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White plots on male love

White plots on male love

Love — the best that can be in the life of every person. However, the feeling of love and affection is not always mutual. White conspiracies can help inflame love in the heart of your chosen one.

Love spells for melancholy and love of a man have been used by women at all times. The strongest of them have passed the test of time and have come down to us almost unchanged.

A conspiracy on the love and passion of the beloved

This white plot will suit you, if your loved one is near and enter your home. To carry out his plan, you need to call a man to visit and drink any drink. Having guided the guest, you need to leave the front door ajar and utter the words of the conspiracy:

“As the road winds up so that the tape goes under your feet, so will the snake twist and turn back, my dear (name) confuses and leads back to my door, yes to my side!”

After that, you need to take a cup from which your lover drank, pour the same drink into it and, stirring it, say these words:

“I with love and loyalty poured spring water — spring water turned (the name of the drink), turned (the name of the drink) a strong potion, a love potion. Without a potion from my hands, yes in my house — melancholy and bitter thoughts, and with a potion from my hands and in my house — love and joy! Come, (name), potions to drink but my love!

My word is strong, but my business is as it were, as she said, so it will be! True! ”

A conspiracy to love in the house of a man

If you can come to visit your lover, then the next conspiracy for mutual love will suit you perfectly. When you come to the house of your beloved man, ask him to pour you any drink. Drink a quarter of the mug, and then put it on the table and whisper the words of the conspiracy:

“A maiden comes to her husband’s house, as spring is red as white as a swan, she burns her heart with black love, black love, unrequited love. The girl drank from the hands of the sweet, from the hands of the sweet, beloved. His husband’s eyes lit up with love, and his wife left the girl in the house!

As my water into fire does not turn, so my words do not turn back! True! ”

Plot for love in the distance

If you do not have the opportunity to be in the same house with your beloved, then a conspiracy to love from a distance can help you. You need to read it at night by opening a window or a window.

Before reading the plot, light a church candle and, looking at its flame, think about your lover. After that, go to the window and say these words:

“The wind blows, my love flares up, my love flies with the wind to (name), love (name) kindles, pulls with heart, soul and body pulls, leads (name) to me. Come, (name), to my house, to my doorstep, to my table. Amen!»

In some cases, even white love spells may not work. Knowing the conditions of the love spell, you can attract mutual love into your life and live happily. We wish you joy and mutual feelings. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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