered the most spectacular and exciting, it is also known as the “fiery method”.

To begin with, a quarter of a glass is filled with absinthe, as in the French method, a spoonful of sugar is placed on the glass, and then set on fire. How to properly burn absinthe? If a spoon is used, the sugar is ignited with a match or a cigarette lighter. In this case, it is necessary to use glasses with thick walls. Under the influence of fire, sugar begins to melt, and its drops fall into a glass. After all the sugar is burned, the contents of the glass are thoroughly mixed with the same spoon, after which the absinthe is diluted with ice water to soften the taste.

The Czech method is considered both the most popular and the most dangerous. If you set fire to sugar is not quite right, then the flame can easily spread to other objects.

In Russia, absinthe is drunk together with sugar syrup. The sugar is diluted with water 1: 2, and then mixed with absinthe. This method allows you to soften the taste of the drink in a short time. Sometimes the Russian method also involves igniting. Undiluted absinthe burned, covered him with a glass. After that, absinthe is poured into another container, and the glass is turned over, sticking a straw under it. The whole essence of the method is to first slowly inhale a pair of absinthe through a straw, and then drink it in one gulp.

The beneficial properties of absinthe are due to herbal extracts. Initially, the drink was conceived as a drug.

Even small doses of absinthe cause severe intoxication, so it is recommended to use no more than 30 grams in one evening.

The drink stimulates digestion and also increases appetite. Sometimes a little absinthe is added to the wine in order to make it even more intoxicating.

Absinthe in antiquity was even considered a drink from all diseases.

In cooking, absinthe is used to make alcoholic cocktails. «Green Fairy» is perfectly combined with cola, juices, tonic.

A popular cocktail is “Sweet contrast«. For its preparation we need absinthe, berry syrup, apple juice, ice. Juice is mixed with syrup and absinthe, ice is put on top.

Absinthe blends perfectly with cappuccino. In order to prepare a cocktail with this coffee drink, it is necessary to pour absinthe into a glass, add sugar to it. After which a glass of absinthe is set on fire, a burning drink is poured into a glass of cappuccino. Cocktail should be drunk in one gulp.

A very interesting drink is considered cocktail based on gin or vodka. It is made from gin, rum, absinthe, cola, lemon juice. For a start, pour 20 ml of rum, gin, absinthe into the glass, then pour 30 ml of cola into one side of the glass and 30 ml of juice into the other side. Cocktail set on fire, add a little cinnamon.

Absinthe is also used to prepare some dishes. Its bitter taste goes well with meat dishes. It is also used to make savory sauces. It goes well with bird, game.

The benefits of absinthe are pretty dubious.

Today, pure drink is not sold because of its hallucinogenic properties.

Hippocrates used it as a medicine. He recommended using absinthe for treating rheumatism, as well as jaundice, anemia. Also in ancient Greece, absinthe was used for menstrual pain, to stimulate childbirth.

Modern medicine does not recognize these properties of the drink and does not apply it for medicinal purposes.

Harm to the body can cause a drink with individual intolerance, excessive consumption. It is not recommended to use absinthe to children, pregnant and lactating women.

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